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The meaning of 5 love-focused tarot cards

People often turn to Tarot card readings for spiritual insight into their past, present, or future. Tarot readings can be used to interpret and understand some of life’s most challenging messages or issues. People may need some divine guidance on making important, life-changing decisions, or want to access their higher self for enhanced intuition, or discover their life’s mission. However, for many people, the most vital questions during a reading focus on their loving relationships, including:

  • Is my current partner “the One?” How can I be sure? 
  • Will I ever meet my soulmate?
  • What does the future of my relationship hold?

Today we’re going to look at the meaning behind five of the most common Tarot cards that are focused on love, plus how to prepare for your love reading. 

People often ask me where they should go to have a reading. 

Personally, I usually use my intuition to guide me to choose a local, professional reader that I feel energetically attracted to. However, because this was impossible during the lockdown, I have been accessing a free and interactive online service that chooses cards on my behalf. One of the sites with the most accurate love card readings is trueloveanswers.com. I would always recommend and prefer to connect with a professional reader wherever you can; if it’s not possible, you can access an individual report about your love life via these sites.  

Choose your three cards now if you wish to reveal the romantic secrets of your Past, Present, and Future!

If you don’t feel 100% ready just yet, read on…

Getting Ready for a Tarot Card Reading

If you don’t have much experience or understanding of the Tarot, you need to be aware of a couple of things. 

The most important thing to bear in mind is that the process of reading Tarot cards is an ancient spiritual method that dates back to the 14th century. It shouldn’t be entered into lightly, nor should it be treated with anything other than the highest level of respect.

Enjoy the process and have a good time, but please keep in the back of your mind the sacred importance this custom bears. 

Here are a few more things I recommend you do in order to prepare yourself before you go for your reading. 

1.) Let Go of Past Emotional Trauma:

Letting go means that you discover the internal strength to release yourself from the grip of negative past experiences. This means that you create space and are more open to manifesting positive opportunities. 

Your reading could be affected by negative energy you may be storing due to stress, a previous traumatic relationship, or heartbreak, so the more you can let go of these adverse thoughts and energies, the better. 

It’s not about forgetting what happened to you or “pulling yourself together”; it’s simply refusing to let your negative past experiences constrain your positive future. 

There are a lot of ways that you can release negativity, but these are some of my personal favorites: 

  • Relaxing in a hot bath
  • Doing Pilates or yoga
  • Going for a long nature walk
  • Meditation or doing breathing exercises
  • Spend more time doing your hobbies

Many really good blog posts give some excellent tips and methods for releasing if you want some more ideas. 

2.) Expect the Unexpected!

Now that you’ve freed yourself from the shackles of your past, it’s time to step forward with open arms, ready to embrace the future. There is no way of knowing what might happen in a reading. It could be communication that you’re hoping for, or something that comes as a total surprise! 

Keep an open mind, have fun, and enthusiastically greet any divine messages that come your way.

3.) Visualize:

Even though, as we’ve just mentioned, it’s important to embrace the unknown when having your reading, it’s also essential to transmit into the Universe the correct type of vibrations. The best method of doing this is by practicing visualization. 

If you are aware of the Law of Attraction and understand the basics of manifestation, you will be aware that you attract what you put out into the Universe. How you feel, and the types of thoughts you have are what you will gain more of in your life. For this reason, you must take control of your thoughts and feelings to ensure that they are positive ones. 

Through the process of visualization, you can vividly imagine what your future love life will look like. You can feel the powerful and positive emotions it will bring into your life, and you will emit this vibration into the Universe. The person who is doing your reading will also feel these vibrations, which could lead to a more accurate love card reading.

Many visualization techniques exist, but these are a few of the most effective ones: 

  • Creating a vision board
  • Doing guided hypnosis
  • Meditation
  • Manifesting through scripting 

By visualizing your perfect love life, your internal vibrations’ change leads to an alignment with what you want to manifest. Rather than the disconnect before, which would have increased hostile situations to accompany your negative feelings, your new vibrations will attract the love you want and deserve. Use visualization to its full advantage to super-charge your positivity before going for your reading.

Which Are the Best Love Tarot Cards?

During a Tarot Card Reading, the cards’ interpretation usually comes from the reader’s analysis and feeling about the connection between you and the cards.

But a number of cards in particular signify and represent specific aspects of your love life, which you mustn’t ignore. Let’s take a closer look at what they symbolize. 

1.) The Empress: “Reflecting Love”

Congratulations if you draw The Empress in a Tarot card reading. It signifies that you have done a lot of personal introspection work to improve your love towards yourself. As a result of this, now is the time that the gateway is opening so that you can experience reciprocity of love and desire. 

If you are single:
Other people can recognize the work you have done on yourself as it radiates from you. 

People see you as being confident, self-sufficient, and strong. Although it might not be apparent yet, there is a possibility that the person you’ve been admiring for a while has also noticed this. Keep doing what you’re doing, as this powerful, loving energy will begin to transmit towards you from someone else very soon! 

If you are in a relationship:

To sustain equilibrium in a healthy relationship, both parties need nourishment and the space to realize their goals. Sometimes, one person is more satisfied than the other, so there is an imbalance. If this is the case in your relationship, it’s essential to look for a way to support your partner in fulfilling their dreams without negating your own or becoming selfish. The scales need to become balanced rather than tip in the opposite direction. 

Main messages of The Empress:
Keep working on yourself, building self-love, and the people you desire will be drawn to you. You don’t need to hurry or put pressure on the process. 

Make sure that your relationships are equally balanced emotionally while you are focusing on yourself. 

2.) The Lovers: “Things are Getting Deeper”

When The Lovers card is pulled, it symbolizes that a relationship with a friend or lover is going to proceed to a more profound level. The card indicates that you both have the same feelings towards each other and are ready to take the next step. Everything is in perfect spiritual alignment. It could refer to marriage, becoming engaged, moving in with each other for the first time, or just admitting your feelings. Your connection has never been stronger, and The Lovers card is a symbol that you should act. 

Main messages of The Lovers: 

Think of many different ways to express your emotions so that you have clear communication within your relationship.
There is a chance that the other person has the same feelings, but isn’t quite ready to take the next step yet, so act naturally and with patience. There’s no need to force anything.

3.) The Sun: “You’re Getting Closer”

The Sun card is one of the most positive in the Tarot deck. Concerning questions about love, if you draw this card it means that an incredibly important life event is very close by. It could be something that radically changes your future. 

If you are single:

It could relate to someone you’re in love with being on the verge of asking you out, or there could be someone new on the horizon who is about to enter your life and sweep you off your feet. 

If you are in a relationship:
The purchase of the dream home you’ve always wanted might be just around the corner.
You might soon find out that you are pregnant if you’ve wanted to start a family.
That all-important “Will you marry me?” question that you’ve been waiting for is getting closer and closer. 

Main messages of The Sun:
Stay alert and aware to recognize symbols from the Universe.
If you’re looking for a relationship, you could meet the love of your life by saying yes to things that previously you would have turned down. 

If you’re in a relationship, don’t pressure or try to rush things. They are coming: be patient. 

4.) Ten of Cups: “It all seems too good to be true.”

When you pull the Ten of Cups card, it signifies peace, unity, and contentment within your relationship. We can sometimes become overwhelmed by our own emotions and the strength of our feelings towards another person, especially when it concerns love. It can lead us to doubt our relationships and distrust ourselves. The Ten of Cups confirms that, while it might seem like a perfect dream, it is actually real, and we don’t need to worry that it’s too good to be true. 

If you are single:
This card represents a confirmation of the feelings you have about a current crush or how you feel about a new person who has recently entered your life.

If you’re in a relationship: 

It reinforces your feelings towards your current partner and confirms that they are reciprocated. 

It also often appears in readings for people who are questioning if their partners are behaving authentically or not. Everything is real and magical – it’s not a dream!

Main messages of the Ten of Cups:
Lower your defenses slightly and let your partner be kind to you. 

Let nature take its course; don’t try to speed things up or force them to happen. 

Pay more attention to that special person and see what comes from it. 

5.) Two of Cups: “We can get through this.”

This card tends to be drawn by people who are either married or in a long-term, stable relationship. Something in the past is unresolved, and this card indicates that there will be better communication and a deeper connection between you in the future.
A new, brighter dawn is coming, but it might mean that you both need to get through the challenge of a dark, stormy night. 

The most likely manifestation of this is by way of an argument that might last for a couple of days. However, take comfort knowing that, once you get through this and leave these traumas behind you, you will wake up to a new, much healthier relationship. 

Main messages of the Two of Cups:
Try to put yourselves in your partner’s shoes to understand their point of view. Listen actively and openly to what they tell you. 

The best opportunities to heal come from the lessons that we learn from surviving the difficult times. 

This situation is temporary. You will both get through it. 

6.) Ace of Wands: “I’m Unable to Resist…”

The Ace of Wands highlights that there will be an increase in your passion, desire, sexual connections, and carnal energy. 

It may be that you are going to meet someone new and have a passionate fling with them, or you might rekindle the flame with someone you’ve sexually connected with in the past. Whichever it is, things are going to get steamy! 

Don’t worry about letting go of your inhibitions. Try new things, experiment with fantasies, let yourself be driven by your desires. As long as things feel safe and don’t feel forced to do something you feel uncomfortable with, go for it and release your inner sex goddess!
It will help you discover your true sexual nature, what you want and need from a partner. Even though this particular liaison might not turn into an official relationship, it will be a fun voyage of sexual discovery! 

Main messages of the Ace of Wands:

Stop denying your sexual instincts or impulses.
Experiment with different things in your sex life as long as you feel comfortable. 

Be willing to discover more about your carnal desires you were unaware of. 

7.) Queen of Pentacles: “I need a work-life balance.”

The Queen of Pentacles often represents a nurturing mother. It tends to be a grounding card that is usually drawn for people who are very career-minded and do not have successful emotional relationships outside of their work. 

To be successful, you have prioritized your work and career for a long time – sometimes many, many years. Now is the time to discover the balance between work and play! It’s time to try and find love. If you feel that you lack time, there are many different ways to meet people, such as speed-dating or signing up for online dating apps. 

Main messages of the Queen of Pentacles:
Create some space in your life for love! 

Recognize what’s important in your and re-balance as necessary. 

So there you have it! Those are the most critical Tarot cards when it comes to seeking more information about your love life. For your first reading, it’s natural that you might feel a little bit wary of the process or of asking questions about your future. Still, the time-honored, much-revered Tarot card reading method is a perfect way to access divine energies, and I’m sure you will leave the reading feeling like a new person.

We all have unique spiritual experiences with Tarot readings, so bear that in mind, and enter into the process with an open mind, ready to embrace whatever the exciting future will be of your relationships. 

As the current situation means it’s more complicated than it used to be to have face-to-face readings with professionals, I recommend trying a free reading online. They can be interactive and extremely accurate, and the best one I have found is trueloveanswers.com.

You have nothing to lose, so give it a try and see what exciting things are in store for your love life! 

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