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10 Indicators of a poverty mindset

Let’s say that you’ve been focusing your energies on attracting more money into your life, yet you’ve been unsuccessful so far; it’s only natural to think, “what am I doing that is so wrong?” Well, let me reassure you that you’re not doing anything wrong, but it’s all linked to how your brain is programmed. You’re probably suffering from a poverty mindset!

Our brains are incredible things, and every time something happens to us in life, neurons develop new neural pathways. As experiences are repeated, these neural pathways become stronger and more embedded. This is usually great because it means we’re growing as people; we’re learning new things and adapting to our environment. 

The downside is that if we have repeated negative experiences, we may strengthen pathways that don’t serve us very well and trap us into destructive thought patterns and behavior.

When looking at how a poverty mindset might manifest in someone, it often emerges from our personal adverse experiences with money or exposure to other people (for example, our parents) having a bad relationship with money and talking about it unfavorably. 

How can I tell if I have a poverty mindset?

In today’s article, we’re going to have a close look at ten indicators that may point to the fact that your brain is currently set up to attract debt rather than abundance. 

Please don’t worry if you identify with any of these, as once we’ve looked at all the signs of a poverty mentality, I’m going to explain how you can completely reroute your neural pathways so you will be attracting affluence rather than poverty! 

Stick with it and continue reading to the end – don’t miss this life-changing opportunity!

Let’s jump right in and take a look at the list.

1) Responding negatively when the bills arrive

How do you feel when bills arrive and you get round to opening them?
Do you experience feelings of anxiety or stress?

Of course, receiving bills and opening them to know that the money you’ve worked hard for will have to be paid straight out isn’t pleasant for any of us! But there’s a chance that the way you feel and how you react to your bills could strengthen and reinforce the poverty mindset you’re experiencing. 

The Law of Attraction has a core notion at its center, which is that like is attracted to like. This means that you create more of what you give out to the Universe, so whatever feelings you’re experiencing as you open your bills will continue to grow.
If you experience stress or worry when you open your credit statements or utility bills, this will continue to happen if nothing changes. In fact, what this overwhelming negative energy attracts is more detrimental feelings of anxiety, along with more debt or financial difficulties.

Flip this on its head by maintaining a mindset of gratitude when opening your bills. Fill yourself full of appreciation for the fact that you have another month of internet, be grateful that the rent you pay means you have a home to live in and feel thankful for the electricity supply you receive. 

In the same way that a poverty mindset manifests more lack, an attitude of gratitude will produce more things to be grateful for. 

When you emit positive, thankful emotions, the Law of Attraction means that the Universe matches that acknowledgment with a bounty of other benefits. 

If it feels too difficult to open your bills and feel grateful for them, imagine that instead of amounts you have to pay out, they are checks for money that you’re going to receive. This will help you to feel optimistic about the figures you see, and the Universe will focus on positive energy. 

2) Experiencing grief when thinking about a lack of money

The second indicator of a poverty mindset is that you experience grief or sorrow when you think about your financial situation and lack of funds. It could be such a fleeting feeling that you may not even be conscious of it. 

I want you to try something. The next time you contemplate your finances, take a moment to think about what is going on in your body. What are you feeling? If you experience discomfort in your stomach or chest, you correlate a lack of money with strong, negative emotions similar to grief.

The message this conveys to the Universe is, “money makes me miserable,” and it stems from a place of deficit. The key to overcoming this is to flip the negative sensations of lack and sadness into enthusiasm and confidence in the future. 

Rather than focusing on ‘needing money,’ concentrate on feeling 100% confident that ‘money is coming’ to you and that you will be able to buy anything you want. Feel excited about your financial future and what is heading your way. If you find this difficult to begin with, you can repeat financial affirmations to help you build these positive sensations.  

It may take a bit of time to develop this, especially if you’ve had negative emotional responses to money for years, maybe even your whole life, but it will come if you stick with it! 

3) Thinking “just enough” is sufficient

For some people, the idea of wanting more in your own life demonstrates an element of dissatisfaction with what you currently have. This is not the case as being grateful and being content can be two distinct sentiments. 

If someone is content with only having ‘just enough’ to survive, then that’s the energy put out into the Universe, so ‘just enough’ is what they will receive. However, as we’ve already mentioned, feeling gratitude for what you have and what financial benefits will come your way puts a stronger, higher vibration into the Universe. 

Money is abundant in the world – there is enough for everyone, and we are born with the right to experience and benefit from it. The sky is the limit. You can always have more! Even if you have fulfilled your financial goals, continue to attract money, and you can share the wealth with charitable organizations so that other people benefit. It’s crucial to continue manifesting when you have trained yourself to be able to it, or you will lose the skill. 

