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Manifest your goals using lunar energy

Although people may think it, it’s not only witches, wizards, and astrologers who use the moon’s magic: anyone who wants to have a try can manifest their desires using the moon’s energy!

The moon has a more powerful influence on the earth than any other planet because it’s the nearest planetary body. It affects the rise and fall of ocean tides, the migration seasons of animals, how plants grow, and, of course, it has an extensive impact on us!

The energy of the moon is delicate, nourishing, curative, and refreshing. But above all these qualities, feminine lunar energy is connected with the concept of creation: the origin of brand-new notions, ideas, aims, aspirations, in addition to physical manifestations.

This creative strength and vibration mean lunar energy is ideal for manifesting things in your life.

How do I do it?

The concept behind harnessing the moon’s energy is to harmonize and synchronize yourself with the eight lunar phases. When you embrace and personify the different lunar power in each stage, you will maximize your ability to manifest what you desire from the Universe.

The most effective way to approach this is to utilize a moon phase tracker (these can easily be found on the internet) and begin your manifestation rituals when there is a new moon. Once you’ve started, follow this guide to maintain alignment with each lunar phase.

Let’s start with the new moon and learn more about each of the eight different phases.

The Eight Phases of the Moon

New Moon:

When there is a new moon, you will not be able to see it in the sky. It is not possible to detect any moonlight when it is in this phase of its cycle because it is situated between the sun and the earth.

The new moon stage is when you need to sew the seed for the future by planning your goals.

The best way to put this into action is to create a comfortable space, somewhere quiet and where you won’t be disturbed, and start by lighting a candle.

Write down your desires as precisely as you can in a manifestation or scripting journal. Use positive language and write them as if you have already achieved your goals. As you write, focus on opening your heart center, and let gratitude and positivity flow through your entire body. This will transfer high-level energy vibrations to your desires.

When you have written down what you want to manifest, spend 5 to 10 minutes meditating. Concentrate on your breathing and visualize your heart chakra opening. Feel yourself becoming aligned with your goals.

Waxing Crescent Moon:

As the light from the moon begins to become visible, it is in its waxing crescent phase. When over half of the part of the moon that you see is dark, it is called a “crescent.”

The main goal of this stage is to increase the energy and strength of your manifestation intentions. It’s time to turn up the heat through writing affirmations, creating vision boards, or practicing regular visualizations.

Design yourself a manifestation habit that you can do regularly, and, as the light of the moon increases, keep working towards your goals.

First Quarter Moon:

The stage of the first quarter moon concentrates on making choices and adaptions. The moon enters this stage when half of it is visibly illuminated.

Things may have changed since the new moon phase, so it’s an excellent time to take a notepad and develop a new plan based on any adjustments you deem suitable and necessary.

Here are some things to consider at this stage:

  • You might identify that you have some obstacles that are hindering your progress.
  • What exactly are they, and how are you able to overcome them?
  • Perhaps you recognize that your initial goal has shifted or altered.
  • What do you need to do to align your intentions to your revised goal?

Note down any adjustments in your manifestation or scripting journal and consider what you can do to advance in your updated direction.

Waxing Gibbous Moon:

The phase of the waxing gibbous moon happens in the time between the first quarter moon and the full moon. The illumination of the moon is increasing, and lunar energy levels are building steadily.

The aim of this stage is to kickstart your manifestations again, taking into consideration the adjustments that you need to make after the changes you identified during the previous phase. Alter your manifestation habits accordingly, but get back into a regular routine. It’s also an ideal time to act; follow your instincts and any signs that you’ve received from the Universe during your meditations etc., and do something that moves you towards your destiny.

Your feelings, beliefs, and behavior can generate vibrational energy that will support your wishes’ conversion into reality.

Full Moon:

The full moon phase is when you can see the whole face of the moon. It signifies the best time for liberating yourself from the necessity to try and control the manifestation of your desires. You don’t need to give up on what you want to attain, but unshackle yourself from the burden of achieving it yourself. 

