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9 Signs That Money Is Coming!

You’ve been using lots of manifestation methods and doing all the things you’ve read about and learned in relation to drawing money into your life, so now you’re thinking, “Is it working?”

“Have I done it right, and if so, when am I going to see the money?”

So, the million-dollar question is (perhaps literally in the case of this article) – how can you tell if you’re heading in the right direction?

Today I’m going to tell you about nine of the most common things that you might notice when money is being drawn to you. 

Let’s jump straight in! 

1.) You frequently notice the number 8

In Asia, the number 8 is considered to be the ‘money number.’ This is catching on in Western society with people wanting to ‘activate the power of the 8’ by wearing jewelry with a number 8, having license plates full of 8s, etc. 

The figure 8 is a vertical infinity symbol representing a limitless equilibrium of financial wealth and good fortune. 

To give you signs that the Universe is in the process of bringing more wealth to you, you will often notice repetitive signs. For example, you may observe that you see more and more 888 or 8888s as you go about your business. You may see them on digital clocks, your car dashboard, car license plates, etc. This synchronicity and repetition is a really clear indication that wealth is coming! 

Rather than seeing the number, you might notice that it is presented to you in a different way, for example, through seeing 8 of a particular thing, such as 8 ladybirds or 8 pigeons. 

With all of these examples, it’s worth bearing in mind that you don’t have to go out of your way and look for manifestations of the number 8. Genuine signs from the Universe will pop up randomly and sometimes when you least expect them. 

When they do happen, just acknowledge them, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that you are on the right path. The Universe is encouraging you to keep going and telling you that good things are coming.

2.) You have dreams about money

If you’ve been dreaming about being rich or having an abundance of money, this section is for you! 

What happens in our dream world exists on a different plane to the realities of our daily lives. It’s like a different universe that is designed and shaped by the emotions and thoughts that we experience during the day. 

In order for something to exist in the world, it originated in someone’s mind as a concept or idea. It had to come from a thought to be turned into reality, or it would never have been invented or created. 

You can tell how powerful your emotions and thoughts are around wealth when they have penetrated your non-physical reality. This is another sign that your manifestation process is well underway. 

If you are rich in your dream world, you have generated and attracted financial abundance there, and it’s only a matter of time and a small change in your vibrational energy until you see the wealth in your physical world, similar to relationships or when manifesting your ex

Another important thing to be aware of is that the higher self or spiritual self often communicates messages during the dream state. So if you have dreams about wealth, this is an encouraging sign from your higher self that should reassure you that the money is on its way.

When it comes to understanding and deciphering the messages in your dreams, it’s good to have a journal that you can log your dreams in as soon as you wake up. It’s very easy to forget our dreams, so you may even want to note them down in the night if you wake up suddenly, as you may have forgotten them by the morning if you go back to sleep. 

Answer the following questions about your dreams: 

  • What happened? Write down as much detail as you can remember, even if it is in little sections that don’t seem to make much sense. 
  • Where was the money? Did you find it? Was it in your hand?
  • Did you win money in your dream?

You can do some research into what your dreams mean. It’s possible to buy a dream dictionary, or there are many free ones available online. You can investigate what elements of your dream might mean, and you may notice patterns over time if you continue to write down each dream you have. 

What message do you think your higher self is trying to communicate to you? 

3.) Discovering discounts

Do you discover great deals and amazing discounts all the time?

Maybe you receive surprise refunds or expect to pay full price for something, and suddenly it’s on offer!

Signs like these come when the Universe is being very practical with helping us to maintain our wealth. Each time something like this happens, it’s important to recognize the saving and feel grateful for it. 

Even the small things like a friend unexpectedly paying for a coffee, so you save your money, is a sign from the Universe that you are experiencing and aligned to the correct vibration to generate and receive money. 

Continue as you are, and you will notice that these small discounts or financial gains become bigger and happen more often. 

It might be a great idea at this stage to make some investments to encourage your money to attract even more wealth. 

4.) Exciting possibilities present themselves

When your vibrational frequency is aligned with attracting wealth, you will soon observe that an increasing number of possibilities start to manifest in your reality. 

Often, these chances and opportunities are given to you by the Universe because they are a way to guide you on the right road towards your destiny. The challenge for you is to recognize them and have the courage to follow the path to see where it goes. 

If you notice openings popping up everywhere are you’ve been working on attracting more money, this is a definite signal that it’s coming! Here are some examples of the opportunities that might present themselves to you:

  • A new job offer with a different company
  • A promotion in your current place of employment
  • The chance to travel
  • Introductions to new people who could become friends

All of these opportunities are in your path for a reason. They are all ways that the Universe can steer and guide you towards the wealth and prosperity you have been working on manifesting. 

5.) You have positive emotions towards money

Close your eyes and imagine this scene. 

You are sat on a sofa, and you have a bundle of 100-dollar bills in your right hand. They are new notes, neatly packed together with a binder that reads ‘$20,000.’ You can feel the weight of the bills, and you hold it tightly in the palm of your hand. You glance at your left hand, and you also have another stack of bills that reads, ‘$20,000.’ You have the biggest smile on your face because you know you have many more identical stacks! 