4) Not taking inspired steps to improve your financial situation 

The key to manifestation is alignment. You need to coordinate everything, so your energies harmonize with the vibration of the goal or thing you want to attract into your life. 

The specific things we have to coordinate are our thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

If you have stopped taking action to lead you to your goals, you have probably given up on them and never expect to achieve them. If this is linked to your financial situation, this is an obvious indicator that you have a poverty mindset. 

When I talk about action, I’m don’t mean that you are working seven days a week, 12 hours a day, tiring yourself out while desperately trying to attain financial freedom. I’m referring to feeling inspired to do things that will get you moving towards your goals. 

Have you suddenly had a fantastic idea occur to you from out of nowhere? Have you ever been doing something, and you were so excited when doing it because you knew the outcome would be incredible? 

This is what we called inspired action. These ideas generally come from the Universe as a way to inspire you to get back on track in pursuit of your desires. 

As you act in a deliberate manner and work towards your goals, your energy changes, and you become better aligned. When the vibrations and frequencies match, they are an even stronger magnet to attract positive results. 

This action and effort prove that you’re worthy of the results you want because you’re prepared to work for them. Successful people who achieve their goals never quit. Even when success seems almost impossible as the odds are stacked against them, they keep going and find a way. 

5) Viewing chaos negatively 

When using the Law of Attraction to manifest things into your life, it’s inevitable that, at times, everything seems to be chaotic. A lot of people really worry about this chaos, thinking that it will never calm down and that their wishes aren’t going to come true. They lose confidence in the power of the Universe and can become angry and cynical. 

What’s actually happening is quite the contrary. 

In order to have something new and abundant come into your life, a little bit of spring-cleaning and rearranging is necessary to create space. Imagine that you are living in a snow globe. The Universe shakes the globe to mix your current life up, and everything seems chaotic until the snow settles. 

An example would be if you are focused on attracting more money but then lose your job and find yourself out of work. The worst thing to do (although it is a natural reaction) would be to feel terrible about the situation and focus on worrying about loss of income, lack of financial security, etc. All that happens if you react this way is that your energy will shift to manifesting more deficit. 

The Universe isn’t going to be able to continue with its task of giving you financial abundance if you’ve shifted your mindset and are suddenly focused on debt. 

Switch your attitude and view any disorder or chaos as an indication that space is being created to make way for the excess coming your way. 

Don’t let any little setbacks drag you straight back to a poverty mindset. The Universe has a master plan, and the chaos you’re experiencing may be what’s necessary to align you with your new future. 

After all, you may need to lose your current job as there is a much better-paid one around the corner. 

6) Ignoring signs from the universe

There are several reasons why we receive synchronicity and signs/indicators from The Universe. 

When we can acknowledge and recognize them, they inspire us to act as they boost our belief in the process and excite us. They feel like confirmation that we’re on the right path, and this increases our positive energies. This amplifies our vibration, which in turn, makes us feel even more connected to the Universe! 

When you see a genuine sign from the Universe, you naturally have an instantaneous reaction to it. Sometimes it’s so strong that it’s impossible to keep to yourself! It’s often a “Wow!” feeling. 

If you’re experiencing a poverty mindset, a significant indicator of this is when you have a “Wow” moment because you see a sign, but then you suddenly dismiss it, saying to yourself, “Don’t be stupid. It’s just a fluke – it’s not really a message for me”. 

But have more faith in yourself and your heart. If it feels like a sign, trust that it is. 

In relation to attracting money into your life, here are some key messages from the Universe to look out for: 

  • Seeing synchronicity in numbers regularly, especially: 11:11, 111, 555, and 888
  • Often catching people when they are discussing financial matters
  • Regularly coming across small quantities of money or coins
  • Often hearings songs or seeing movies about acquiring money
  • Noticing other symbols that are particularly special to you (such as feathers, butterflies, etc.)

7) Making excuses

People with a poverty mindset tend to have a lot of excuses as to why they are in a negative financial situation. This is not intended as a negative observation by any means. Many people actually don’t even know that they are making these excuses because they have had this type of attitude towards money for such a long time. It’s like a form of brainwashing where, over the years, their mindset has been manipulated to accept these limiting beliefs that may have been fed to them by their parents. 

Here are some examples of frequently held limiting beliefs or excuses that people tell themselves: 

  • “I don’t have a good enough education to be rich.”
  • “My family is poor, so I am always going to be poor.”
  • “No one supports me, so I’ll never make anything of myself.”
  • “You can’t make money without having money in the first place.”
  • “I’m too old to be amongst rich people. I should have worked harder when I was younger.”

None of these thoughts and excuses are true, but they take root in people’s minds and become perceived as the truth when they are repeated over many years, sometimes even generations.

