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6 Reasons you’re attracting in reverse!

Recently, I’ve been contacted by several people who have been having the same problem of how to undo a manifestation done wrong or gone wrong.

They are attracting things into their lives, but it’s the opposite of what they want! 

If this sounds familiar, then I can understand how frustrating that is. 

It must be worse than if nothing happened, right? 

For example, you wanted to marry your partner and start a family but end up splitting up with them. Or you’ve been working really hard to get a promotion at work, and suddenly you are made redundant. 

What are the reasons behind this happening? 

And how do you flip things so you can start attracting the things you do want, rather than the reverse?

There may be a number of factors that are causing you to reverse manifest, but one thing is always true. Even if you are going through a really difficult time in your life and facing lots of challenges, if you have faith in the process and believe that it will work, you will attract what you want. 

Keep reading until the end, as I will share with you some top tips on how to prevent reverse manifesting, but first, let’s look at six of the biggest causes of attracting the opposite of what you long for. 

1.) You are impatient

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Good things come to those who wait.”

Well, this is also true when it comes to manifesting your goals. 

If you haven’t got what you wanted, and in fact, attracted the opposite, you may just need to have a little more patience and wait a while longer. 

I see people being impatient and getting frustrated by how long it appears that their manifestations are taking to come to fruition. 

This is such a common mistake that people make. 

As is always the case with the Law of Attraction, the problem is that you get what you focus your attention on. So, if all you’re doing is clock-watching and stressing out about the time, it will take even longer because the Universe will give you more time! 

Plus, if you’re clock-watching and feeling frustrated, impatient, annoyed, etc., you will also manifest more of these feelings! 

Can you see how this creates a situation that will lead to the reverse of what you intended? 

However, if you trust that the Universe will deliver what you want to manifest, there’s no need to stress about how long it will take. 

You can sit back, relax and just be confident that it’s on the way. These positive feelings and the thoughts accompanying them will speed up the process anyway, so don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long! 

2.) You’re desperate

It’s pretty common for people to learn about the Law of Attraction because they desperately need something in their life, and it’s often turned to as a last resort. 

However, as I’ve just said, if you try and attract something into your life because you have an urgent need for it, the overwhelming vibration that you’re putting out into the Universe is of deficiency and lack. 

So what does the Universe give you? Yes, you’ve guessed it! More situations where you will experience a shortage and lack of what you need. 

I totally understand that life can put us into tough spots, and it’s natural to feel hopeless at times or have a burning need for something, whether that’s money, better health, a new job, etc. 

We have to return to look at how much trust we have in the Universe. If you honestly believe in the Law of Attraction and have faith that everything you wish for will come to you, you don’t need to feel anything other than positive emotions. 

You have done your bit, so you can be calm and excited about what is coming to you.

3.) You have limiting beliefs

As children, we are taught things that form the basis of our belief system and drive our thoughts, feelings, morals, and behavior. 

Sadly, some of these beliefs don’t survive the test of time very well and can hinder us later in life if they remain unchallenged. 

For example: 

  • “It’s not safe to talk to strangers.”

This is very useful when you’re a child, but not so helpful when you go to university or move to a new town as an adult. 

  • “I’m not very academic, so I will never be successful.”

Millions of people are amazingly talented in other ways – being good at exams does not equate to being a successful person, but if you’ve heard this for years or have it repeating on a loop in your subconscious mind, then it will definitely come true. 

The biggest problem is that we might not even be aware that we have these types of beliefs because they are such an integrated part of who we are. 

Let’s take a closer look at how a limiting belief could lead to you reverse manifesting something. 

By the way, reverse manifestation doesn’t actually exist, but it does feel that’s what is happening, particularly when you don’t recognize your entrenched beliefs and what influence they are having. 

Imagine that you want to attract more money into your life. 

You are aware of a number of manifestation techniques, so you have been using positive affirmations and visualizing your goal. 

On the face of it, it seems that money should be flying to you from all directions, but the reverse is happening! 