How are you feeling when you imagine having so much money?

Do you feel full of excitement, happiness, and ecstasy? 

If you experience positive emotions when you visualize yourself as financially abundant, your connection to wealth is a healthy one. 

The more powerful you can make these feelings, the higher your vibrational frequency will lift, and it will bring you into alignment with the Universe.

How you feel about money is important. 

If you generally feel stressed and negative about money because you feel that you don’t have enough of it, then this can actually prevent you from manifesting it. The more you can raise your vibration and experience positive emotions concerning money, the better. 

If you feel happy and excited when you think about money, this is great because it means that you are vibrating on the right frequency to attract wealth. 

6.) The palm of your hand itches

In 2011, a 73-year-old lady in New York won 64 million dollars because her palm was itching. She was traveling on the bus, and suddenly her left hand began to itch incessantly. She was aware of the superstition that said that money would arrive soon, so she bought a lottery ticket as soon as she got off the bus. 

She won the jackpot! 

And she’s not been the only person who has been guided by their hand. In 2018, a woman in Michigan started playing the Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot because she had an itchy palm, and she won $2 million dollars!

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not advocating or encouraging you to gamble to manifest money because that could lead to some problems. However, if you notice that your palm just won’t stop itching, pay attention to it because it’s another sign that it’s getting closer! 

7.) A message from the skies

Referring back to superstitions for a moment, have you heard that one that says it’s lucky if a bird does its business and the poop lands on you – particularly on your head? 

Now I know that this isn’t something that people particularly want to happen. After all, it’s not the most hygienic thing that can happen to you, but let me give you a couple of examples of why you might not get quite so upset if you do receive an unexpected poop parcel! 

In 2018, a woman in Charlottetown, Canada, bought a lottery ticket at a car wash after her van had been the target of a horde of crows. She won $1 million! 

And Dwayne Wade is well-known for his belief in the luck that being pooped on brought him. Famous for playing in the National Basketball Association, each time that Dwayne was pooped on, significant positive things happened to him in his basketball career. 

So rather than cursing the sky, if you get a message from up there, count yourself lucky! There’s a high probability that your future will be a prosperous one! 

8.) You notice other people attracting money

Abundance attracts more abundance, so if you observe that people around you with more, that’s a great sign!

If it seems like other people are having amazing vacations, making lots of money, and living incredible lifestyles, feel happy for them and get on that same vibrational level. Yours is coming…!

You are becoming like them, so be grateful that this type of person surrounds you. It’s essential that you don’t allow any feelings of jealousy to creep in. Just focus on how incredible it will feel when you are living the same lifestyle as they are. 

This is part of the process of the Universe bringing abundance closer to you. You are becoming more familiar with it, and it’s getting closer each day. It will be your turn soon. 

Stay patient! It’s not going to be long now! 

9.) You discover money in random places

Have you noticed that you’ve been coming across random bits of money in unexpected places?

For example, opening a bag or putting a coat on that you haven’t worn for a few months, and you find some cash inside. Or you notice money in the street that someone has dropped, but there’s no one around? 

The Law of Attraction works on the premise that like manifests like. This means that if you find money, it’s showing you that more money is on the way. 

Whenever you find money, even if it’s a minimal amount, feel grateful and positive for it. This gives a clear sign to the Universe that you have noticed the sign that it sent to you. It will then know that you are paying attention and worth communicating with, so the money will start to flow towards you more often and in larger quantities. 

It’s a great idea to make a note of any money that you find. Write down where it was and how much you found. This will keep your focus and alignment on wealth, and you can physically see the amounts that are coming to you from the Universe. 

So those are the 9 signs that money is on its way to you. But what do you do if you haven’t noticed any of these signs yet?

If you are vibrating on the same vibrational frequency as wealth and aligned to abundance, then it will be highly likely that you have observed one or more of these signs. And you are probably already noticing that money is coming to you. 

But it is vital to remember that you can’t force these signs, and you shouldn’t go looking for them. Authentic signs from the Universe will appear quite randomly, but you will have a strong sense that it’s especially directed at you. It’s like you can tangibly feel yourself being guided towards your destiny. 

However, if you’ve reached this far and haven’t experienced any of these signs, I can understand that this may worry you a little bit. 

If you find that you’re not drawing financial abundance into your life or spotting any signs of manifestation coming true, it’s time to reassess your feelings and beliefs about money, and the vibrational frequency you’re sending out to the Universe.

As briefly mentioned earlier, if you harbor negative emotions towards money instead of radiating positive energy, your manifestation journey towards wealth becomes more challenging.

Taking time to introspectively examine your feelings about money can reveal whether you have any limiting beliefs acting as barriers to your successful manifestation. It’s essential to remember that the law of attraction operates on the principle of ‘like attracts like.’ Therefore, if your focus is on worries and debts, they will be what you manifest.

By acknowledging and dismantling these barriers, you can elevate your vibrational energy. Embracing positivity when you think about money accelerates its manifestation, often at a pace beyond your wildest dreams!

So, persevere in your manifestation efforts. Good luck, and prepare yourself for an abundant future brimming with prosperity!

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