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Improving your access to spiritual guidance

For several decades now, I have worked with people therapeutically – on an individual basis, within families or couples, as well as with business people. I am a best-selling author, having published books on healing and relationships. I was a generic psychoanalyst during the first part of my working life, but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted for my patients.

Therefore, over the last two decades, I have dedicated myself to working with people using a method called Inner Bonding. It is a powerful, six-step process through which we learn to connect our adult thoughts with the feelings of our inner child. I have found it a strong spiritual healing process for people who have often been stuck in negative behavior cycles for years.

My experience over the years has instilled in me the belief that it is not possible to heal without a connection to some sort of higher spiritual guidance.

Mastered Life’s Lessons

Every person currently in recovery admits that they could not have healed or recovered from their addiction without a link to their Higher Power. This is regardless of what type of addiction they formerly had: drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, etc.

But for so many people, this link seems intangible and difficult to secure. I have worked with many people who have been following the Twelve Step process for years but still cannot define their own Higher Power or confidently claim to have a good connection to it.

Spirit Guide

We all seek a speed dial to our source of divine guidance. We want to have access to support that keeps us on track in our abstinence from behaviors that previously didn’t serve us well. We want to take responsibility, make the right decisions at the right time, and know that we are doing things that are taking us towards our goal.

We know that our Higher Power has a high-level view of our life’s trajectory, so we want to obtain confirmation from them that we are going in the right direction. We want their help to fix more appropriate boundaries between ourselves and other people who may try to lead us away from the path, and we need their help to manifest what we want in our lives.

Higher Power

It is our given right to have a spiritual speed dial connection with God (or whatever your Higher Power signifies to you). But having said that, there are not many of us who can do this as and when we want. You will probably be surprised to learn that it’s not difficult to develop.

Energy Shift

We are all made of energy, and our energy on Earth has a certain vibrational level. The spiritual world exists on a different plane to us, outside of our physical world, and therefore has a higher vibrational frequency. To connect with the spiritual world, we have to learn how to lift our frequency to match theirs.

If you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about, imagine attending a wedding reception or any event where everyone is really happy. When you enter a room full of happy people, it has a certain energy to it. This is frequency. You can feel the joy and love emanating around the room – it’s almost palpable and has a positive, exciting vibration.

This is an example of high frequency. However, if you were to enter a room where divorce negotiations were taking place, the energy would feel oppressive, dark, angry, etc. This is a low frequency.

So, what do we do if we want to raise our own frequency? Well, there are several things you can do, but they won’t be effective unless you do them with the correct intention.

First, you need to make sure you are in a mindset where you are open to learning from your spirit guides and willing to embrace self-love and love for others, including family members.

The most powerful tool we possess in our toolbox for elevating our vibration is our intention. It operates in two modes. The first is the learning mode, where we are receptive to learning how to love ourselves and others, guided by our Higher Power.

The second is the avoidance mode, where we seek to disconnect from pain or discomfort, evading responsibility for our emotions and actions. In this mode, we often resort to addictive behaviors as a means of control or suppression, disregarding the consequences for ourselves and those around us.

However, in the learning mode, we willingly embrace accountability for our emotions and actions. We strive to deepen our self-understanding, recognizing the impact of our behavior on ourselves and others. We become aware of unloving actions or feelings and learn how to transform them into more loving behaviors.

Personal growth is intrinsically linked to this process. As we open ourselves to the wisdom and guidance of our spirit guides and the spirit world, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Through this, we cultivate a deeper connection with our spirit and foster our personal growth.

You can try various spiritual practices such as meditation, chanting, and prayer to elevate your vibrational frequency and connect with your soul, dreams, intuition, and spirit. However, if you’re in a state of avoidance rather than learning, these practices will be ineffective. When we close ourselves off and build barriers to shield ourselves from pain and discomfort, we block our Higher Power from reaching us. It is through opening our hearts and embracing a daily spiritual practice that we can receive messages from our spirit guides and integrate spirituality into our daily lives.

We are all born with free will. We have the power to choose our intention in life. We can choose to live with an open mind and heart, as a person who emits love to others and loves themselves, and someone who accepts responsibility for our emotions. Alternatively, we can live an unloving life devoid of feelings because we have closed down our hearts. Despite our Higher Power being all-powerful, it cannot penetrate a closed heart. In the same way that our lungs cannot function unless we take a breath so air can enter, love and guidance from our Higher Power cannot come to us until we put ourselves into learning mode.

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are thought to be entities that reside in the spirit realm, providing guidance and protection throughout our earthly journey. These guides, often referred to as our guardian angels, offer wisdom and insight to help us navigate the challenges and obstacles that arise along our path. Connecting to these guides is an integral part of many spiritual beliefs, affirming the idea of a purposeful, interconnected universe.

Connecting with the unseen realm grants us access to a wellspring of divine wisdom and insight. Our guardian angels diligently guide us away from harm and towards personal growth. They gently steer us in the right path, presenting signs and meaningful coincidences that we must be open to recognizing and deciphering.

The power of spiritual beliefs lies in their capacity to instill hope, provide comfort, and inspire transformation. They offer a framework for understanding the complexities of life and our role within it. These beliefs strengthen our connection to our spirit guides, helping us to raise our vibrational frequency and live a more loving and fulfilling life.

