Affirmations & Visualizations Manifesting Money

Hundreds of affirmations to financial abundance!

Do you want to draw money to you and live a life full of wealth and fortune? Affirmations for abundance are an excellent manifestation method to help you attract what you want, but a lot of people don’t fully understand how to use them to the best effect. Today I’m going to tell you how you can use them in the most powerful way possible. I’ll start by explaining precisely what financial affirmations are and how they work, plus we’ll explore the primary motive as to why many people don’t attract an abundance of money

I will also supply you with the biggest list of affirmations for financial abundance that you have probably ever seen, tell you how to utilize them correctly, and also give you some extra special hints for how to speed things up! 

Are you ready? What are you waiting for?

What is a financial affirmation?

An affirmation is a positively-worded sentence that states what you want to manifest. They are written in the first person and as if you already have those things you want. 

They are classed as affirmations for financial abundance when they are specifically worded to attract money and wealth into your life.

How do affirmations work?

Affirmations work with the Law of Attraction, based on ‘like attracts like.’ What you focus on, your thoughts, and how you feel, will be drawn to you. Even if you lack money, positive thoughts and feelings strengthen the magnet’s power. Use affirmations repeatedly as mantras. Affirmations and the positive energy you emit are a clear message to the Universe, like handing over your wish list. The Universe understands and brings you abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Affirmations also help remove barriers like old beliefs, negative emotions, and lack of faith in manifesting.

What is a Poverty Attitude?

If someone has a poverty mindset, it typically originates from negative beliefs about money. These beliefs can be deeply ingrained in our subconscious, often without our awareness.

It’s important to recognize that these limiting beliefs may not even be our own. They can stem from our upbringing, specifically the messages we received from our parents about money. If we grew up in an environment where money was scarce and our parents constantly argued about financial instability, it’s likely that we developed negative beliefs about money.

These beliefs can manifest as negative emotions. For example, feeling stressed when bills arrive or worrying that our paycheck won’t last the month. We may also experience feelings of anger and jealousy towards those who seem to have more money than us.

Considering the “like attracts like” concept of the Law of Attraction, it’s crucial to be conscious of our thoughts about money. A poverty mindset will only attract more poverty. On the other hand, adopting an abundance mindset can attract wealth and financial freedom.

If you’re unsure whether your attitude is currently more aligned with poverty or abundance, pay close attention to your emotions and physical sensations when dealing with money. If you notice negative and anxious feelings and thoughts about finances, don’t worry! You can change these limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind and replace them with new ones. This is where affirmations for abundance come into play.

By using positive affirmations, you can rewire your subconscious mind to believe in having enough money, being a money magnet, and attracting wealth. These affirmations will help you receive unexpected money, become financially free, and embrace all the wealth life has to offer.

Embracing abundance affirmations will help you cultivate a positive outlook, abundance mindset, and positive thinking. This shift in mindset will open up limitless possibilities for attracting money and experiencing financial abundance.

Make it a habit to practice daily positive affirmations, focusing on the keywords and phrases mentioned above. With consistent effort, you can transform your relationship with money and live a life of limitless abundance.

It’s just a case of knowing how to utilize them correctly, which I will explain now. 

affirmations for financial abundance

Tips on how to utilize affirmations for financial abundance

It’s not complicated to use affirmations for financial abundance, but if you follow these tips, you will notice that your ability to manifest wealth becomes even stronger and more effective:

1.) Repeat them regularly 

The first tip is all about being consistent. Even if you write the best-worded affirmations that have ever been written, if you only say them a few times, then they probably won’t work. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true. 

The important thing is being regular and consistent with your manifestation methods. In relation to using your affirmations for financial abundance, this means repeating them a number of times as part of your daily routine.

As with any skill that you want to improve, you have to dedicate time to practicing it. 

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do it every day, but try to repeat your affirmations as regularly as possible. 

A nice round number to aim for is to say your chosen affirmation 50 times per day. You can split this down into five blocks of ten. Say your affirmation ten times on waking up, ten times just before you eat lunch, ten times mid-afternoon, ten times after you have had your evening meal, and the final ten times should be just before you go to sleep.

If you want to say your affirmations for financial abundance more frequently than this, go ahead! But make sure you keep your routine consistent. 

2.) Use Affirmations When Times are Tough

I know that some days can be more difficult than others, especially when it comes to money and you’re feeling the financial pressure. 

But as hard as these days can be, they are the ones when it is most important to raise your vibration and state your positive intentions to the Universe. These financially difficult periods can bring back all of the negative thoughts and worries that you associate with a lack of money. However, if you can be strong and feel positive about the wealth you are going to attract, this is the positive message that the Universe will receive and act upon. 

As I said in tip number one, the important thing is to be consistent. 

It’s a natural human trait to have occasional negative thoughts and worries. Don’t feel like they are going to ruin your chance of manifesting abundance; just notice them, recognize them for what they are, and turn them into more positive thoughts using your affirmations for financial abundance.  

3.) Write Out Your Affirmations and Be a Money Magnet

Making a written note of your financial affirmations is an excellent way to boost their power. 

When you write them down, they become more tangible. You can see them in black and white, which strengthens your connection to the words and meaning behind the affirmation. The more powerful your connection to your mantra, the faster you will attract it into your reality. 

There are several methods you can use to write out your affirmations, including:

  • The 369 method
  • The 5×55 technique
  • Writing a manifestation journal 
  • Scripting
  • The Pillow method
  • The Two Cup technique 

You can try each of these techniques or even develop your own. As long as you do it regularly and it means that you consistently write out your affirmations when you feel positive, it will work! 

4.) Use subliminal audio tracks

Have you ever tried subliminal audio tracks? They are amazing! They are (usually) premade audio tracks that have affirmations contained within them. They are made so that the conscious mind does not hear the affirmations, but they go straight to the subconscious. So, rather than you having to write or say your own affirmations many times each day, you can listen to a financial subliminal audio track, and it will contain potentially hundreds of affirmations that will help you to attract wealth. 

Often, they have relaxing music or nature sounds such as a flowing river or birds chirping. They sometimes contain binaural beats, making the subconscious even more susceptible and open to receiving new messages. When these affirmations go straight to the subconscious mind, this is a way that you can begin to replace any former beliefs that no longer align with your current and future self. You can even be rewiring your thoughts as you sleep!

They are becoming more and more popular, and there are several websites through which you can create your own audios. You can choose your background music, types of affirmations, or even use those you have written to make the audio tracks especially individual to you. 

Personally, I don’t think subliminal audios should totally replace the more traditional methods, but I have found that they give a great boost when wanting to manifest money!

affirmations for financial abundance

Speeding up the Process

If you want to make things happen even faster, here are some additional ways that you can ensure your affirmations for financial abundance become true as quick as possible:

1.) Be Precise

The more exact and specific you can be with any of your affirmations, but particularly ones related to financial matters, the better. This is because you give out a clear instruction to the Universe, which is much easier to act on and make come true. If there is uncertainty or a mixed message, you could manifest things that you didn’t want. 

Suppose you have a precise amount of money and a date in mind that you need to attract, for example to pay a debt by a specific deadline, then declare it. 

Perhaps you want $27,792 by the end of August – write an affirmation to say that you have that. 

If you want a particular house or car, write an affirmation that describes it in detail. 

If you have more general ideas, that’s fine too. Give as many details as possible to give the Universe a clear message, but if you have room for maneuver and ‘a house by the sea’ is as specific as you want to get right now, then that is fine! 

However, if you have something more exact in mind, emit this message, and you could have it sooner than if you keep things vague.

2.) Use your Imagination to Attract Wealth

Imagining your life with everything that you desire as you repeat your affirmations for financial abundance is an excellent way to have them manifest quicker. 

It’s also very easy to do. 

When you settle down to recite your affirmations, imagine a positive picture or scene in your mind’s eye of what your affirmations signify. 

Are you sipping a cocktail on the terrace of your new villa, looking straight out at the beach, and watching the sunset on the horizon? Can you feel the sun on your face, hear the sound of the waves, and taste the fruitiness of your cocktail?

Are you going on a shopping spree to all the designer shops in Milan or Paris? Can you feel the excitement and anticipation? 

Are you driving the car of your dreams for the first time and taking in that new car smell? Can you feel the texture of the steering wheel and the heated leather seats?
Do you have more cash than you could ever imagine? How does it feel between your fingers? 

When you use your imagination and involve your other senses too (smell, sound, taste, and touch), you will feel your vibrational energy rising as you repeat your affirmations. This is bringing you more in alignment with the riches that await you, and that financial abundance will be attracted to you faster. 

3.) Keep it Simple

When you write a affirmation for financial abundance, it doesn’t need to be long or complicated! 

In fact, the shorter and simpler it is, the better. It’s tempting to convolute things, especially if you feel like you want to manifest many things at once, but keep it short and sweet. 

If it’s easy for you to recall it and say it, it will also be easy for your subconscious mind to accept and absorb it. 

As a guide, I usually write mine with between three and six words whenever I can. If you need a few more, that’s fine – so long as it’s not too long for you to memorize it!

Write affirmations that are quick and easy, and you will be amazed at how rapidly they start coming true! 

4.) Quality, not Quantity

When it comes to boosting the effectiveness of your affirmations for financial abundance, many people think that the larger the number of different affirmations they say, the larger the amount of money will be that they manifest 

The opposite to this is actually the case, and it’s definitely more about quality than quantity. 

Reciting tens or even hundreds of different affirmations will give out such a confusing message to the Universe, not to mention that it will be exhausting for you! Imagine trying to visualize 100 different scenarios in your mind’s eye five times a day! 

I’m sure you’d run out of time or give up quite quickly, in which case, they wouldn’t be effective anyway. 

It’s much better to focus your time and energy on between one and five affirmations at a time. You can always change them when they have come true. And they are much more likely to come true when you focus your manifestation ability on a select few mantras. 

affirmations for financial abundance

Choose your affirmations for financial abundance!

So now that you know how to use them and boost their power, we’ve arrived at the part where you choose which affirmations for financial abundance you want to use as your mantras. 

There are well over 200 here, but as I’ve just mentioned, I would start with a maximum of five, and you can reword them to be more specific to what you want to manifest. 

You can tick them off the list as they come true for you and add a new one.

Choose the ones that attract you most to them: the ones that resonate with you. 

Enjoy making your selection!

Positive Affirmations for Abundance

1.) “I am economically free and rich.”

2.) “Wealth is drawn to me often and without effort.”

3.) “My life is full of large quantities of riches and splendor.”

4.) “I live a very affluent and satisfying life.”

5.) “I have the money to purchase anything I want.”

6.) “My bank balance grows every day.”

7.) “The Universe gives me a vast amount of spiritual inheritance.”

8.) “I attract prosperity.”

9.) “My vibrational frequency is in line with unlimited riches.”

10.) “I am the first person in my family to be a millionaire.”

11.) “Wealth is always coming to me.”

12.) “I am thankful to the Universe for giving me limitless wealth.”

13.) “The Universe presents me with an unlimited amount of money.”

14.) “I make an obscene amount of money each day.”

15.) “I make a ridiculous amount of cash doing something I love.” 

16.) “Everything I do attracts copious wealth.” 

17.) “My financial abundance frees me to do anything I like.”

18.) “I am thankful for the incredible quantity of money I earn.”

19.) “I was born to be a millionaire.”

20.) “Each time I check my bank account, my money has doubled.”

21.) “I generate more cash than I pay out.” 

22.) “I attract money like a magnet.”

23.) “I have the mentality of a multimillionaire.”

24.) “My pockets are stuffed with cash.”

25.) “Vast quantities of cash make me happy and positive.” 

26.) “I generate income from an infinite number of sources.”

27.) “I am thankful I am so wealthy and triumphant.”

