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50 Affirmations to reduce stress and anxiety

Even if you’re having a good day, stress and anxiety have the power to instantly transform it into a waking nightmare.

It’s unlike anything else. 

Your heart feels like it’s going to beat out of your chest, or even as though someone is squeezing it in their hands.

Your stomach twists and constricts, which can make you feel sick or in pain. 

It feels impossible even to get a full breath into your lungs. 

You sometimes feel as if you are going to die. 

If you suffer from this type of attack and have difficulty controlling negative sensations and reactions that seem to come from nowhere, I totally understand!

But don’t worry! There is some good news!

I had acute stress and experienced regular panic attacks due to my anxiety in the past. I discovered that positive affirmations were a really powerful tool that I could use in any situation and with rapid effect. 

Affirmations are statements that are worded in a positive way and said in the present: as if they are true and happening right now. They are excellent for inducing states of calmness, composure, and a sense of control. 

You can use affirmations when your world suddenly feels upside down, or you can get into a daily routine of saying them to increase your quality of life in general. 

So without further delay, here is a list of 50 of the best, more effective affirmations you can use to combat stress and anxiety!

1.) “I am tranquil.”

2.) “I am self-assured.”

3.) “I only let peaceful and positive emotions enter my life.”

4.) “Every time I inhale, I fill my soul with calmness and confidence.”

5.) “I feel content and carefree in my body.”

6.) “I am brave and bold.”

7.) “I am choosing to feel calm.”

8.) “My mind is clear.”

9.) “I am certain and trust all my decisions.”

10.) “This will end.”

11.) “I am thankful that I am rational and wise under any circumstances.”

12.) “My spirit is powerful.”

13.) “Everything will result in being beneficial for me.”

14.) “I let serenity flow into my current reality.”

15.) “My mind only lets peaceful feelings enter.”

16.) “I am in charge of all concepts and ideas.”

17.) “I deal with myself kindly.”

18.) “I can easily cope with any set of circumstances.”

19.) “My heart only accepts positive emotions.”

20.) “I am calm in all situations.”

21.) “Every time, I make the best decision.”

22.) “I am content with my mind, body, and soul.”

23.) “I have so much love for myself.”

24.) “I am blessed by the Universe with strength and bravery.”

25.) “I manage in any situation.”

26.) “I was born to experience peace.”

27.) “I wake up feeling strong every day.”

28.) “My mind is liberated.”

29.)  “My heart is full of peace and tranquility.”

30.) “I do the best I can.”

31.) “The current situation is the only time that is important.”

32.) “I become stronger through everything that happens in my life.”

33.) “Bravery flows through my blood.”

34.) “I am more precious and important than anything else.”

35.) “When I decide to relax my mind, my body does the same.”

36.) “I can find the positives in anything.”

37.) “All I sense is peace.”

38.) “I can control and regulate my breathing.”

39.) “I have faith in my intuition and where it guides me.”

40.) “I remain calm and keep going.”

41.) “I can overcome this.”

42.) “I’m determined and persistent.”

43.) “I become stronger through all my positive thoughts.”

44.) “I believe in myself.”

45.) “I am always protected.”

46.) “I deserve the best.”

47.) “I am becoming calmer and more in control every day.”

48.) “I am fully in control of my emotions.”

49.) “I have everything I need inside me to deal with this situation.”

50.) “In every moment, I am becoming my best self.”

So there you are! 50 of the strongest affirmations that you can use at times of intense stress or anxiety or as part of a daily manifestation routine. 

When you say any of these affirmations, really feel them. Concentrate on the words and say them to yourself with absolute conviction and faith that they are true. This puts out positive vibrations into the Universe and means that your energy frequency will lift. The Universe, in turn, will respond to your energy and make your affirmations come true. 

You may identify with all of these affirmations, or it may be that you’re attracted to a particular one that you turn into your mantra. 

You can also write your own, but remember to keep them positive and focused on what you want to attract into your life. Then repeat it regularly and let the Universe do the rest for you! 
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