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Beginners guide to manifesting through scripting

I’ve loved writing my whole life. Poems, short stories, songs, journals: you name it, I’ve written it! 

When I was a child, I always had a pen and paper in my hand – it was my hobby like my brother’s was football. 

So, there’s no great surprise that I now write articles like this for a living, is there? 

You can imagine how excited I was when I found out about scripting as a technique to manifest things through the Law of Attraction! I almost burst with excitement! It was as if it had specifically been designed for me! 

It couldn’t be more perfect! It connected two of the things I loved the most – accomplishing my goals and writing! 

In the beginning, I thought and hoped that scripting would be something healing yet fun that I could do to relax each evening, which had a bonus side effect of making all my dreams come true! 

However, what I had no idea about at that time, was how amazingly powerful scripting actually is! 

As I was getting prepared to write this article, I felt inspired to take a look at a few of my scripting journals that I wrote a couple of years ago. 

Wow! I have to admit that I was utterly shocked! 

Pretty much EVERY SINGLE THING that I wrote, I either have in my life now, or it’s so close to manifesting. I can tell this from my current set of circumstances which is totally different from before. 

Here are just some examples of things I’ve manifested straight from my 2018 journals: 

  • The type of relationship I wanted.
  • The exact car I wanted to have.
  • A specific quantity of money that I wanted to earn each month.
  • A gorgeous, light apartment with room for lots of plants! 
  • A positive, supportive group of friends.

Looking back over these journals has filled me full of excitement about the future as I know that I have come a long way with my manifestation skills over the last three years. I can’t wait to see how things manifest this year – it’s bound to be even more impressive! 

Based on my personal successes with this method, I thought it would be useful for me to write a full piece on how to get started with the Law of Attraction scripting method. I’m going to tell you what it is, how it’s done, how it works, and everything else you need to know!

At the end of this article, my aim is that you’ll be ready and self-assured about taking the next steps to embark upon your unique scripting journey of manifesting everything you want into your reality!

So let’s get started! 

What Is the Scripting Method?

Scripting is a popular Law of Attraction method through which you write everything you wish to manifest in a journal as if you already have it in your life. 

Ideally, you write daily journal entries, and this process inspires and prompts you to imagine and focus on your desires as though everything you want is happening right now. 

Scripting works on several levels, which is why it’s such a powerful method for manifesting what you want. It helps you be really specific and precise about what you want, which allows the Universe to know what to give to you. When you write down your desires, they take on a more physical form than when they are just thoughts in your mind. You will naturally use positive affirmations to write your scripts, so using this method daily (or as often as possible) means that you regularly visualize your goals and raise your vibration to the Universe. 

How Do I Script?

Scripting is a relatively straightforward manifestation method. There are no strict rules, and the most important thing to remember is to write in a way that you enjoy and look forward to. 

However, here are several tips that might help to explain the process and make it a bit easier. 

1.) How to Prepare for Scripting

It’s a good idea to think about what you’re going to need before you start scripting. 

You can use any format you like to write down your desires and affirmations. You might be a tech guru and want to type them out on your laptop or phone, or you may prefer a good, old-fashioned pen and paper, in which case you can choose to write in a notebook or on loose sheets – the choice is yours. 

It’s important to use whichever way feels the most natural and comfortable. 

I love nice stationery, so I have to admit that I really enjoy selecting a high-quality notebook for my scripting. For me, you can’t beat a brand-new journal and a beautiful pen. All those perfect, blank pages make me feel so excited about what I’m going to write and create in my life. 

If you’re like me and are going to buy something new, take your time to choose. Select ones that you feel drawn to. You will write your scripting journal on a much higher vibration level if you have carefully chosen your tools, and this will give a positive boost to your manifestations.

2.) Establish a routine

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to write, the next step is to consider when. This is about establishing a routine and creating space on a regular basis. 

Scripting is a more effective technique the more you do it, so I’d recommend daily or alternate days if possible. In my case, writing one day and having a day off suited and worked for me. 

Many people prefer to do their scripting as soon as they wake up, as they find this a good, positive start to the day. My mornings are a bit too hectic for me to ensure I have a regular space in my routine, so I choose to write my scripting journal at night when I’m in bed. For me, it’s a great way to destress and relax after a long day, and it helps me prepare myself before going to sleep. It’s like a healing time-out each evening and puts my subconscious mind into a magnetic state so it can work on attracting my desires while I’m dreaming. 

3.) Just Start Writing

As I briefly said before, you don’t have to follow lots of rules when it comes to scripting. It’s more important that you find satisfaction in the process rather than it be totally perfect, so relax, enjoy yourself and let it flow! 

Scripting is very similar to writing a journal, but the distinction is that you write using ‘as if’ language. This means that you write what you want as if you already have everything you desire in your life. Visualize and imagine everything as you write. Feel the sensations you would experience if you had that incredible house, that perfect job, that fantastic relationship, etc. Be as detailed and explicit as you can to enhance your energy when writing. 

You will find that positive affirmations naturally come to you while you write. You will know what to say because your feelings will guide you. 

You can boost your affirmations and the power behind your scripting by loading them up with even more emotions. This process will raise your energy levels, and you will become more aligned to the vibrational level of the desires you wish to manifest.

I’m going to show you an example of scripting. I’ve highlighted the ‘feelings’ throughout the text, and you will notice how many positive affirmations it contains. If you wish, you can use this as a base for your scripting journal entries. 

