Manifesting Love

Astrology as a marriage matchmaker


Astrology is the method of predicting global events and human connections by studying the alignment and motion of cosmic objects (the sun, moon, planets, and constellations) and their influence due to this positioning. Astrological readings can be used to forecast what will happen in significant areas of our lives, including finances, relationships, work, etc. They can also be instrumental in improving the probability of success, as they can guide us to act at the correct time, according to the precise arrangement of the planets etc. It’s difficult to refute the influence that planetary movement has on a daily basis when you look at the success that millions of astrology devotees have had, basing their life decisions on this information. 

Marriage – a divine institution

For the majority of us, getting married is an established custom, and for many religions, it is a divine institution. It is the act of joining two people on every level – through their hearts, souls, minds and bodies. Have you heard the expression, ‘marriages are made in heaven’? This comes from a proverb that refers to a higher power being responsible for who should marry; it is predestined. This might well be true, but on a more practical level, as humans who want to marry, we have to look for the right partner for us: our soul mate. Astrology can really aid and support us with this challenging task of discovering the most appropriate marital union. It has become a prevalent practice to turn to astrological readings to determine if couples will be a long-term compatible love match. 

This system of analyzing and pairing up the potential husbands and wives’ horoscopes is quite prevalent within India’s Hindu culture. It would be very rare for a marriage to take place without coordinating horoscopes. Horoscopes can reveal a lot of information about the past and present of the potential bride and groom and predict their future together. Astrologers are consulted to ascertain the wedding’s perfect date and time and determine which dates should be avoided. When planets such as Saturn are in a position with stronger power, this is not a good time to get married. Marriages that do take place during these time periods may be turbulent and not last long. So, it can be said that astrological readings can be relied upon to prevent wedding dates that may lead to ‘bad patches’ within the marriage and perhaps a divorce. 

There are several other ways that horoscope matching can be done. For example, using Kundali matching, 8 tests are done, and matches are awarded points. Out of a maximum of 36 points, if a couple scores 18 or above, they are deemed to be compatible, but if their score is less than 18, the marriage is not supported within the eyes of astrology.  

The success rate

The success rate of marriages that have been arranged after horoscope matching has been noted to be higher. Many critics may want to dispute this, but they cannot deny the statistics and facts that astrology is a powerful and efficient tool for creating compatible marriages. While scientists will try to undermine astrology’s efficacy, saying that it has no place in science or scientific foundation, they cannot discredit the common practice of horoscope matching that is, to this day, still heavily relied upon in India. 

Using horoscopes to match people with a view to marriage also means that the astrologer needs access to important information and records. Primarily, the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom are examined. Then additional essential data, including their birthdates, plus the time and place of birth of both of them, is collated. Planetary positioning and influence when the bride and groom were born are also taken into account. All of this information will indicate to the astrologer if the potential marriage is one of compatibility or not. However, it is not essential that the horoscopes are flawlessly matched. If there are trivial or insignificant variations between the couple, marriages are occasionally permitted to go ahead. If this is the case, the astrologer will propose restorative and healing steps that need to be implemented before the wedding can occur. 

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