Rather than riches, you’re getting more bills which leads to you having less money and feeling really stressed about the situation. 

Ok, so you’re doing all the right things in your conscious mind, but what’s going on under the surface? What limiting beliefs do you have in your subconscious mind that are playing a part in this? 

Unfortunately, when we have entrenched beliefs that limit our adult lives, we can just think about them on a conscious level and change them. We have to be able to get direct access to the subconscious mind and reprogram those thoughts, exchanging them for more positive ones. And this has to be something that we repeat – it won’t work if we only do it once.

It’s a bit like learning to play a musical instrument such as the piano. When you first start, you have to learn which note is which, how hard to press the keys, how to read music. You will probably start with one hand and then introduce the other. It will be easy tunes to start with, and then more and more complex ones. You will make mistakes and have to play things repeatedly to become perfect, but once you have mastered how to play, it will become second nature.  

My preferred way to reprogram the subconscious mind using repetition is by listening to guided hypnosis tracks. 

I think this is one of the fastest ways to do it because when you enter into a hypnotic state, the conscious mind quietens, so the subconscious mind is easier to access. Often, hypnosis tracks have subliminal messages in them in the form of positive affirmations that, through repetition in the tracks, will replace the previously held limiting beliefs.

I like to use audio tracks made by Hypnosis Live. I have been using them for a while now, and I have seen a significant difference in how I think about things. It’s much easier for me to think positively now, and I have noticed that I no longer have any negative manifestation self-talk that holds me back. 

If you want to try hypnosis to reprogram some of your limiting beliefs, you can get a free track to try. There is a number to choose from on topics including Eliminate Stress, Positive Thinking, and Find Your Life Purpose. To get your free hypnosis audio, visit www.hypnosislive.com/choose. 

4.) You’re unhappy

It doesn’t matter how perfect a future you can imagine, full of all the amazing things that you dream of – if you’re unhappy with what you have now, you’re likely to reverse manifest and end up with more things that you hate! 

The only way you are going to become aligned with what you want to attract is that you set your intentions, visualize how your life will be, but then maintain that positive feeling living the life you have now. 

The process is all part of the journey, so you should savor it and enjoy every step of the way. Living on earth, we have to appreciate that it’s impossible to have everything we wish for instantly. Even if you won the lottery, it would take time to get the money, buy the car, find the perfect house, etc.!

The only way we can click our fingers and have what we desire is when we are dreaming. The rules of the physical realm mean that things will naturally take a bit of time to come to us. 

But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the view as we progress along the path. 

I said it earlier, and I think it’s worth repeating: “Good things come to those who wait.” We always appreciate something more when we have to wait, rather than if it comes too quickly and easily. 

Take a moment to consider how you feel about your life now. If you want to attract a new one because you hate yours, you need to slow up a little. 

As strange as it may sound, the only way you will attract a new life is if you are thankful for the one you currently have. Gratitude is incredibly powerful when it comes to manifesting. 

To develop an attitude of gratitude, take a few minutes every day to think about what you are grateful for in your life. Don’t forget the small things, like:

  • Having a roof over your head.
  • Food in the fridge.
  • A supportive family.
  • A comfortable bed.

Some people would give anything to have our ‘little things.’ 

The more you appreciate what you have, the more the Law of Attraction will give you to feel thankful for. 

5.) What you say conflicts with what you feel

Suppose you wanted to rekindle a relationship with an ex. 

You have written positive affirmations, and you’re trying hard to put your intention into the Universe.

But you feel lonely and upset because of the breakup. 

As much as the Universe would want to reflect back to you the pleasure and delight that come from a loving relationship, it cannot because the message you are actually portraying with your vibrational frequency is negative, resulting in an unwanted manifestation or negative manifestations thoughts. 

Your energy gives off anguish, rejection, heartbreak, etc. So, following the principle of ‘like attracts like,’ you will receive more things that reinforce these feelings.