However, making this connection is not always easy. It requires commitment, openness, and a willingness to engage with the unseen world. We must be prepared to listen with an open heart, embracing the wisdom that our guardian angels and spirit guides have to share, and integrating it into our lives. We must have faith in the process and trust that even though we may not fully understand the spirit realm, it is always working in our favor, guiding us towards our highest potential.

Your vibrational frequency will automatically increase when you have an authentic, genuine, and pure desire to learn. I’m now going to tell you about a number of methods you can use to help you raise your frequency, but they won’t work if you don’t start with the right setting.

Once you are ready to receive love and guidance and take responsibility for your emotions, the following methods will give you an additional boost to your vibrational frequency:

Pay more attention to your imagination

Images that appear in your imagination often come from your Higher Power. When you use your imagination, you become more creative and inspired, and these sensations will raise your frequency. As we begin to trust our imagination more, this opens up the channel through which we can connect with our Higher Power and receive divine guidance.

At first, you might have the sensation that you’re just making things up. But as you start to trust the images you’re receiving and take inspired action on the back of them, you will begin to realize that the guidance and information are coming from a spiritual place.

The process of acting on spiritual messages communicates back to your Higher Power that you’re willing and receptive, which further raises your frequency and strengthens your connection.

Intention setting

Setting intentions is another powerful way to elevate your vibration. Intention is the driving force behind every action, shaping your reality based on what you consciously focus on. It’s crucial to channel this energy towards positivity, as the universe mirrors back what you emit. Setting an intention demands focus and clarity, so take the time to craft precise intentions for yourself.

For instance, if you seek to manifest financial abundance, your intention could be: “I intend to manifest a life of financial abundance and prosperity, guided by my spirit guides and supported by spiritual beings. I trust my inner knowing and embrace the wisdom of my spiritual teacher.”

Cleanse your body

Our bodies are intricate and marvelous energy systems. Just like any system, they can become blocked, affecting their efficiency and ability to function properly. Our bodies can be influenced by substances such as drugs, alcohol, nicotine, excessive sugar, caffeine, and processed food. It’s important to pay attention to the ingredients in the food and drinks you consume, as regularly ingesting too many toxins can significantly lower your vibrational frequency. Our bodies are not designed to handle an abundance of preservatives, artificial chemicals, and the like. So, the more natural the food or drink, the better it is for your spiritual connection.

Incorporating practices like connecting with spirit guides, both physical and non-physical beings, can greatly enhance your daily life. Remember to listen to your spirit guides, trust your intuition, and move at your own pace. Embrace the guidance and wisdom they offer as you navigate your spiritual journey.

Light Candles

When you light a candle, it has the power to purify the air and elevate the vibration of the surrounding space. Lighting candles before prayer or meditation is a wonderful way to create a sacred ambiance, inviting your spirit guide to guide you through the connection with your Higher Power.

Use Incense or Practice Smudging

Incense has been a tool to enhance the vibrational frequency of a space where individuals connect with their spirit guides. “Smudging” is a widely practiced technique that has been used worldwide for millennia. It involves burning dried plants and utilizing the smoke to eliminate any negative energies from a room. Commonly used plants for smudging include sage, lavender, cedar, and pine.

Offer Prayers of Gratitude

By offering prayers of gratitude to your Higher Power, you will elevate your frequency and seek assistance from your spirit guides in removing any obstacles along your path. Afterwards, continue to express gratitude and acknowledgment when your prayers are answered, ensuring that you receive ongoing support and guidance.

Recite Repetitive Affirmations

Taking time to engage in repetitive chanting, praying, or reciting mantras can elevate your vibrational frequency, allowing you to feel connected to your spirit guides. You can also create your own affirmations, using positive language and phrasing them as if you already possess what you desire in your life. Through repetition, you can open your subconscious mind and heart, making the channel to your Higher Power more accessible. Singing also produces similar physical sensations.

Move Your Body

Dancing or doing fast, repetitive movements may also raise your frequency. When you focus your mind on the rapid rhythms, your conscious mind stops working as hard to give you instructions because your movements become almost unconscious. This is when you may receive communication from your Higher Power.

Connect with Nature

The vibrational frequency of the countryside is much higher than that of a city. Spending time surrounded by nature as opposed to concrete will really raise your own frequency.

Grab any opportunity to go for a walk on the beach, in the mountains, through a forest, etc. Take time to look at plants and animals in their natural habitat. If this is difficult where you live, then you could have a couple of plants in your living space and spend time taking care of them, nourishing them, and appreciating their flawless beauty.

Listen to Music

While many types of music can raise your vibrational frequency, the best ones are classical or spiritual music.

Be Creative

Engage in any type of creative activity where you need to use your imagination. This could be painting, writing, composing music, etc. As I mentioned in the first of these methods, accessing and trusting what flows through your own imagination really raises your vibrational frequency and strengthens your connection to your Higher Power.

Do regular check-ins with yourself throughout the day. As yourself, “What is my intention right now? What mode am I in? Am I trying to control things and block myself off from my feelings? Or am I coming from a place where I am open to learning more about loving myself and other people?”

This increased awareness of your own motivation will help you stay aligned to learning mode. This way, you will always seek to increase your vibrational frequency to have a more open communication channel to divine guidance from your Higher Power.

There is nothing as powerful in the world as knowing you have support and guidance from the spiritual realm. I hope you enjoy the process of building your connection – it will change your life forever.

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