Affirmations & Visualizations

Connecting with your spirit guide

There may be times when you feel totally alone in the world, but it’s important to know that there are always spiritual guides with you. Since before you were even born, you have had a dedicated higher being who chose to guide you from birth to death. These angels, spirit guides, higher beings (whatever you want to call them) have already lived through many lifetimes, so they have evolved beyond the constraints of the physical dimension. Their purpose is now to lead other souls through life, and by doing this, they continue to raise their vibrational energy. They exist in the same way as you or I, but just in a different dimension of existence. 

Internal voice

They have various ways that they communicate with and guide you. One of these is via your dreams and intuitive feelings. When you hear that subdued internal voice, it’s often your spiritual guide imparting important things for you to consider. Plus, they also often present you with physical signs. For example, if I am going through a difficult or challenging time in my life, particularly emotionally, I see feathers everywhere I look! They come in the form of real, physical bird’s feathers that I might see on the floor or tiny ones that float past me in the wind. But they also give me the same message when I notice them as tattoos on people, as part of an image or pattern on someone’s clothing, even as words in song lyrics. Each time I notice a feather, it grounds me and focuses my attention on what my spirit guides are trying to tell me. For me, feathers represent my advisers and their energy as some of them are angels, so the feathers signify their wings, and the other is an important Shaman. 

Some people may have several spirit guides, and others may only have one. This is often connected with what type of life and purpose you have. For example, if someone is a teacher, it’s common that they have at least two guides. One will support them with the educational element of their job. The other will provide emotional guidance and assistance because of the high significance this profession has as an imparter of knowledge.

People in the services or military such as police officers, firefighters, and soldiers, usually have a group of warriors that will defend and lead them. Who guides you is very closely linked to your individual journey and purpose in life. 

It is very rare that our spirit guide would be a family member who died. It is true that our loved ones stay close to us when they pass away, and it is sometimes possible to contact them, but this is never in the same way as a spirit guide. Some people have spirit guides in the form of angels and archangels who are constantly with them, but this is not always the case. Neither does it mean that if you experience angels’ presence, that they are definitely your guides. If you are going through something particularly distressing, other angels may feel drawn to you to offer temporary support and guidance. If your full-time spirit guide is an angel or archangel, then your purpose on the earth is probably a challenging one that you are going to need emotional and spiritual support with. I have noticed this throughout my work as a spiritual teacher and when I have done psychic readings. When people face a difficult journey in life, they frequently have angel guides. 

A spirit guide is an essential part of you.

It doesn’t matter whether you notice or accept that you have a spirit guide; they are an essential part of you. You can’t decide that you don’t want them to be in your life either – they are as embedded in you as your very own heartbeat. What you can choose to do, however, is to raise your own awareness of what type of being they are and what function they have in your journey. You can do this proactively. To communicate with your spirit guides and learn more about them, meditation is an excellent key to unlock the door to their dimension. 

When you enter a meditative state, ask your guides to show themselves to you. It may take a while to understand the messages that they sent you, but do not lose heart or patience with the process. Spiritual beings often interact with humans through imagery. When you have asked that they reveal themselves, be patient and see what images come to you in your mind’s eye. You need to let your intuition be guided and trust yourself to interpret the messages. You may visualize a person wearing a suit who is perhaps a scientist or sage. Or perhaps you will see a Buddhist Monk or a Native American Indian. There is a possibility that you don’t see any images of people at this stage, but maintain an open mind. Remain attentive to any images or feelings that come to your mind after you have requested that your guides show themselves. If you feel that you can’t interpret the symbols you’re receiving, you could get in touch with a professional psychic who could help you. 

Connecting and collaborating with your spirit guides can have an incredible effect on your personal and spiritual development. In comparison to people who live in the physical world, their knowledge and judgment aren’t driven or motivated by ‘worldly’ concepts. They exist outside our dimension’s, so the ‘small stuff’ that we get so caught up over is irrelevant to them. For example, let’s say you are in a relationship and you would like some guidance from your spirit guide about it. You may have ‘human level’ niggles, such as the fact that your partner is terrible at managing their finances or is a bit untidy, but your spirit guide would be contemplating your relationship on a different level. The journey of personal discovery that they will take you on will be one of recognizing what your relationship is teaching you, what you are teaching your partner, what you have yet to learn, and ultimately, what the purpose of your relationship is. Your spiritual guide will show you which steps you need to take to increase your understanding of all of these areas. 

Rather than asking about guidance around relationships, you can ask for help with physical healing if you have any health problems. When you are in a meditative state just before going to sleep, speak to your spirit guides and ask that they heal you while you are asleep. 

You are not alone

So, you never have to worry that you are alone – ever again. Take comfort in knowing that you will always have a spirit guide alongside you who will support you and lead you on the right path. There is an abundance of magnificent charm in this world, and you need to open your spiritual heart and mind to be able to appreciate this magnificence. There is much more to life than how we perceive it through our human senses. When you raise your vibration and connect with your spirit guide, you begin to discover the amazing life that lies outside of our usual restrictions. 

There will always be people who are skeptical and choose not to believe. But why would you deliberately hold yourself back from discovering another dimension of existence where magic is real and peace and harmony fill the air. You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops or even tell your loved ones. This can be a truly personal and private journey that you choose to embark on. Once you start, people will begin to notice a difference in you as you will become much more connected with everything. You will have your guide by your side and see the world from a different perspective. It’s entirely up to you if you want to share your enlightenment or just shine your light into the lives of others and help them out of their darkness.