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7 Tips to attract that special person

Do you really want to attract a special person into your life? But not a random person that you haven’t met yet – someone definite, that you already know. A very specific, exact person. 

The individual who has been playing on your mind recently – maybe even for weeks, months, or years! 

Well, keep reading! 

Today, I’m going to tell you 7 tips that you can use to bring that special person into your life in the way that you want them to be. 

It could be someone you’ve had a crush on for years, an ex that you want to get back with, the new guy or girl who’s just moved in next door, or even someone famous! 

There are no limits to manifesting a connection or relationship with whoever you want to develop that bond with. It’s completely achievable. 

Before we get started with the tips, I want to quickly talk about the notion of free will. 

There are quite a few online blogs or articles where people talk negatively about manifesting an exact individual into your life and try to dissuade readers from doing it, based on the premise that it might “interfere with free will.” 

The truth is that we all have freedom of choice. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, we are all attracting things into our lives through our thoughts, actions, and energies. Of course, if the person you want to manifest into a relationship with you has differently aligned ideas, then there could be a mismatch. 

But it is possible to affect or alter someone’s free will. I’m not talking about manipulating them but guiding them. It’s not immoral, and nor does it fall into the realms of ‘voodoo’ or ‘sorcery.’

The reality is that we guide and affect free will each time we manifest anything into our lives. We all inadvertently affect each other all the time through our energies and desires. 

Let me explain this in a bit more depth. 

For example, let’s say that you have a job interview for a post that you’ve been trying to manifest for some time. You know that you are not the only candidate for the job, and you also know that there’s a possibility that some of them may have more experience or be better qualified than you. However, you continue to have faith in the Law of Attraction, staying positive and strongly believing that the job is yours by manifesting a job for you. The manager is going to pick you – you can feel it.

During your interview, you’re giving off a vibe to the manager, which is probably quite different from the other candidates. Via the Law of Attraction, the manager feels this energy and has a strong inclination towards hiring you, despite your opposing candidates’ qualities. 

In this example, the manager has been subtly influenced by the energy you emitted to him. He is still totally able to choose another person for the job – you haven’t hypnotized him, but your energy has indirectly guided his choice. 

His energy has been affected by yours, and he is highly likely to select you as the right person for the job. He will perhaps comment afterward that he “Had a good vibe about them,” or, “There was just something about them – I know they’re the right person for the job.” 

Has this ever happened to you? When you just have a feeling or instinct about someone?

This comes from a continual energy feedback loop between us and anyone we meet. It often helps us sense when someone has ulterior motives or simply when our intentions and characters don’t align.

If you consider other things that are commonly manifested, there are generally other people in the picture. For example, if you want to buy the house of your dreams, there may also be other people who want to buy it, so you have to guide the Universal energy to push the seller towards your offer. 

Most of the things you want to attract into your life involve an element of impacting the energy of other people who are part of the equation. 

It is impossible to exploit free will, but it’s highly possible to guide how other people perceive you through managing your own energy. 

This is how you can attract a connection or relationship with your chosen person.

Ok! Now that we’ve got that cleared up, let’s get to it! 

I can give you these tips with confidence, as I used them myself to manifest a romantic relationship with a special person from my past. I rekindled a romance with my ex, and I can happily confirm that we’re still head over heels in love with each other today. 

I realized that several of the things that I did during the manifestation process were especially powerful and useful, so those are the top tips that I’m going to share with you right now! 

1.) First, focus on yourself

Someone recently contacted me via email to ask for help as she was finding it difficult to attract her special person into her life in the way that she wanted. 

I asked her for some more details so I could understand what the block was. 

She told me that her special person was also interested in her, but they both had complicated living situations. She was sharing a house with her ex-husband, and her special person was in a similar position, yet still married and living with his wife. 

Based on these facts, the problem and obstacle were immediately obvious to me. 

This lady was preventing the relationship from coming to fruition because she did not yet have room for it in her life. There wasn’t enough room physically, emotionally, or mentally! 

Because of her (and his) current situation, she wasn’t prepared or able to open the door to allow the type of love that she wanted to enter her life and heart. 

And, it turns out, he was not her special person after all.

I think that this is a good illustration that shows how vital it is to concentrate on yourself and your current situation before you try to attract a relationship. 

It’s also really important to be honest and realistic. 

Have a think about your life right now. Take a look around you. If your special person were to enter your life and want to have the relationship you desire with you, are you ready for it? Can you honestly say that you’re in the right place to nourish and cultivate that relationship?

If you want it to be successful and last, you have to ensure that the setting is the best place to sew your seeds and help them grow. 

Do you have enough space in your life to guarantee that you could be fully invested in the relationship? Again, this space is not just related to one aspect; I’m talking about if you have physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional room in your life. 

If the current answer is no, then don’t worry! It’s great to recognize that. You can think about what things you can do to get yourself to the stage where you do feel strong, self-assured, and steady on your own. This will make it so much easier to open the door and invite that special person into your life.

It’s important to remember that relationships are not meant to ‘complete us.’ It’s essential to start from a place of already feeling whole so that your worlds enhance and add to each other. If you start from a place of lack, it could become an unbalanced, unhealthy relationship. 

2.) Use Visualization

There are many excellent manifestation methods available, but one of the best is visualization. It’s particularly powerful when it comes to the subject of romance. 

I want you to spend time visualizing several scenarios of how your life will be when your special person is in it. For example, imagine exactly what it’s going to be like when they ask you to go out on a date. Visualize holding hands with them as you walk down the street or imagine waking up to them sleeping beside you. 

Regularly visualizing and thinking thoughts such as these (especially if you can keep them in your mind for a few seconds) will increase their power and bring your manifestations closer to becoming real. 

To enhance and strengthen your visualizations, boost them by adding some feelings and release your inner emotions. What will it feel like when this person loves you?

If you can generate emotion, it will be like there is a magnet pulling you and your special person together because it creates a change in vibrational frequency. 

The Universe will notice that your emotions portray a message of love and the Law of Attraction means that you attract what you emit. When you can feel as though your special person loves you, the Universe will give you more reasons to experience that feeling because ‘like attracts like.’

In a nutshell, this is how manifestation operates.

3.) Slow Down

When starting to manifest our dream relationship with that special person, it’s highly tempting to want to have it all immediately; a full-on relationship with the promise of marriage, kids, etc. 

But don’t underestimate the value of taking things slowly. 

A lot of pleasure can come from learning more about each other and discovering the deeper stuff. And down the line, when you reminisce, it will never be something that you regret. You will always have fond memories of the time you took to get to know each other as it’s part of your foundation. 

So slow down. Take the manifestation process step-by-step and enjoy the journey as much as you will the end destination.

Initially, you could put your energies into attracting a surprise meeting where you can hang out for a while as friends. Then the next step might be to manifest your special person asking for your phone number, then calling to ask you on the first of many dates, etc.

Through taking a slow approach to it, you and your special person will cultivate your feelings for each other slowly, but also freely and easily, without anything feeling forced. This ensures that you can be confident that you align with each other and want the same things from life and your relationship.

Our feelings produce a vibrational frequency that radiates from us. As I mentioned earlier, the Law of Attraction means that we attract more of what we emit. 

Therefore, when both of you have positive, loving emotions towards each other, more and more of these feelings will come. 

Inadvertently, your special person will also start to manifest you, as they are emitting positive feelings into the Universe too. They might be blissfully unaware that manifestation even exists!  

4.) Get rid of the pedestal

This is another really important point that I want you to think about. 

Your special person is not a god. They are only human, and they will have their flaws, as we all do. 

When you want to attract a relationship with them, it’s therefore important to take off your rose-tinted glasses and see them with honest, open eyes. They say that ‘love is blind,’ but if you put someone on a pedestal, you can cause many problems before you even get fully started in your relationship. 

If you worship someone as if they were totally perfect, it can build up a barrier between you. Placing them on a pedestal means that you enter into the relationship thinking that they are much better than you and that, in fact, that they are too good for you.

