Manifesting Love

7 Ways to boost the love in your life

Do you feel unappreciated and like you have no value in your relationship?

Or perhaps you are not currently in a relationship and want to receive more love from the people in your life.
Or it could be that you lack love and positivity towards yourself. 

It doesn’t matter how it comes to you, but experiencing some form of love is essential to us all! 

However, maybe you’re thinking, “How can I experience love when I don’t feel like anyone loves me?”

There are lots of unhelpful views out there that say things such as, “If you can’t love yourself, it’s impossible to let someone else love you” or “Happiness is generated internally. You should be able to satisfy your own needs rather than need someone else to make you feel whole.”

Comments such as these really don’t help anyone and manipulate people into thinking they should be more in control of their complex emotions or ‘stop worrying about it.’ 

It’s important that you know you do matter. The way you feel is meaningful, and you’re not alone! All humans have an intrinsic longing to experience love. 

Today, I’m going to explain a few things you can do, starting now, to feel cherished and adored.

Your current relationship status is totally irrelevant. You might be in a partnership that’s not working very well, or you could be single. You’re going to learn that you can always experience love, and how! 

But first, let’s explore a bit more why it’s so essential that we, as humans, feel loved.

Abraham Maslow proposed and developed a theory that humans are motivated by a five-tier ‘Hierarchy of Needs.’ Belongingness and love fall into the third tier. The most basic, fundamental needs that humans cannot survive without are physiological needs such as food, water, sleep, air. Then comes the second level: safety needs such as having a roof over your head, money, work, being safe from harm, etc. Belongingness and love come in the next tier and relate to social interactions with family and friends.

This hierarchy of needs shows that love isn’t just a thing we would feel better if we had it in our lives; we actually need to experience it to survive and thrive. 

Experiencing love makes us feel stronger. We have the courage and determination to do things that scare us; we feel like we have support and backup, which pushes us to try harder and be our authentic selves. We don’t have to worry about facing adversity, refusals, or discrimination with love on our side. 

A lot of us feel that the sensation of love is essential for our self-esteem and personal growth. And yes, in the Hierarchy of Needs, belongingness and love are at level three, and self-esteem and confidence are at level four. 

Some people don’t feel as driven to achieve things when they feel on their own. This may be because they lack someone to share their joy with, or perhaps they have less inclination to achieve something when it is only them who will benefit. 

The biggest thing about love is that it brings us joy and gives us the impetus to improve ourselves. 

Another reason why feeling loved is so important is that it will draw positive, devoted relationships to you.

When you experience love and feel adored, you will manifest more love in your life. As you feel the amazing sensations of being loved, they will emanate from you, projecting out into the Universe. This becomes like a magnet and attracts more love to you. 

Let me quickly explain the Law of Attraction to those of you who aren’t familiar with it and think I’ve gone crazy talking about love magnets! 

The Law of Attraction is a universal pull from the Universe that works like a magnet. But the key is that you will only attract more of what you put out as like attracts like. 

Think about your life as if it were a mirror. If you have happy thoughts, feel great, and do positive things, the mirror (i.e., the Universe) will give you more reasons to be happy.  

However, if you’re worried and experiencing lots of negative thoughts, the Universe magnet will pull towards you more reasons to worry. 

This is why it’s so important to create the sensation of feeling loved within yourself and by yourself. If you master this, it could change your life. By generating a strong feeling of love inside you, you will project this outwards and manifest events, possibilities, and people who will bring with them even more love. 

So let’s not delay any further. Here are my seven favorite ways to introduce more love into your life! 

1.) Guided hypnosis tracks

Hypnosis has existed since the ancient Egyptian and Grecian times. 

It has become really popular in modern society, and it used to be almost impossible to get an appointment with a hypnotherapist. This was for a couple of reasons. The first was that there were not many practitioners, so often, appointments may have been in a different town or city. The second was that the price of a hypnotherapy session was high, meaning that it was too expensive for some people.

Fortunately, advances in technology mean that neither of these problems stands in the way of accessing hypnotherapy anymore. 