Or maybe you’ve split up with someone, and you don’t want to get back with them – in fact, you want to avoid them, so the affirmation that you set for the day is, “I don’t want to see *insert name here* at all today.” 

Guess what is likely to happen? Yes, you will probably see them more times than ever! 

The reason this happens is that you are emitting an emotion when you make statements like these. You may not be aware of it, but a declaration like this comes with anxiety, stress, apprehension, etc. All of the feelings you would have if you did bump into them that day.  

And it also means that your subconscious is still focused on that person. 

The best piece of advice I can give you when it comes to things like this is to be really careful about how you word your affirmations. 

The subconscious mind does not recognize words such as “don’t,” “not,” “won’t,” etc. It also gets confused by phrases that are written negatively or words that have negative connotations. 

So, the best way to word your affirmations is to talk about what you want rather than what you don’t want. 

For example, rather than saying, “I don’t want to be fat,” say, “I am slim and healthy.”

Instead of saying, “I want to be debt-free” (as the Law of Attraction will pick up on the word debt), say, “I am financially abundant.”

State what you want using positive words to produce positive emotions when you say the affirmations. 

6.) The Universe creates chaos

I’ve saved it until last, but I’d say this is likely to be the most frequent issue that people face, which leads them to attract the opposite of what they want.

It’s known as the chaos of realignment. It sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?

Well, actually, it’s a great sign! 

So, the chaos of realignment happens when you have clearly laid out what you want to manifest, and you have put it out into the world. The next step is that things start to change. The Universe starts to influence your life and changes things to guide you on the path towards your destiny. 

At the time, this can feel like total chaos (hence the name!). 

Perhaps you lose your job, or you break up from your partner, or other relationships drift apart, etc.

It’s important to note that this is all part of the plan. In order to attract what you want into your life, the current situation has to change to make room. For example, you can’t get a new job if you don’t leave the old one (however that manifests). 

Just trust in the Universe and know that this is all part of the plan. 

I’ve been through this process of realignment and redirection several times, and I’ll be honest, I’ve had times when I felt low and wondered if things were going to work out in the end.

The biggest thing I have learned from it is that feeling upset when something disappears from your life is ok for a short time. Feel sad for a moment, but make sure you don’t allow it to stay for too long as it will turn into resistance that will stop you from manifesting what you want. And then you will have lost something for no reason. 

Be thankful when you experience the chaos of realignment, as it means that the process is working. Your life is being redesigned, so you have space and are prepared for the amazing things coming your way. You are being directed onto the right path that leads straight to your dreams. 

Top tips to prevent reverse manifesting 

We’ve already gone through several things you can do to help you attract what you want instead of the opposite, but let’s look at a quick summary. 

  • Primarily, if you notice that you’re attracting the contrary of what you intended, don’t panic.
  • Remember that if you still trust in the process, what you want is coming to you. 
  • Don’t worry about how things will manifest or how much time it will take. The more you worry about the time, the longer you will have to wait. 
  • This is not about immediate gratification – if something is good, it’s worth waiting for. 
  • If you read the stories of celebrities who have used the Law of Attraction to manifest, including Oprah Winfrey and Jim Carrey, they also had to wait to attract what they wanted. 
  • If you think that you will only attract the opposite of what you want, that’s exactly what will probably happen because your focus has changed. 
  • Don’t give up – perhaps what you have been given is part of a longer process. Maybe you are in the chaos and realignment stage, so stay positive and stick with it! 
  • Identify your resistance that might come from limiting beliefs which means that your words and emotions conflict with each other. 
  • Explore how you can remove these barriers through methods such as hypnosis and meditation. 
  • The biggest tip of all – believe!! 
  • Positively word your intentions and affirmation, load them up with positive emotions, and put them out into the world. Trust in the Universe to deliver and enjoy your life while you are waiting. 

“Whatever you put attention on will start manifesting in your life. Intention, attention, manifestation; that is how the universe works.” — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar