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5 Excellent and affordable singing bowls

I recently decided to treat myself to something I have been thinking of buying for a long time now: the perfect set of singing bowls. 

I had straightforward reasons for finally taking the step, including:

  • I was looking to deepen and intensify my meditation.
  • I felt motivated and drawn to doing more lightwork and develop my spirituality.
  • I felt that current global environmental factors, i.e., everything that’s happening right now, were distracting and affecting me, and I needed to ground myself. 
  • I had a calling (which was my most important reason) to help other people on their healing journey or assist in their growth and spiritual awakening. 

Through purchasing and discovering how to use a set of singing bowls, it would not only mean that I could help myself through cleansing, healing, and guiding sound baths, but I could also offer immersive sound baths to my loved ones and clients.  

When I first started looking into which would be the best singing bowls to meet my requirements, I soon discovered that there was much more to take into consideration than I had initially realized. For example, you need to decide on the bowl’s sizes, the frequency and resonance of the sound they emit, and the materials they are made out of.

Selecting the perfect bowls is much more than just finding some that look good on a website and proceeding straight to the check-out. It’s a process that needs to be undertaken carefully, followed by a decision that is made on a spiritual level. 

In the end, I did find singing bowls that were the right fit for me, but as I’d done so much research and investigation into making that decision, I thought that, instead of getting rid of all my notes, it would help other people if I turned them into an article. So you don’t have to do all the research again, here’s everything you need to know to make an informed decision on which is your perfect set of singing bowls. 

In this article, I’m specifically going to talk to you about my top five favorites that you can buy on the internet.

1.) ENERGYSOUND 6″ – 10″ Chakra Tuned Set of 7 in Clear Quartz

These beautiful singing bowls are a great starting point.
The first thing that you notice, which is something I really like about them, is that they are made from clear quartz crystal. They are extremely well-formed, and the quartz is of high quality. Another bonus of this ENERGYSOUND crystal singing bowl set is that they are tuned to the chakras. 

When you look into the properties of each of the crystals, clear quartz has immense healing energies. It helps you clear your mind and body of negative energy and balances your chakras. Clear quartz enables you to focus on your spiritual and psychic development by drowning out external or internal noise, letting you become grounded. 

Clear quartz vibrates at a high frequency, which supports you in raising your vibration, increasing your concentration, and focusing on what you want. The natural vibration of the quartz accompanies the frequencies of these crystal singing bowls beautifully.

2.) ENERGYSOUND 8″ – 18″ Set of 7 in Frosted Quartz (Yoga & Meditation)

This ENERGYSOUND set contains singing bowls that are slightly bigger than the first set we’ve just looked at, and they are specifically used to accompany the practice of yoga and meditation. 
Their increased size means that they have a louder resonance, making them popular in group contexts or during group therapies. They can be used alongside sound baths, yoga sessions, sound therapy, or meditation. They also can be used in private sessions, and the frosted crystal means that they don’t become dirty or smudged as quickly as the clear quartz version. 

A fantastic bonus to this set is that, when ordered through Amazon, if anything breaks during delivery, they guarantee to replace any damaged parts for free! They also include all mallets and O rings in the set, so there are no additional costs.

This set is tuned to the following notes:

  • 8-inch singing bowl – F
  • 8-inch singing bowl – B
  • 10-inch singing bowl – E
  • 11-inch singing bowl – D
  • 12-inch singing bowl – C
  • 16-inch singing bowl – A
  • 18-inch singing bowl – G

This frosted quartz set has the same wonderful and powerful vibrational qualities as the first one. Using these singing bowls will raise your own vibrational frequency and open you up to spiritual healing. You will have more focus and concentration, as you can ignore internal and external distractions.

The frosted quartz magnifies the resonance of these bowls, and the tones of the larger singing bowls are absolutely mesmerizing.

After all my research, this was the set I decided to buy. I am so happy with my choice. They look stunning in my meditation room, and I make regular use of them. They are visually beautiful, and their sound is so soothing. 