August 19th:

“I knew that today was going to be an amazing day right from the second I woke up! I walked around my new apartment, opening the blinds to let the beautiful sunlight in. It’s hard to believe how lucky I am to live in the apartment of my dreams! I went to my closet and opted for my favorite work outfit. I have such an amazing selection of stunning clothes to choose from, all of which I’ve manifested into my life. I feel so thankful that I have an abundance of money. I can buy everything I want, and I can go shopping any time I choose to. I went to my gorgeous kitchen and made myself a delicious, healthy lunch. I am fortunate and overjoyed at having a fridge full of nutritious food.

I was having a fantastic day at work, achieving so many things, and my boss asked if he could talk to me. He told me that he thought I was doing an amazing job, and he offered me the promotion I have been working towards! I feel ecstatic about the opportunity and proud of myself. I have total gratitude and appreciation for the company I work for, and I’m happy they have recognized my worth. 

Another amazing thing that happened today was that I was asked out! I was having my lunch break, and my cute colleague asked me to out with him. We’re going out on Saturday, and he also loves my favorite restaurant, so we’re going there. I’m so excited to see where it might lead as we’ve been sending messages to each other all evening. I feel like we have a fantastic connection.” 

So, as you can see in this example, this scripting journal entry is written as if everything has actually happened that day. Take your perfect, ideal life, and write about it, filling it full of energy, positive emotions, affirmations, and descriptive language.

It should feel quite therapeutic as it’s like daydreaming on paper. It’s really letting yourself dive deeply into your desires bringing them to life as your pen hits the paper. I promise you that it’s a really powerful manifestation technique. 

I’ve already mentioned it, but I have to repeat it. I genuinely love scripting! It’s been one of the most effective methods I have found to manifest my desires. 

It’s powerful because it combines several different techniques, including:

  • Setting clear intentions
  • Writing positive affirmations
  • Visualization
  • Tapping into the energy of emotions 
  • Acting ‘as if’

These techniques all have value when used individually, but if you do them all at once – wow! It’s like baking a perfect manifestation cake. 

Setting clear intentions puts the right message out into the Universe, and using positive affirmations also firmly fixes your desires into your subconscious. These are two great ingredients, and when you add a cup of visualization and a spoonful of emotions, the cake is almost ready.

The final touch is that scripting permits you to behave ‘as if’ you are already living your perfect life. This is a compelling message to the Universe as your vibrational energy shifts from ‘wanting’ to ‘having.’ 

Being stuck with ‘wanting’ energy is like being in a vicious cycle. The only thing that wanting attracts is more wanting because it gives off a vibrational energy of ‘lack.’ 

If you say that you want something, the message is that you don’t have it. You “want a better job” because you don’t have the job that you want now. You “want more money” because you don’t have enough. The message and focus are on lack, so this is what you will produce. 

Alternatively, if you shift your vibrations to act ‘as if,’ the impulse you emit is of satisfaction and abundance. The Universe can tune into this and give you more of it, speeding up your manifestation process.

Frequently Asked Scripting Questions:

When I’ve finished my script, should I get rid of it? 

I would recommend that you keep your scripting notes, whether they’re in a journal or on pieces of paper. It’s not obligatory, and as we’ve already said a few times, there are no rules, but I find it so interesting to put them away when they’re full and then reread them in a year or so. 

That’s what I did before I started writing this article, and it’s brilliant to see what things you have been able to manifest. It’s a lot of fun too! It’s easy to forget what you asked for, and the process of reading through your old scripts can give you a big confidence boost when you realize what you’ve achieved. 

What should I write? Does it have to be different every day? 

Naturally, there will be some repetition in your scripting, but you shouldn’t just write the same thing every day. 

Pay attention to what you’re feeling and what’s happened that day to keep your scripting relevant. For example, if you’ve not been feeling well that day, you might want to do a positive script about feeling in perfect health, or if a large credit card bill has arrived, you may write about financial abundance and how good it feels to have paid it with no worries. 

If you have a persistent issue in your life during a period of time, there may be cause for some repetition, and this is ok. Just change your scripting when your focus changes.

Do I have to script every day?

I would recommend that you script as often as you can. I try to write every day, but I have also found that doing it on alternate days works for me. 

It depends on how many things you want to manifest as to how often you might want to script. For example, if you want to attract one thing into your life, you might not need to do it every day as it might feel that you have no choice but to repeat things. However, I have an abundance of things that I write about, from manifesting more money, improving my career, taking care of my health, relationships, etc., so I can script something new every day.

Will being in a bad mood affect my scripting? 

The best time to script is when you feel on top of the world! 

Emotions are an essential part of manifesting using the Law of Attraction, and you need always to remember that you get more of what you give. If you’re not feeling positive or in a good mood when you sit down to write your scripts and affirmations, it will be much harder to charge them full of positivity, and you may even struggle to come up with the words. 

As we said earlier on, this isn’t supposed to be a chore that you feel obliged to do, so if you’re feeling a bit down, then take a time out and come back to it when you feel better. You could do something that will make you feel better, such as have a relaxing bath or listen to your favorite song, but if you can’t shake your bad mood today, don’t force yourself. Tomorrow will be a better day, and you can use this experience as a focus for your scripting entry tomorrow. 

Are You Ready to Script?

I hope you now have a full understanding of what scripting is, why it is so powerful and how to do it yourself. The only thing left is to get started! 

I’m really excited for you and wish you the best of luck on your scripting journey!

In my opinion, this is one of the best manifestation techniques that exists, and I’m sure it will transform your life as it has mine. 

Whatever you want is available to you. It’s just a matter of putting pen to paper and creating the life you deserve. Enjoy the process and, more importantly, enjoy the results of your new life! 

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