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How to use the healing benefits of crystals to manifest your future

healing benefits of crystals

Are you finding it difficult to manifest your desires? Do you feel like you need to increase and augment your vibrational levels? Have you ever considered using healing stones? When you harness the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in your life, the healing benefits of crystals can provide the boost you need to ensure success. 

Today I’m going to explain everything you need to know about crystals. We will look at how you use them in general, which are the best ones for you, depending on what you want to manifest, and how to use them to increase their power. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get right into it! 

What are the healing benefits of crystals?

I’m sure you’ll have heard of healing stones and crystal, as they’re currently very trendy, particularly when people want to manifest using the Law of Attraction. But what’s the big deal? 

Often when people are trying to manifest things in their lives, they come up against obstacles. These obstacles interfere with the connection that they have with the Universe. The blocks might appear as many different things such as past trauma, irrational or limiting thoughts, resistance, emotional barriers, low vibration, etc. 

However, when you employ these amazing crystals, the healing benefits of crystals help to override and wipe out all the influence of these obstacles, increasing your positive qualities and chance of successful manifestation. Much of their power comes from you, but healing stones can be a vital and effective tool to help you progress through your spiritual journey. 

How can i manifest with healing stones? 

I’m going to start by telling you how to use healing stones before we get into the specific ones you need to buy. There’s no right or wrong way, so the most important thing is to pay attention to your intuition and find what feels natural and correct for you! 

If you would like a little inspirational push in the right direction, this is what works magically for lots of people; myself included. 

1. Energize your crystals with powerful, positive intentions 

One of the best ways of manifesting your desired future is to charge your healing stones so that they are bursting with strong, positive vibrations. When you fill your crystal full of powerful intention, it becomes a symbol of optimism and expectation, even when you feel a lack of them. 

So, how do you energize your crystals?

It’s very simple. You just take one in the palm of your hand, shut your eyes and direct your energy to the stone. Choose a strong affirmation that is specifically worded to manifest your goal, and say it repeatedly. The best way to super-charge your crystal is to replicate this process every time you notice that you are experiencing positive vibrations. 

2. Wear your healing stones next to your skin

The most effective way to tap into and harness the healing benefits of crystals is to have skin contact with them. The easiest way to do this is by wearing crystal jewelry. It looks so beautiful, and healing stones can be made into any piece of jewelry; rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. It easy to buy ready-made jewelry, or you could even make your own using your current crystals. I would highly recommend wearing healing stone jewelry. It definitely gives you the best results as you’re always connected to the power and vibration of your crystal. 

3. Carry them with you

If you don’t like to wear jewelry or can’t for some reason, the next best thing is to carry them with you so you can hold them. If you have your crystal in your pocket, you can easily touch it and harness its power throughout the day. Or carry it in your wallet, purse, or bag when you go out, and it will always be close to you.

4. Use them when meditating

Meditation is a fantastic tool to aid manifestation, and doing it with your healing stones will produce great results. When you meditate, place your crystals on your knees, or have them in your hands. Do your meditation, as usual, knowing that their vibrational energy is providing you with a stronger connection to the Universe. 

5. Soak them, then drink the water

It has been scientifically proven that water reacts in a different way to positive energy than it does to negative energy. And when the energy sources have been removed, water maintains a difference to its state, meaning that it stores intention.
The logic that follows from this is that you are consuming that positive or negative energy into your body if you drink the water. As your crystals contain powerful energy, you can charge water with it. Soak them by putting them into a glass or bottle of water. Leave it overnight, and when you wake in the morning, you can drink your energy-charged water. 

You can experiment with manifesting using your crystals however you wish, but those five methods are my favorites. Now let’s move on to look at which healing stones to buy depending on your desires. 

Please note that I will not recommend cheap mass-produced crystals which are often fake and consequently have no healing properties. Many websites offer ‘healing stones’ at ridiculously low prices, but they are not genuine and will not provide the desired results. In contrast, I would recommend stores that make beautiful crystal jewelry, made with love and positive intent, so you can enjoy all the healing benefits of crystals.

To manifest money:

The following healing benefits of crystals will help you attract wealth on many levels, from a pay rise at work to significant economic wealth.

1. Pyrite
You may know Pyrite as ‘fool’s gold, and it is commonly used by people who seek to spiritually manifest money. 

Pyrite helps you eradicate any limiting beliefs that you have around wealth that may have led to a poverty mindset. It allows you to access and get in tune with the money vibration. This will then open you up to attract and accept wealth and economic affluence through an unlimited number of avenues such as new work, promotions, or business opportunities. 