Self-hypnosis is now available to anyone who wants to access it at a very affordable cost – sometimes even free! It is considered really effective in changing unhelpful thoughts and emotions, which lead to a sudden increase in its popularity within the field of personal development. 

Rather than having to spend time and money going to a regular appointment, you can now do self-hypnosis in the comfort of your own home. You can simply choose a hypnosis audio that is specifically designed to boost how loved you feel, which will begin to alter the subconscious beliefs that have been blocking you from this feeling. 

All you have to do is listen. Let your mind relax, and the audio will do the work. It will speak directly to your subconscious mind and rewire your thoughts to be more beneficial to you.

Before long, you will notice that you have stronger, more positive feelings of love inside of you. 

Don’t worry; you don’t even have to trawl the internet to find a track that will do the job! I’ve got the perfect audio for you!

I would recommend one called ‘Feel Loved’ by Uncommon Knowledge, which is the Self Esteem section of Hypnosis Audios on www.hypnosisdownloads.com

It’s fantastic for giving you an overall feeling of being adored. I’m sure you’ll love it!

2.) Talk about it

It can be challenging to say how you feel about things. 

If you’re reading this and you’re in a relationship but feel unloved or undervalued, the most important thing to do is to speak to your lover. It’s vital to open up because how can someone support you and help you with what you need if they have no idea what it is or that there’s even a problem!

This doesn’t just apply if you’re in a relationship. If you’re unattached and have your eye on someone, don’t run away from how you feel! It’s important to address it head-on and be your authentic self. Speak your truth, and don’t feel like you have to deny or hide your feelings.

When you are open and honest, you are putting love out into the world. You are communicating your truth, and you will see that people listen. 

One of the first measures of experiencing love is to have people listen and hear you.

3.) Get rid of the pedestal

This tip is specifically related to if you have a particular person in mind that you want to get closer to and receive more love from.

Get rid of the pedestal that you’ve placed them on in your mind! 

There is no way that you should place them higher than you and consider that they are better than you. This is entirely untrue! 

You deserve to experience love! 

If you feel that you are pumping out love towards a specific someone but not feeling anything from them in return, then you need to look at the broader picture. 

After all, we are all only human. No one is better or higher than anyone else. 

If you do feel like there is an imbalance and your love is not reciprocated, then perhaps it’s time to change the object of your desires to someone who deserves them. It’s not for you to chase and chase. If they are the right person who is worthy of your love, they should meet you in the middle. If they don’t, perhaps your values are too different. 

It may seem difficult to let go at the time, but believe me, there is a world of amazing, genuine people who will treat you in the way you deserve, offering love in abundance. 

If someone doesn’t see how wonderful and marvelous you are, they are undeserving of your true love! 

4.) Adore yourself

Caring friendships and passionate relationships will come easily and effortlessly once you are experiencing how it feels to love yourself.

Take time to gaze at yourself in a mirror and consider this question: 

“How can I prove to this person that I love them?” 

Once you have thought of some ways, begin to do them. Do things for yourself that you would do for someone you were in love with. 

Some of the positive things you might do could be:

  • Saying kind things to yourself regularly. 
  • Have unlimited patience and never judge yourself.
  • Indulge yourself with a long, relaxing bath, or book a massage. 
  • Congratulate yourself on any achievements you make or any self-development you attain.
  • Do things that you enjoy doing and which make you happy. 
  • Eradicate anything or any person from your life that undermines you or makes you feel bad about yourself. 
  • Put yourself first and prioritize your happiness.
  • Adopt positive routines that enhance your life daily.  

I appreciate that it can be frustrating when people constantly talk about the importance of loving yourself, but there never seems to be much of an explanation of how to do it. 

However, if you begin to view yourself through your own eyes as if you would look at someone you love and adore, you will notice that you can change the way you see, treat, and feel about yourself.

Over time, you will become much easier on yourself. You will be less critical and more accepting. 

Self-love will grow within you, and as it gets stronger, you will start to emanate this into the Universe. Thinking back to the Law of Attraction magnetism, this means more love will come to you. 

You will see that your current relationships change to become more loving, or you will attract new people, situations, and events that are full of love and positivity. 

5.) Adore other people

Another fantastic way to attract more love is to emit it constantly. 

As I’ve just mentioned when we looked at loving yourself, if you push out strong thoughts and feelings around love, the Universe has no option but to provide us with more of the same. 

We talked before about ‘like attracting like’ in terms of the energy that we put out into the Universe. If we feel joy and love, we will receive those, but if we feel worried and stressed, we will generate more of those negative things. 

In the field of Psychology, there is a principle known as homophily which looks at a slightly different variant of like attracts like. Homophily is a tendency that humans have to attract and connect with people who are similar to them. You probably recognize this in your own life. We tend to have similar friends because we don’t usually get on if we have totally contrasting views to people.

Therefore, if you become someone who oozes love towards everyone you meet, you will attract similar people because the universal magnet will be so strong. They will be drawn to you ‘like bees to honey.’

Whenever you get the chance, put out feelings of love into the Universe. These feelings can be towards people you know or even total strangers. You can feel love towards a newborn baby, or a dog or cat that you see in the street. Feeling the love in your heart and letting it flow out of you will be incredibly powerful. 

6.) Tolerate others’ standards

It can be a very painful process if someone doesn’t meet your expectations and lets you down. 

However, there is nothing to say that we all have to have the same standards and values in life, so if this happens, try not to dwell on it. 

You will not gain anything from being upset or angry. In fact, this will only mean that those negative emotions build up in you, and you may start to attract more of them towards you. 

If someone fails to meet your standards, you have a choice to make. If the standard is fundamental to your core values, this is probably a dealbreaker, and you need to move on. However, if they do something that is a cause of minor irritation or disappointment, you have to decide if you want to tolerate it. After all, they’re entitled to their personal rules in the same way you are, and you can’t force people to change.  

For example, imagine that you really like someone, and you finally get their number. You’ve had a few short conversations when you’ve seen them, and you love to text, so you send a message to try to get to know them. There’s no reply for ages, and then when they do reply, it’s a concise answer. You might keep trying for a few days, but if it feels like it’s difficult to generate a text conversation that flows, which is important to you at the beginning of a potential relationship, you might finally decide that you’re too different. 

You simply have different standards, and while it seems a bit drastic to cut them off so soon, imagine when you’re a bit further down the line, and they’re still non-communicative. 

It might be easy to blame them for not living up to your standards, but perhaps they think that your standards are too high. Maybe they have loads of good friends who don’t expect them to instantly message back or be chatty by text as that’s not how they like to communicate. 

When it comes to standards, there is no right or wrong; there is only different. And sometimes that difference is too much or too important to be able to reach a compromise.

If you keep pushing your standards on someone else, it will result in you feeling ignored and unloved when they don’t change. But they may also end up feeling unloved because you are trying to force them to change. 

If it’s not going to work, you need to put yourself first to make sure you stay aligned with love and positive vibration. 

Keep pumping out love, and the right person will come to you who does hold the same values and standards as you, or at least ones that complement yours if they are not identical. 

7.) Use your imagination

The final one of my favorite ways to experience more love is to use visualization or ho’oponopono techniques. This is really effective because the subconscious doesn’t know what is real or not, so the more powerful your imagination and ability to visualize, the more convinced your subconscious will be that it is real. 

Take any opportunity you can throughout the day to imagine your life as you want it.

Visualize you in a loving relationship with your special person. 

Imagine that all of your relationships are full of love and respect. 

See yourself as if you are watching a movie of your life. 

How do you look? 

What is different about you? 

Step into yourself and think about how it feels to live that kind of life full of love and happiness. 

Let yourself truly feel the intense, loving emotions build inside of you, without manifesting in reverse.

Do this to give yourself a loving boost when you get the chance. The more you can keep your vibrational level high, the more consistently you are emitting that energy to the Universe, who will go to work to deliver more love back to you. 

If you can imagine something, you can create it and manifest it into your reality. 

I hope you have now got some tricks up your sleeve that you can start to implement straight away to boost the level of love you feel towards yourself. Once it’s within you, you can penetrate it out into the Universe, and that’s when the magic of the Law of Attraction starts working on your behalf.

Enjoy the journey. You are about to open the door to new people, new experiences, and a newfound love for life.