28.) “Wealth is an unlimited resource.”

29.) “I deserve to prosper.” 

30.) “I adore money, and it adores me. Together we make more money.”

31.) “Cash is my soul mate.”

32.) “Riches come towards me as bees are drawn to flowers.”

33.) “I deserve to live a life of luxury and abundance.”

34.) “The Universe delivers abundance to my door.” 

35.) “I love wealth.” 

36.) “My bank balance is overflowing.” 

37.) “I am a multimillionaire.”

38.) “Money comes to me while I sleep.”

39.) “My revenue increases unexpectedly.”  

40.) “Money is simple to get.” 

41.) “I can help other people with my wealth.”

42.) “My life is blessed with bountiful riches.”

43.) “Abundance is mine.”

44.) “Wealth flows to me effortlessly.”

45.) “I have plenty of money to provide for myself and people I love.”

46.) “I am wealthy.” 

47.) “It’s secure for me to earn loads of money.”

48.) “My revenue is always increasing.”

49.) “It’s easy for me to experience freedom from financial restraints.”

50.) “I have a never-ending supply of riches.”

51.) “I know the key to wealth that all millionaires know.”

52.) “Vast amounts of riches are drawn to me.”

53.) “I earn copious amounts of money seeing the world.”

54.) “I am a natural cash magnet.”

55.) “My wallet is heavy because I have so much money.”

56.) “All my friends are also wealthy and prosperous.”

57.) “Affluence is easy.”

58.) “I earn more profit with all that I do.”

59.) “I am aligned to the vibration of prosperity.”

60.) “I am a person who is acclaimed for their immense success.”

61.) “Money is created each day for me.”

62.) “I have an unlimited supply of ideas about attracting wealth.”

63.) “I am always aligned to abundance.”

64.) “My bank account never stops increasing.”

65.) “I receive checks every day.”

66.) “Money seeks me out.”

67.) “The Universe always delivers plentiful abundance to me.” 

68.) “I am grateful for all the riches in my life.”

69.) “Joy and luxury envelop me each day.”

70.) “It’s simple to get money.”

71.) “I notice possibilities to generate wealth everywhere I look.”

72.) “My financial assets keep multiplying.”

73.) “My revenue never ceases.”

74.) “Money enhances life events and creates opportunities.”

75.) “I am financially fortunate each day.”

76.) “Money is attracted to me like a magnet every moment.”

77.) “I have many income streams that keep expanding.”

78.) “The Universe is always giving me more wealth.”

79.) “There is a plethora of cash for me.”

80.) “Being prosperous comes naturally to me.”

81.) “I am wealthy, influential, and I improve things in the world.”

82.) “All types of abundance are drawn to me.”

83.) “New income streams are simple to find.”

84.) “My future financial outlook is solid.”

85.) “I can make my dreams come true because I am rich.”

86.) “My fortune is growing fast.”

87.) “My way of life is extravagant and fruitful.” 

88.) “I am financially blessed.” 

89.) “I collaborate with the Universe to receive wealth.”

90.) “I am content and feel at ease with having lots of money.”

91.) “I feel incredible because I am so rich.”

92.) “Abundance boosts my joy.”

93.) “The total in my bank account is always increasing.”

94.) “Drawing money into my life benefits my soul.”

95.) “It’s my intention to live a life of abundance.”

96.) “I can buy anything I want from anywhere in the world.”

97.) “I am always swimming in riches.”

98.) “The Divine Power lavishes me with abundance.”

99.) “Being rich means I can travel first class and live indulgently.”

100.) “I do benevolent things with my wealth.”

101.) “My mindset is programmed to be a millionaire.”

102.) “I adore the positive energy I feel when I attract riches.”

103.) “I generate incredible work possibilities.”

104.) “I effortlessly draw immense fortune to me.”

105.) “My positive mindset generates victory and prosperity.” 

106.) “I can take early retirement.”

107.) “The Universe feeds me with endless wealth.”

108.) “My financial wishes are granted.”

109.) “I am rich beyond what I ever thought possible.”

110.) “People enjoy providing me with riches.” 

111.) “My finances help me to fulfill my life’s aim.”

112.) “Income appears out of the blue constantly.”

113.) “Riches are flooding into my world.”

114.) “I have a prosperity attitude.”

115.) “I am deserving of an enviable cash flow.”

116.) “The amount of asserts I accrue is limitless.”

117.) “The Universe makes me rich.”

118.) “My salary is  higher than I ever thought possible.”

119.) “I am worthy of the gift of financial freedom.”

120.) “Immense amounts of funds never stop coming into my life.”

121.) “My higher self helps me channel abundance from the Universe.”

122.) “I have excessive riches.”

123.) “I am aware that I am wealthy.”

124.) “Each day, I become more abundant.”

125.) “I am thankful for all the joy that my fortune affords me.”

126.) “I am excited every day because I generate more wealth.”

127.) “I have more dough than a baker.”

128.) “Being rich is in my nature.”

129.) “I generate revenue in a sincere and productive way.”

130.) “I deserve colossal riches.”

131.) “There is ample cash for me.”

132.) “My mind is always imagining and manifesting more funds.”

133.) “Money moves alignment with all of my achievements.”

134.) “Life keeps showing me other ways to make money.”

135.) “It’s satisfying having a mountain of cash.”

136.) “The Universe supports me to attract funds.”

137.) “I have stacks of banknotes in my house.”

138.) “Capital is a never-ending resource for me.”

139.) “I have the Midas touch.”

140.) “I am affluent and active.”

141.) “Accruing wealth is as natural for me as breathing.”

142.) “Opulence is my birthright.”

143.) “The Divine Powers provides me with plenty of funds.”

144.) “My bank balance is always really healthy.”

145.) “It’s such a benediction to be rich.”

146.) “Opulence has made me a more generous person.”

147.) “I am a strong cash magnet.”

148.) “Wealth pursues me.”

149.) “Manifesting money brings me joy.”

150.) “Prosperity naturally comes to me.”

151.) “I openly accept limitless profits.”

152.) “My capital increases every day.”

153.) “I create my own indulgent and luxurious lifestyle.”

154.) “I am a money magnate.”

155.) “I attract cash through my extravagant thoughts.”

156.) “Money lets me live my best life.”

157.) “I am manifesting revenue right now.”

158.) “It feels amazing to be a person of means.”

159.) “I have more money than I could ever spend.”

160.) “I have financial good fortune each day.”

161.) “My assets are always rising.”

162.) “Financial opportunities keep appearing before my eyes.”

163.) “I have an excellent relationship with money.”

164.) “Bountiful wealth is on its way to me.”

165.) “I am aligned with abundance.”

166.) “I see wealth everywhere I look.” 

167.) “Opportunities to increase my wealth come to me daily.” 

168.) “I win the jackpot.” 

169.) “Money falls into my lap.”

170.) “It’s my destiny to manifest millions.”

171.) “I am being true to myself becoming a millionaire.”

172.) “I am creating my financial abundance.”

173.) “Victory and prosperity are predetermined.”

174.) “I am aligned with immense riches.” 

175.) “I am thankful for the spiritual gifts and wealth that come to me effortlessly.” 

176.) “My soul is accepting of lucrative offers.”

177.) “I am always thinking of successful ways to generate my fortune.”

178.) “I am the epitome of abundance.”

179.) “Prosperity satisfies me in every way.” 

180.) “Attracting funds comes easily and smoothly.”

181.) “I always feel the vibration of money.”

182.) “Manifesting cash is child’s play.”

183.) “My world is packed with unlimited revenue.”

184.) “The Universe is constantly providing me with economic good fortune.” 

185.) “I have created my own fortune.” 

186.) “I willingly receive all income that flows to me.”

187.) “Each day, I am fortunate to witness a financial miracle.”

188.) “I can create an infinite amount of cash.”

189.) “I am so thankful that my bank balance is so large.”

190.) “I can afford everything.”

191.) “The Universe improves my financial situation every day.”

192.) “I am sent obscenely large paychecks in the mail.”

193.) “I have a goose that lays golden eggs.”

194.) “My wealth inspires other people.”

195.) “I ensure that other people also benefit from my fortune.”

196.) “Wealth loves me.”

197.) “My assets grow on their own.” 

198.) “I’m welcome more and more funds into my life.” 

199.) “I’m in alignment with the vibrational frequency of affluence.”

200.) “I always get surprise cash payments.” 

201.) “Money is fantastic.”

202.) “I have a never-ending supply of cash.” 

203.) “I’m happy that funds come to me quickly and constantly.”

204.) “My assets increase at an incredible rate.”

205.) “I feel financially satisfied each day.”

206.) “I am getting wealthier every day.”

207.) “I can always make more money.”

208.) “I am very lucky and often win the jackpot.”

209.) “Fortune indulges me every day.”

210.) “I make money each time I spend money.”

211.) “I am a generous, compassionate, and benevolent millionaire.”

212.) “Funds flow freely to me.”

213.) “All areas of my life are fruitful.” 

214.) “I will be financially secure forever.”

215.) “My limitless wealth is safe and protected.” 

216.) “I deserve to have a never-ending cash flow.”

217.) “Being prosperous feels incredible.”

218.) “My higher spiritual self is tuned in to manifest wealth.”

219.) “I have a lucrative mentality.”

220.) “Generating massive profits makes me feel energetic.” 

221.) “Manifesting my fortune is a simple task.”

222.) “I believe in myself and my ability to manifest abundance.” 

223.) “I have everything I need to be rich.”

224.) “I design and create an abundant life.” 

225.) “I have the money to buy anything.”

226.) “My bank account has daily incomes of 6 figure amounts.” 

227.) “I believe in my fortune.”

228.) “I am the same as other rich and successful people.”

229.) “I make the best financial decisions.”

230.) “Attracting finances fulfills me.”

231.) “I have faith in the Universe and know it is delivering my riches.”

232.) “My ability to generate money is all-powerful.”

233.) “The faster I generate money, the more I attract effortlessly.”

234.) “My financial assets are important to me.”

235.) “Money comes when I need it.”

236.) “I strengthen my financial freedom every day.”

237.) “Increasing my fortune is my passion.”

238.) “I can generate money in any situation.” 

239.) “All my family and friends believe in my money manifestation abilities.”

240.) “I make my fortune in positive, moral, and beneficial ways.”

241.) “I love helping other people with my money.”

242.) “I have no constraints to the amount of cash I can make.”

243.) “It is my destiny to be affluent.” 

244.) “My fortune always provides for me.”

245.) “I receive daily signals about my financial situation.”

246.) “I know the key to making millions.”

247.) “I can improve the world with my assets.”

248.) “Abundance is as easy as flicking a light switch.”

249.) “Every day, I generate more prosperity.”

250.) “I am fortunate that my life is so lucrative.” 

Final Thoughts

Wow! That’s quite a list, isn’t it? Which one (or few) have you decided to go with?

It’s just a matter of time before you are living the lifestyle of your dreams. Now it’s just a question of giving the right message to the Universe and then having faith that it will give you what you ask for.

So choose one of the affirmations for financial abundance that resonated with you and follow the tips that I gave you earlier to super-charge the power of it. Make sure you get into a routine with your manifestations and repeat your mantra often. As incredible as the Law of Attraction is, your manifestations won’t work unless you put some time, effort, and dedication into them too. If you are only going to say your affirmation a few times on day one, then forget on day two, and have given up by the second week, you won’t see much improvement.

However, if you dedicate yourself to the process, your life can change beyond your wildest dreams! 

If you haven’t quite decided which affirmation to use, remember that you can tweak them to be more personal to you. You can include your name or specific amounts of money – you could even mention the name of your bank! 

If you can’t decide at the moment, there’s no rush. Take your time to think about it and make a decision later. In the meantime, start to imagine how amazing it will feel when you can spend all the money you will manifest!

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