Pyrite also helps you maintain positivity, stay focused and keep moving towards your goals. It also quashes any negative thoughts or feelings that you might experience when times are difficult.

It’s a good idea to have a Pyrite gemstone on your desk when you work or wear it when trying to generate new business concepts. It works well close to money, so lay it on a coin or note. Whenever you are dealing with money, either trying to generate it or managing your finances, keep Pyrite close to hand! Get Your Pyrite Bracelet’s here!

2. Citrine
Citrine is unquestionably one of the most powerful gemstones you can use to manifest money. It’s known as the ‘merchant’s stone’ and is ideal for you if you’re a business owner or aspire to be. It is a yellow crystal that transmits powerful vibrations in relation to economic abundance and signifies the sun’s energy.
Citrine helps you conquer and relinquish the hold that previous financial traumas have had on you, and it eradicates any negative feelings when thinking about a more positive, financially secure future. 

Instead of desperation, Citrine emits strong vibrations of joy, happiness and peace, which you will absorb. Another positive reason to have Citrine close by when developing your business ideas is that it heightens your creative energy, meaning that it is easier to achieve a productive and focused flow state.

3. Red Carnelian
Red Carnelian is a prosperity crystal that was initially associated with kings and good luck. It is best used in manifestations when people are trying to maximize the success of a situation that could improve their financial status. For example, when you are trying to buy the house of your dreams but you have to bid for it, or when you try desperately to achieve a job promotion at work, having worked hard for years. 

Keeping Red Carnelian close at hand will protect you from external misfortune and provide you with the luck and good fortune at the precise time it is needed. 

4. Aventurine
Aventurine is one of the luckiest of all crystals. It is also referred to as the “Stone of Opportunity” and is known for its wealth energy. This beautiful green mineral also has an opportunistic vibration, so it increases your odds of success when participating in games of chance or risk. It may lead to the manifestation of abundance through unplanned and unexpected windfalls.
If you are armed with an Aventurine crystal and a bit of extra cash, then jump in and take a gamble – it could pay off!
Aventurine encourages us not to take money too seriously. Keep some of your dealings with it playful so that you experience joy around money, as this enables more of it to enter your life!

5. Tiger’s Eye
Tiger’s Eye has a protective, grounding vibration, which means that it will get you back on track and focused if you have been going through financial difficulties. It’s not generally considered a stone of abundance, but it increases good luck and can be used to manifest economic prosperity. 

Tiger’s Eye is a strong crystal that enhances will-power, self-confidence, and resilience. It will empower you to deal with and overcome any problems and challenges that life puts in your path. With Tiger’s Eye on your side, you will be grounded in pride and perseverance. 

To attract love:

The healing benefits of crystals in the next group are important to manifesting in your life, whether it be more love in your relationship, healing a broken heart or your current soulmate.

healing benefits of crystals

1. Moonstone
Moonstone is a receptive crystal that attracts and invites love. If someone carries this healing stone, it can draw out a more profound love from people who already surround the individual and bring love from new sources. 

It has been a popular gemstone that has been used in jewelry since the eras of the ancient Eastern European civilization and the Roman Empire. Also called the lover’s stone, it was traditionally gifted to newlyweds in India as it symbolized a long-lasting relationship. 
Moonstone can be used to restore harmony in a relationship, overcome heartbreak or deal with previous relationship trauma. If you’re interested in discovering your current relationship’s future, there is a story that says if two lovers put a piece of moonstone in their mouths when there is a full moon, they will see their future.

healing benefits of crystals

2. Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is also often given to newly married couples as it is bursting with positive energy, which brings love and luck to relationships. In addition to opening us up to being more receptive and responsive to all forms of love, Rose Quartz also brings peace and inner warmth, so it lowers stress

It helps us attract positive, healthy, stable relationships that will balance partners, healing, and the tenacity to endure any challenge. If you feel like your heart is broken after a past relationship breakdown, Rose Quartz can help you heal your scars by delivering high energy vibrations of love, which will disperse through your body. 

If you want to experience heightened loving vibrations all day, you can do the water method that I explained earlier. Soak a piece of Rose Quartz crystal overnight in water and drink it the next morning.

healing benefits of crystals

3. Chrysoprase
Chrysoprase is one of the best gemstones for healing a broken heart and dealing with past emotional trauma. This beautiful apple-green colored stone enables you to forgive the past, providing you with comforting, cleansing vibrations that will offer solace and space to heal. From this serenity, you can rebuild your self-love and confidence again, which will lead you to a place from which you can begin to nurture new, positive relationships. 

Chrysoprase can help you reduce mental exhaustion and keep your mind healthy and clear if you are going through emotionally challenging situations. It leads you to strengthen connections between your heart and other people around you. You can increase the benefits and power of Chrysoprase by wearing it within a piece of jewelry, or you can boost meditation with it.

healing benefits of crystals

4. Amazonite
Amazonite is an incredible healing stone for when you need to communicate with people you love. Its power lies in developing the connection that lovers have, where they can communicate everything clearly to each other – sometimes without even needing words. 

Suppose you’re going through a tough time in your relationship. Amazonite reduces any aggravation and irritation that you may experience, freeing you up to concentrate on the love you feel for your partner. It emits calm, relaxing vibrations so you can keep your cool and communicate openly and effectively. 

Or say that you want to improve and deepen a bond with someone you care about, or maybe you find it difficult to express yourself. In that case, Amazonite will help nurture your relationship, bringing you closer together in a calm, positive, supportive way.

healing benefits of crystals

5. Emerald
In the past, Emerald was classed as the symbol of truth and love. In fact, it was the gemstone of Venus, the goddess of love and hope. The vibrant green color was thought to signify new beginnings and vitality, so it lends itself to connect soulmates. Emerald is the perfect stone for those in relationships that they wish to strengthen into lifelong healthy ones or for people who are single but looking to manifest a long-term partnership.

Emerald energies encourage balance, romance, loyalty, and compassion between the two partners within a relationship, leading to acceptance and forgiveness.

To manifest peace & joy: 

If you want to increase your levels of self-confidence and satisfaction, plus find inner peace, the following healing benefits of crystals are what they recommend.

1. Turquoise
Turquoise is the perfect crystal to boost your self-confidence vibrations if they are low. Maybe you don’t feel happy in your body right now, and that’s having an impact on your life. Turquoise will bring you healing, inner peace, and self-acceptance. It will also enhance your confidence when you are around other people, protect you from negativity and increase your level of satisfaction in yourself and your life. 

To increase the positive effects of turquoise, use it in your meditation sessions.

healing benefits of crystals

2. Onyx
Onyx is an incredibly powerful stone that absorbs negative energy rather than dispersing it. Therefore, it eradicates fear and reduces stress and irritation, leaving calmness and tranquility in their place. It a calming stone that distinguishes fear, relieves stress, and manifests peace. 

 You can get some fantastic benefits from Onyx by holding it in your hand if you feel angry or stressed. All of your negative inner energy will be released from you and captured by the stone. 

 To achieve the best effects from Onyx, you should wear it close to your skin for sustained periods.

healing benefits of crystals

3. Amethyst
Amethyst is a crystal with vibrations that influence tranquility and balance. Even in the most difficult, darkest times of your life, Amethyst will provide comfort and help you attract the confidence you need to see things clearly. Amethyst is the ideal healing stone to restore balance to your mind, emotions, and life in the face of struggling with negative emotions such as fear, stress, and worry.

healing benefits of crystals

4. Fluorite
If you feel that you’re unsure where to go next in life, Fluorite might be the crystal you need. It will bring clarity of thought and ignite ideas and creativity, guiding you in the direction of spiritual and emotional fulfillment. It is excellent for aligning your energies to achieve spiritual balance. 

Fluorite can awaken in you a self-confidence that you didn’t know you were capable of, and it supports deeper enhanced cognitive abilities and concentration.

healing benefits of crystals

5. Green Jade
If you are looking for a more profound connection with your higher self, Green Jade is one of the best crystals to achieve this. Generally, people who wear Green Jade have increased self-awareness because they have harnessed the stone’s vibrations, leading to them being more emotionally balanced and having better mental clarity. Green Jade also helps us with our larger, longer-term objectives by overcoming internal resistance and eradicating deep-rooted limiting beliefs.  

 Green Jade’s effects can be harnessed during the day by just holding the stone in your hand, and at night, it can be used as a dream stone if you place it on your forehead while you sleep.

So, there you have it! I’m sure you can identify a healing stone that will help you with any area of your life, no matter what you want to manifest. 

Focus on what your heart desires, and choose the crystals that will enhance the vibrations you need to take you on that journey. 

 The best thing about crystals is how easy they are to use and incorporate into your daily life. As we’ve seen, you can wear them, add them to your meditation routine or even just put them in water and drink their energy the following morning! 

Which crystal jumped out at you from this list? Which is your favorite to use, and which do you feel the most drawn to? You can collect as many different crystals as you like! When you choose them, just check that they’re compatible with each other, with your energy and that they align with the goal you wish to manifest. 

Enjoy the process of discovering the powerful healing benefits of crystals, these amazing stones.

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