This is a very imbalanced start to a relationship and can result in power struggles, self-esteem issues, etc. 

And wait! The most important part of this is that it simply isn’t true that your special person is better than you! At all! 

You have to enter into a relationship knowing your value. You are an incredible person who brings so much to the table! Your special person wants to have you walk at their side, not be on a pedestal way out of reach from you. 

Have confidence in who you are, what you have to offer, and view your future relationship as one of equals. You will be more aligned in your future if you start from an even foundation, rather than one made up of superiority and inferiority. 

5.) Stop chasing them

Chasing after someone often means that you have put your special person on a pedestal. 

However, as it is such a common thing that people do, not to mention one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to manifestation, I thought I should write a full point on it!

If you only take away one of the tips that I’ve given you today, please choose this one!

Stop chasing them! 

If you are the type of person who messages or calls your special person often, or you deliberately go out of your way to ‘bump’ into them, you’re going about your manifestation in the wrong way. 

You need to have more faith that the Universe is doing its job based on what you are creating through your manifestations. 

Let’s think about it a bit deeper for a moment. 

If someone was chasing you, how would you react?

You’d set off running, wouldn’t you?

And that’s the feeling that your special person has when they sense that you’re chasing them. They have an overwhelming desire to run away. 

When you chase someone with your actions, sending lots of messages, etc., it is based on an emotion of desperation. You are desperately trying to force your connection. And this is the vibration that you put out into the Universe. 

So, what happens next, when we consider the Law of Attraction? Yes, you manifest more desperation. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not telling you to avoid taking inspired action or doing things that you feel strongly guided to do by your intuition. If you have an intense, instinctual feeling that tells you to contact your special person, then follow it. But do it based on positive emotions such as feeling excited and confident. Don’t do it feeling desperate. 

And remember, the Law of Attraction and Universe are doing their job behind the scenes, so you don’t need to push things or put yourself out. Have patience, and your special person will arrive in due time. 

6.) Be you

This is another essential tip. 

It’s vital that you stay true to yourself when you are attracting any type of relationship or connection with another person. 

I’ve seen it happen on so many occasions where someone has tried to win over the person they’re interested in by putting on an act. But it simply doesn’t work! 

However, if you stay 100% genuine, your vibrational frequency will always be supercharged, and you will be emitting the best type of energy!

Being happy in your own skin, showing that you have your own path and authenticity, is so much more attractive ¡ than saying what you think people want to hear. 

There may seem to be significant differences between you and your special person, but it’s important to embody your own truth with confidence. 

These differences mean that you have a lot to offer each other. You can expand each other’s horizons together and both your lives will become more enriched. 

The energy that you feel because you have stayed true to your authentic self will not go unnoticed. 

Your special person will be very intrigued by you, and they will feel drawn to your world, wanting to step into it. 

It is your truth and genuineness that make you who you are. It’s what makes you unique and incredible, so don’t ever think about letting it go. 

Nurture it, and love being you! 

7.) Believe

We’ve reached my final tip for you, and it’s a compelling one!  

This tip is all about letting go and believing in the manifestation process.  

I’m not saying that you should give up or let go of your dreams. 

I’m saying that you need to relinquish control and have faith that your manifestation will come true. 

Just believe that the Universe and the Law of Attraction are doing what they do best. You have put the right information out there through your visualizations, positive energies, and emotions, so now it’s time to sit back and relax. 

There’s no point wasting negative energy in worrying about when it will happen, and this could damage the process as your vibrational frequency will change. 

By maintaining yourself on the positive path, vibrating on the frequency of excitement, trust, faith, and love, your special person is being drawn closer to you every minute. Don’t doubt the process; just stay in alignment with what you want to manifest. 

If you find it difficult to stop thinking about it or trying to control things, focus on doing things that keep your energy levels high and positive. Spend time with family and friends or spend more time on things you love doing, such as your hobbies. 

And don’t forget, it’s important not to wish your life away, so appreciate the benefits of the single life while you have them! 
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