3.) Chakra Healing 5″ – 10.5″ Set of 7 Tibetan Singing Bowls

These are a fantastic option if you prefer to buy a more conventional or traditional hand-made set of singing bowls without the usual high price tag. 
Generally, to buy genuine, hand-crafted Tibetan singing bowls can cost from $1000 to $6000 – sometimes even more. However, this set is excellent value and comes with everything you need; silk cushions to put the bowls on, gong strikers, and mallets.

This particular set is made of brass, and the bowls are smaller than in other available sets. The benefit of this is that it makes them incredibly easy to travel with them, which is great if you want to deliver therapies in various locations or want to take them if you go traveling. Their size and resonance also make them ideal for use with individuals or smaller groups.

To some people, they may appear inconsistent in their markings, but this is because they were hand-crafted in Nepal, so the hammer marks are not uniform. Personally, I think this adds to their character and allure because every one of them is unique.

This Tibetan singing bowl set is perfect to use when working with chakra healing, and their vibrant, sustained tones sound incredible when they are struck or rimmed together.
4.) Sacred Geometry Tibetan Singing Bowl

If you’re looking for a low-cost or economical alternative, this individual brass Tibetan singing bowl is stunning in design and has the most beautiful, pure, soft tone. 
I know that some people prefer individual bowls for various reasons, so I wanted to include one in this article. 
I bought this particular bowl for my mom on Mother’s Day, and she adores it. She uses it regularly when meditating, plus to cleanse her home, and she finds that the beautiful tone helps her reduce stress.

When you purchase this bowl, it comes with a hand-stitched cushion to sit it on and a mallet. It’s easy to travel with as it measures 21 x 9cm, so it’s perfect for taking on retreat.

One of the other plus points of this bowl is the high standard of craftsmanship. There is a gorgeous Flower of Life symbol in the bottom of the bowl, which gives it the geometry reference in its name. The density of the brass means that it is a strong and sturdy option.

This bowl’s sound and tone resonate exquisitely, particularly when considering that it’s one of the lower-priced options. The nature of the sound frequency is ideal for provoking inspired, creative thoughts and inducing a meditative, relaxed state. 

5.) CVNC 6″ – 12″ Set of 7 Candy Frosted Quartz Bowls

This set of singing bowls is far from traditional, but they are made from high-quality frosted quartz and come in striking, candy colors. It’s a gorgeous set with such playful energy that I had to include them! 

This set is tuned to the following notes:

  • 6-inch singing bowl – B
  • 7-inch singing bowl – A
  • 8-inch singing bowl – G
  • 9-inch singing bowl – F
  • 10-inch singing bowl – E
  • 11-inch singing bowl – D
  • 12-inch singing bowl – C

Due to this set’s size, it is another one that works perfectly with group sessions such as meditation, yoga, Pilates, etc. It is also excellent for use during sound baths to promote healing, reduce stress, or balance chakras.

This frosted quartz set has been hand-made by professionals, and it resonates with relaxing, melodic tones. 

As with the other quartz crystal sets, you get the vibrational benefit from the crystal’s qualities, and the frosted finish reduces the worry about them getting tarnished by fingerprints.
When purchased through Amazon, there is a 30-day guarantee against any damage or loss during delivery. The set also comes with one suede mallet, one rubber mallet, and seven rubber O-rings to sit the bowls on.

So let’s sum up. From all the research I did, and believe me, it was extensive; these four sets and the individual bowl I have talked about today were my clear favorites! Any of them would be an excellent purchase for someone who wants to take a step into the world of singing bowls.

But, all of the options I’ve shared with you are ones that are relatively cost-effective and with a limited budget in mind. However, if you are a collector and are searching for something a bit less mainstream, a bit more unique, or perhaps even an antiquity, you will need to look outside of Amazon.

I wish you the best of luck in choosing your perfect singing bowl, and I hope I have been able to help you with your decision. I am confident that you will enjoy every moment of the journey you are about to embark on, leading to spiritual healing, revival, renewal, and tranquillity.


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