You have done all the work you need to do via your manifestation routine, so now you just need to sit back and put your faith and confidence in the power of the Universe.

A fantastic way to relinquish control is by undertaking a burning ceremony with your affirmations. Make sure that everything is done safely and that there is no risk to yourself or anyone else. The ideal place to do it is in the open air when there is a full moon, using a burning or smudge bowl.

Here are the steps to follow to hold a burning ritual:

  • Show your gratitude to the Universe by observing a minute of silence.
  • Put everything you have written during your manifestation rituals (your affirmations, goal notes, etc.) into the bowl and add a lit match.
  • While the smoke ascends, visualize all your wants and desires transcending your energy field.
  • Picture them all drifting away with the smoke. They are being carried off to be absorbed by the Universe and manifested into reality.

An alternative method for liberating yourself and letting go is to use a smudge stick or play music loudly with all your windows and doors open. When this is done during a full moon phase, it clears your space of everything you have been focusing on and developing during the previous stages.

You will typically begin to notice your affirmations becoming true from this phase onwards.

Waning Gibbous Moon:

The moon’s light starts to decrease when it is “waning,” but “gibbous” refers to over half of the moon still being visibly illuminated.

After you have let go during the full moon phase, this stage focuses on maintaining high, positive energy. Do more of the things that make you happy, such as spending time with loved ones, doing your hobbies, and starting a productive and imaginative project: anything that fills you full of positive emotions. The Waning Gibbous Moon phase is about gratitude. Focus on all the positive things you have in your life, appreciate them, and truly acknowledge how blessed you are.

You can stop worrying about manifesting your desires at this point in the process because you’ve already released that responsibility to the Universe. So relax and don’t take life or yourself too seriously right now. Enjoy yourself, focusing on doing all the things that make you feel complete as a person. You can be confident that everything you want is on its way to you.

Third Quarter Moon:

When the moon is in the third-quarter stage, only half of the moon’s surface is illuminated.

The focus of this phase is to slow things down and look more inside yourself. It’s an excellent time to contact and unite with spirit guides or guardian angels.

You may begin to notice many synchronicity occurrences or see signs that the Universe wants you to pay attention to. These could be feathers, butterflies, numerically sequenced angel numbers, or any other indication that is relevant and significant to you.

It’s important to recognize these messages and act if required. Through gratitude and acknowledgment of Universal signs, you will increase the connection with your guides and receive more feedback from the Universe.

Waning Crescent Moon:

This is the last of the moon’s stages and is when the final bit of light diminishes before the new moon stage.

The Waning Crescent Moon stage is the perfect time to engage in self-reflection by doing shadow work, deep meditating, and intense journaling.

During this phase, you should review both the positive and negative areas of your life. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What limiting beliefs do I have that hold me back?
  • What issues do I have that lead to repetitive behavior?
  • What is the origin of this?
  • What have I achieved or obtained since the previous new moon?

(These may be physical things that you now own, but could also be about a new relationship, new knowledge, skills, understanding, etc.)  

  • What did I do that worked?

(Where you have successfully manifested your desires, it’s an excellent idea to note down all of the successful methods that you used so that you can repeat them in the future.)

This deep and intense self-reflection process is a powerful and useful practice to go through and will mean that you are totally prepared for the next planning stage that comes with the approaching new moon phase.

Embrace the Energy

To use the moon’s energy to manifest things in your life requires that you understand all eight of the lunar phases and that you embrace the power. As happens with our energy levels, lunar energy fluctuates and changes, which is why it’s crucial to comprehend precisely what will work for us and at what stage.

The moon has unimaginable power. To harness it, we need to adapt to each phase, embodying the lunar energy and work with it, applying it in a relevant and practical manner, according each stage’s nuances.

The key is to consider, “How can I personally and individually channel and use this type of energy?” If the energy is in the new moon phase and ripe for sewing seeds, your answer will be different from when you’re in the reflection and contemplation phase of the waning crescent moon. