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Does the Total Money Magnetism program work?

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If you’ve come across the Total Money Magnetism program and have been using money affirmations to attract more money, you might be wondering if it really works. That’s exactly what I thought when I first discovered it. And I suspect that’s why you’re reading this article.

In this comprehensive review of the Total Money Magnetism program, I’ll walk you through my personal experience of buying, trying, and testing it. I’ll cover everything that comes with the program, how to use it, and what you can expect to achieve in terms of financial success. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether you can attract all the money you desire and experience financial freedom.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive into it and explore how positive money mindset, repeating money affirmations, and the Law of Attraction can help you manifest wealth and achieve your financial dreams. Discover the unexpected ways money can flow into your life and how to create a positive money mindset that attracts more than enough money. Start repeating positive affirmations today and watch as wealth flows into your life in both expected and unexpected ways.

Total Money Magnetism – What exactly is it?

Total Money Magnetism was created by Dr. Steve G. Jones and is a comprehensive package that will equip you with all that you need to become financially free and abundant.

The program’s ultimate aim is to give you the methods and means you need, including creating a successful, millionaire mindset, mainly through affirmations for money and prosperity.

The foundation of the program is based on self-hypnosis to recondition your subconscious mind. This will lead to you thinking, acting, and feeling like you are already a millionaire. 
There are also some excellent approaches and strategic steps that you can take to accomplish your economic objectives.

How does it work?

Total Money Magnetism is specifically aimed at helping you to acquire an abundance mindset and enhance or develop particular financial skills, including:

  • Giving you the ability and confidence to make the best choices when it comes to your finances.
  • Eradicating any anxieties, concerns, or apprehensions you may have about becoming wealthy.
  • Fostering an enterprising and business-like mentality which will permit you to recognize lucrative financial possibilities that other people miss. 
  • Being able to follow and interpret market fluctuations. 
  • Increasing how ‘lucky’ you are, meaning that you will attract more money into your life.
  • Reconditioning your mindset to eradicate any old restrictive beliefs that are preventing you from achieving financial abundance. 
  • Abolishing your mentality that is focused on scarcity and lack.  

Can you become rich through hypnosis? Unleashing Financial Abundance: Harnessing Money Affirmations for Wealth Creation

If you have watched Steve G. Jones’s video presentation on the Total Money Magnetism program, you may have heard him describe the use of money affirmations during hypnosis to cultivate a money mindset. These affirmations help recondition and transform our subconscious mind, primarily focusing on affirmations for money and prosperity.

The subconscious mind is highly receptive to information, absorbing it like a sponge. It is the place where our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions originate. The challenge lies in the fact that we may have developed negative and restrictive beliefs that have deeply ingrained themselves in our subconscious throughout our lives, hindering our progress.

Our belief system takes shape during childhood, influenced by our parents, upbringing, and environment. Our parents’ attitudes towards money can significantly impact our own perspectives on it. Growing up in a financially struggling area where money was a source of stress and anxiety for our parents can result in adopting similar beliefs and fearing poverty and scarcity.

When our subconscious mind is filled with these beliefs, overcoming them can be incredibly difficult, especially since we are often unaware that they exist. Emotions like anxiety, fear, and worry, as well as negative thoughts, are often linked to our subconscious programming.

However, these negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions create barriers that prevent us from attracting what we desire, such as wealth and financial success. To overcome these obstacles, positive affirmations, including money affirmations, must be integrated into our daily practice. By choosing to focus on positive thinking and reinforcing beliefs such as “I attract money easily” and “I am worthy of financial success,” we can begin to shift our money situation and develop a healthier relationship with money.

Through the power of positive affirmations, we can align ourselves with the universal supply of abundance. By consistently practicing money affirmations and believing that money loves to flow into our lives, we can manifest more wealth and create a life of financial abundance.

It is important to state these affirmations in the present tense, as if our desired financial goals have already been achieved. Our thoughts create our reality, and by affirming that we have enough money, receive unexpected money, and attract money in expected and unexpected ways, we open ourselves up to receiving more abundance.

Incorporating money mantras and wealth affirmations into our daily routine can help us overcome money obstacles and increase our financial well-being. By acknowledging our self-worth and deservingness of financial success, we can accept and welcome wealth into our lives.

Gratitude plays a crucial role in attracting more money and abundance. Being grateful for the money we already have and appreciating the financial blessings in our lives creates a positive mindset that attracts even more abundance.

Remember, our beliefs shape our reality. By embracing positive money affirmations and practicing them consistently, we can create a life where our income exceeds our desires, and we effortlessly attract financial success. Trust in the abundant nature of the world and the great giver that it is, and know that you deserve to receive all the wealth and prosperity you desire.

Dr. Jones calls this having a ‘scarcity mindset.’ 

Becoming a Money Magnet: Elevating Your Wealth with Powerful Money Affirmations

Examples of the types of thoughts you may experience if you have a scarcity mindset include:

  • “My family has never had much money, so I will not be rich.”
  • “I don’t have any luck when it comes to my finances.”
  • “I’ll never be rich – I’m too old.”
  • “Wealthy people are selfish, and I’m not that kind of person.”
  • “All my attempts to make money end up in failure.”
  • “Money brings a lot of stress and responsibility.”
  • “People will only like me for my money if I become rich.”

I’ll be honest and confess that I used to have these kinds of spontaneous thoughts.

If they seem familiar to you, don’t worry. They are very much a product of the environment you were raised in, and as you become aware that they exist, you can decide to change them. 

If you have not yet seen the video presentation on Total Money Magnetism, go to this web page: Total Magnetism Program

More about Dr. Steve G. Jones

On finding out that Total Money Magnetism was created by Steve G. Jones, I was really excited! 

I have followed many of the things he has done – I’m a big fan, and I have used some of his other programs with some great results.

If you’re not familiar with him, Steve G. Jones has been a clinical hypnotherapist for more than 15 years. He is also a Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, Wealth Coach, and, oh yes, a multimillionaire! 
Steve has been on Fox News, CBS, CNN, NBC, and on TV shows including Millionaire Matchmaker and Below Deck. He was also featured in Forbes and People magazines. 

Steve has a very impressive client list for his hypnotherapy sessions, including business tycoons, celebrities, and sports stars. He can charge up to $25,000 per appointment. 

During his Total Money Magnetism program, you will hear Steve’s story. He explains how he was able to surmount his own debt and money issues and how he used the power of his mind to attract more than $60,000 in a matter of weeks.  

In the video that I put the link to earlier, he gives details of exactly how he did this, and it’s a really inspirational and honest account of his life and the struggles he has overcome. 

How can hypnosis manifest money?

Dr. Steve G. Jones explains that hypnosis can recondition the subconscious mind by replacing any negative and limiting thoughts with more positive ones. When you change your mentality and attitude to fit with what you want to attract, this can work wonders for you. 

It all comes down to altering the way you view money and possibilities, mainly through affirmations for money and prosperity.

The Total Money Magnetism program includes six hypnosis tracks that each have five levels that will help you generate a financially wealthy mindset. 

All of the tracks will work on reorganizing and reconditioning your subconscious mind so that it moves towards the mentality of a successful millionaire and they will do so through affirmations for money and prosperity.

The voice you will hear in these hypnosis audio tracks is Steve’s. He will talk you through some really effective and powerful affirmations for money and prosperity: short and positively worded sentences that will begin to replace your obstructive thoughts.

An eBook accompanies the program, which explains that these affirmations for money and prosperity have been specifically created to rid your mind of old, restrictive beliefs around money and then substitute them with thoughts that will lead to financial abundance. 

When your thoughts and mentality are full of confidence and affluence, the Law of Attraction works in that you will attract wealth to you, and it will manifest in your life. You get more of what you focus on and they will do so through affirmations for money and prosperity. 

Let’s take a closer look at the six hypnosis audio tracks, as they are the basis of the Total Money Magnetism program.

Manifesting More Money: Empowering Your Life with Transformative Money Affirmations

The Hypnosis Audio Tracks

Each audio track lasts at least 30 minutes and takes you through five levels of hypnotic state. I will explain more about each of these levels shortly.

All of the tracks have been specifically created to reconfigure your subconscious mind to become like that of a millionaire. This means that you will change the way you think, feel and act. 

Steve’s recommendation is to focus on one track and listen to it daily for a 30-day period. The reasoning behind this is that changing and developing new thoughts and beliefs is a process that takes time and perseverance. 

It won’t happen overnight, so the more frequently and consistently you listen to the audio tracks about affirmations for money, the more fixed in your mind the affirmations for money and prosperity will be.

The six audio tracks that you get as part of the program are:

1.) Audio One: Releasing Fear from Failure.

2.) Audio Two: Releasing Fear of Success.

3.) Audio Three: Discovering Abundance.

4.) Audio Four: Programming your Millionaire Mind.

5.) Audio Five: Millionaire Success Stories.

6.) Audio Six: Passive Income Creation.

All of the audio tracks that have been created by Total Money Magnetism are based on binaural beats, which are used to put the mind into various states of trance. This is also known as soundwave or sound frequency therapy. 

Sound frequency therapy is very popular within the self-help and self-development field. 

I used to have a lot of problems getting into a meditative, calm state because my mind is very active. When I learned about binaural beats and sound frequency therapy, I found this to be the perfect solution. 

I discovered them before I heard about Total Money Magnetism and found that they help me enter a trance state much faster than other audio tracks. 

What happens to the brain is that those specific sound frequencies will induce a trance state that leaves the subconscious primed to accept the affirmations for money and prosperity that it will receive. 

As I briefly mentioned earlier, for each of these six hypnotic audios, there are five levels of trance state that you will be taken through by Dr. Jones. 

Here is some more information about each of those five levels:

1.) Alpha Mode

When the hypnotic audios start, they are in alpha mode, which falls between the frequencies of 7-15Hz.
As you listen to alpha mode, you will feel that you enter into a trance state that is meditative, light, and feels like you are going to fall asleep. 

Your conscious mind will quieten and relax. Any persistent thought chatter and resistance will subside, meaning that the subconscious mind comes more to the fore. Your imagination will begin to flow, and your mind is open and easily accessible for implanting a more positive, wealthy mindset.  

The alpha mode is also referred to as the frequency where learning is supercharged, so this is an ideal state for Dr. Jones to speak directly to the subconscious mind. 

2.) Delta & Theta or ‘The Deepening’ State

During this part of the audio track, Dr. Jones will be putting you into a deeper trance state.

The delta frequency is between 0-4Hz, and theta is between 4-8Hz. They are natural trance states that happen spontaneously when we sleep. Delta waves are also common when children are very young as they are linked to deep relaxation. 
Theta waves are also known as ‘suggestible waves’ because when they occur, the individual is really susceptible to whatever is suggested during the hypnosis. This is also when we are at our most creative, so it’s possible that you could have flashes of inspiration and strong visualizations when in this state. 

3.) ‘Wealth Building Scripts’

In the third level, this is when the transformation to your mindset happens. 
The eBook explains that in this part of the audio track, Steve is using the Wealth Building Scripts to convert your subconscious mind into a new, millionaire mentality. 

The new thoughts that are being implanted in your mind will result in you having a deeper awareness and understanding of strategies to increase your financial status.

4.) ‘Amnesia’

I was a bit confused by this stage in the beginning, but once I had listened to the audio track, I  understood what it meant. 

In this element of the audio, Steve tells you to ‘forget everything’ that has been said so far. 
While this seems a bit strange and confusing, the eBook explains that your mind doesn’t really forget everything, but the information transfers from the conscious surface level of your mind deeper and into the subconscious.  

The idea behind this is that it prevents your conscious brain from overanalyzing and dissecting the affirmations for money and prosperity that are going to become your new beliefs. 

5.) Trance Termination

At the end of the audio, trance termination does exactly what you would imagine it to do. This part of the audio reverses the deep trance state and brings you back into your conscious mind.
When Steve has finished his count from 1 to 3, you will find that you finish the hypnosis session feeling bright, alert, and reinvigorated. 

Elevate Your Wealth: Embracing Affirmation Money for Abundance

What do you get with Total Money Magnetism?

In addition to the main part of the program, which is the six hypnosis tracks, there are some excellent bonus materials. 

This is everything you will get with Total Money Magnetism: 

  • Total Money Magnetism (both eBook and audiobook versions)
  • Six Audio Hypnosis Tracks about affirmations for money and prosperity
  • The Platinum Millionaire Mind Maker Bonus Mp3
  • The 3 Fastest Ways To Make Millions Online (Bonus)
  • The Millionaires Mindset (Bonus)

More about the eBook

The Total Money Magnetism eBook is an incredible resource in itself. It has almost 200 pages, split into 42 chapters.

In the book, Steve G. Jones gives lots of detailed information about what hypnosis is, and he provides proof as to why it is so powerful when it comes to changing your mindset. 

In relation to becoming a millionaire, Steve explains what the essential characteristics are of a millionaire mentality, but he also gives you practical steps that you can follow to bring more money into your life. 

I’ll go into these in more detail shortly, but basically, they are additional money-generating sources. 

The eBook has four main sections, which are as follows:

Part One: Hypnosis: Your Weapon of Mass Wealth Attraction.

The book starts with taking a comprehensive look at what hypnosis is, how you can benefit from it, and the positives of being wealthy. 

It then introduces you to the audio tracks with Steve G. Jones explaining the scientific proof that demonstrate that the Total Money Magnetism hypnosis audios work and why. 

Part Two: The Five Fundamentals of Ultimate Money Magnetism.

Part two concentrates on how you can develop your base that will lead to financial abundance. This section is crammed with information about creating a money mindset using affirmations for money, getting rid of fears and worries about money, and connecting with millionaires. 

There is a part where Steve explains how you can network and cultivate relationships as if you were a millionaire. 

Part two also covers various options for making a passive income – earn money while you sleep or are on vacation!

Part Three: The 10 Secret Success Principles Of The Ultra-Wealthy.

Steve talks through a number of tactics and traits that millionaires have, which mean that they are successful. These include:

  • Keeping abreast of marketing trends. 
  • Making the right decisions quickly. 
  • Boosting their assets.
  • Responding to failure.
  • Being responsible for their business. 
  • Being in charge. 

Steve will also help you to identify what will be your personal key to increasing your financial abundance.

Part Four: The Pot of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow… How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wealth

The fourth part of the eBook brings everything together and gives you some additional exercises to work through. 
There is also a section in the eBook about additional resources that you can access. You will be directed to other books, videos, web pages, and many more useful things! 

Practical Exercises
During the course of the book, you will find nine activities to complete that will effectively help you to reconfigure your subconscious mindset to that of financial abundance. 

Here are short descriptions of each of the activities. 

1.) Overriding the ‘Thought Viruses’ In Your Brain.
In the first activity, Steve equips you with a number of powerful affirmations for money and prosperity that you should repeat to yourself during the day. These affirmations for money will set your mind and thoughts to the right frequency and state to attract success.  

2.) Practicing Gratefulness and Abundance.
The second practical exercise involves making a list of all you have that you feel gratitude for. We often forget how lucky we are and fail to appreciate the little things, but when we do, our mindset is more open to abundance. 

3.) Setting Your Target.
The third activity is broken into three parts. The exercise aims to make sure you have clear goals and that your concentration is totally centered on them. 
All thriving entrepreneurs and millionaires share the trait of being focused on what they want to achieve. 

4.) The Power of Connections.
The fourth exercise is a short one that highlights how important it is to create the right links and relationships in business. 
For me, I found it an interesting topic and activity, but it didn’t feel entirely connected to my personal goals. 

5.) Savvy Networking.

In this step, Steve talks about the benefits of networking and connecting with inspirational people who have what you want and could guide you in achieving your financial goals. 
In my opinion, this exercise seems more applicable to people who are in the field of business. However, I wholeheartedly agree with the concept of making links with people who can motivate and support you. 

6.) Swift Decision-Making.
The sixth activity covers how important it is to be able to make rapid decisions. 

This was one of my favorite exercises because, in the past, I have found it challenging to make decisions. I used to swing back and forth between options and not be able to make up my mind. This activity has given me tips and techniques to avoid procrastination and be more proactive when facing boring tasks. 

7.) Taking Responsibility.
In the seventh exercise, Steve focuses on how essential it is to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. This is another trait that is common among people who are very successful and wealthy.

8.) Creativity Mind Break.
I loved this eighth activity which was about giving yourself the time and freedom to daydream and use your imagination. 

I often feel that I am really busy and need to keep focused on the task at hand, so this is something that I haven’t allowed myself to do for many years. 

Steve says this is an excellent method for coming up with original ideas, increasing productivity, and overcoming becoming bogged down in something. 

9.) Accelerator Roadmap.
The final activity in the eBook is great to focus your mindset and set out defined steps to take to work towards your financial abundance objectives.

Let’s look at the bonuses

I was amazed by how many bonuses come with the Total Money Magnetism program. Plus, I was particularly impressed by how excellent quality it is! Often the bonuses aren’t worth paying much attention to, but these are outstanding!  

I’ll take you through each bonus and tell you what my opinion of it is. 

1. Total Money Magnetism Audiobook

I love the fact that the eBook is available in an audiobook as it is quite long, and for some people, it’s much more convenient to listen rather than find time to read. 
I have listened and read it, and the narration by Jyles is excellent. 

2. Your Platinum Millionaire Mind Maker Bonus MP3s

The mp3s that come as the bonus have been formed to push your brain and mindset to be more creative. They are also excellent for helping overcome procrastination and therefore driving you to achieve more.

I have had excellent results with this bonus audio track about affirmations for money and prosperity, and I always use it when I have a day where I lack focus. It gives me a great boost and gets me back on track.

3. Bonus Video: The 3 Fastest Ways to Make Millions Online

This video course lasts for 30 minutes and has been developed by one of Steve G. Jones’ friends, Mark Ling. 

Mark is a well-known entrepreneur and multimillionaire who talks through a whiteboard presentation that will give you lots of different options for earning money online – passively or non-passively. 

If you have an interest in business and generating revenue through the internet, this video course is an excellent source of information and inspiration for you.

4. Bonus Interview: The Millionaire’s Mindset 

The Millionaire’s Mindset audio interview lasts for 60 minutes and is between Winter Vee and Mark Ling. They talk about how to take control of your current financial situation and overcome any difficulties you are having with money. 

It’s very easy to listen to and gives coherent, useful advice and information for getting over any financial problems. 

Summary of the program

The Total Money Magnetism program is directed at you if you fit into any of these categories:

  • You want to overcome financial problems.
  • You want to think like a millionaire.
  • You are interested in making money online.
  • You want to attract financial abundance through listening to hypnosis tracks. 
  • You want to feel more confident about receiving and keeping money. 
  • You want to eradicate a scarcity mindset and focus more on abundance. 
  • You want to be able to recognize lucrative opportunities when they present themselves. 
  • You want to overcome the restrictive beliefs that block you from being wealthy. 
  • You want to reconfigure your subconscious mind to attract money. 
  • You want to know what millionaires do to copy their actions. 
  • You want to overcome procrastination and become more creative in what you do. 

I will now take you through the plus points and some slight negatives I think you should be aware of.

Plus points:

  • The founder and creator of the Total Money Magnetism program, Steve G. Jones, is an eminent hypnotherapist with years of experience, so he knows what he is doing. 
  • There is a lot of substance to this program, with many practical steps you can follow to increase your wealth. It is not just theoretical. 
  • The time you need to dedicate to the audio tracks in the program is practical and achievable – a minimum of 40 minutes daily.
  • The hypnosis tracks are powerful but do not need much effort on your part. 
  • The sound quality is exceptional, and Steve’s voice is very calming. 
  • There are lots of excellent bonuses that come with the program.
  • The practical activities in the eBook are really good quality. 
  • You get a lot for your money.
  • There is a money-back guarantee. 

Points to consider:

  • You have to be prepared to dedicate a certain amount of time and energy into using the program on a daily basis. 
  • It’s not something you can rush through. To be effective, some of the stages need you to commit more time and effort than others. 
  • You are not going to become rich overnight. 
  • I felt that a few of the activities are a bit superficial and could be developed further. 
  • Some elements of the eBook seem generic. 

To conclude

The first thing I want to say is that this is not a program to invest in if you are not going to be dedicated and committed to transforming your financial life. Total Money Magnetism is based on some really powerful hypnosis audio tracks, but you still have to recognize that changing your subconscious mindset is something that you have to work at.

Steve G. Jones is really open and honest about this in his program and is clear from the outset that you will not have life-changing results after having listened to the audios a couple of times.

In my opinion, some of the theories in the eBook are common sense, but seeing as the main focus of the program is the audios, this isn’t too much of an issue.

But, if you are looking for a book that will rival ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ you could end up disappointed.

However, the eBook does contain excellent exercises which are practical and really effective. I can honestly say that, by the end of the eBook, my mindset has definitely changed to be one of attracting money.

Every one of the hypnosis tracks is brilliant. The sound quality is excellent, and Steve’s voice is so relaxing to listen to.

I have not yet been doing the program for the four months that is recommended, but I am sure that I will have some excellent outcomes if I continue as I am doing.

I am a strong believer that money affirmations work can be life-changing, but you have to dedicate time and consistency to the process. There is no magic involved here – you have to put the work in.

I love that this program combines the hypnosis tracks that will reconfigure your mentality to become like that of a millionaire and has many practical exercises for you to complete, so you are taking physical action.

If you genuinely want to manifest financial abundance in your life, I highly recommend Total Money Magnetism. As I mentioned earlier, there is a money-back guarantee with the program, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Best of luck with it!

To go to the website, watch the video and buy the Total Money Magnetism program with a discount and bonuses, follow this link: Total Money Magnetism Program.

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