Although there are multiple methods you can use to break down these limiting beliefs and replace them with more positive, empowering ones, my favorite technique to use is hypnosis. I’ll tell you which I think is the best program to develop a money manifestation mindset shortly.

8) Ignoring self-care

It’s quite common for people who have a poverty mindset to experience stress and mental exhaustion. It’s understandable because there’s no denying that debt is really draining and debilitating. 

But one of the things you need to do to break out of that detrimental mindset is to set some time aside to de-stress and relax.

I know this is a lot easier said than done! It doesn’t help if you’re experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety and someone says, “Don’t worry! All you have to is be positive!” Even when they have the best of intentions, that’s going to irritate you quite a lot, right? 

So, the question is, how do you go from feeling tense and exasperated to flicking a switch and suddenly being a happy, stress-free, positive person? 

Well, unfortunately, you can’t! It’s far too much of a leap that it’s impossible.

But keep reading as there are lots of things that you can do. The key to this is to make sure you have time for self-care. It can be one of the first things that gets put to one side when under a lot of pressure, but you need to re-introduce it as soon as possible. 

Following a step-by-step self-care routine can be an excellent way of significantly reducing stress and breaking the cycle of negative limiting beliefs. It gives you time and space to unwind and direct your attention inwards for a change. 

Here are some simple things you can add to your self-care routine:

  • Do some meditation.
  • Take a long, warm bath.
  • Watch television or read a book.
  • Take time out to have a nap.
  • Buy yourself something nice.
  • Take time to prepare yourself some good, healthy food.

It’s important to remember to prepare yourself well before embarking on pervasive mindset work. If you feel vulnerable, exhausted, or stressed, you’re not going to be in the best mental space to make progress.

9) Being inconsistent.

Another clear indicator of a poverty mindset is evident through the absence of commitment people have to their goals. You know the type of people I’m talking about: those who have loads of ideas and dreams but never seem to see them to fruition. They’ve got no staying power and bounce from one desire to the next. 

They may be aware of the Law of Attraction and even talk about wanting to use it, but they only do something for a day or two, rather than be consistent in their approach and dedication to resetting their attitude. 

The thing to remember about the Law of Attraction is that tenacity and persistence are key!

Please don’t misunderstand me. To attract money into your life, you don’t need a complicated, stringent system of manifestation that you do for hours every day. But you do need to have a specific goal in mind. 

If you tend to go backward and forwards between what you want, the Universe doesn’t have a clear energy or vision to grab on to, and you could find that your experiences are as jumbled as your desires. 

Setting your goals as clearly and concisely as possible will mean the steps you need to take become more evident. Don’t put pressure on yourself, though, or become obsessed with what you want. Be committed and consistent. Over time, your deep-rooted beliefs will unravel, and you will construct a new mindset that will bring with it financial abundance.  

10) Feeling guilty

Feeling guilty is a massive hindrance when it comes to manifesting financial abundance, but it is a prevalent sensation.

It can happen after you’ve bought something impulsively, and then you feel like you should have spent that money on something else instead. Or maybe you’ve been able to attract money into your life, and you feel guilty because you don’t feel you deserve it. Perhaps it came ‘too easily,’ and you have some negative feelings because other people seem to work harder than you did to manifest that money. 

If this resonates with you, try to flip those guilty feelings into ones of liberation. You can repeat affirmations to reiterate to yourself that you truly do deserve all the financial rewards you receive. Money is abundant in the Universe, and it comes easily and freely to you. 

What happens if i have a poverty mindset?

If you have identified with any of the ten indicators we’ve just looked at, you’re definitely not alone, and you’re not to blame for having this mindset!

We’re all born into different circumstances, and some of us are luckier than others. 

The biggest thing to remember is that no matter how we were born, and regardless of the experiences we’ve lived through that have shaped who we are today, it’s possible to change! You can reset the neural pathways in the brain and reverse your poverty mindset! 

One of the best ways to do this, as I briefly mentioned earlier, is through hypnotherapy. It has proven effective with many conditions and situations, from breaking the addiction cycle to incredible weight loss stories. It is also excellent for improving many types of mental health problems and provoking mindset changes. 

It is used worldwide, and it is so easy to find examples of people whose lives have been positively changed through hypnosis.

Dr. Steve G Jones, a hypnotherapist who is renowned the world over, has specifically designed a hypnosis program aimed at resetting a poverty mindset into one that will attract a monetary abundance mentality and success.

The video can be found at, and in it, Dr. Jones tells his own story about the method he used to manifest more than $60,000 when he was totally destitute!

Watching this video and learning about his method was honestly one of the most influential things I have ever done. I changed my own mindset completely, and I have learned how to consistently manifest money. It’s all connected with the science of how to revamp and reconstruct your mind. 

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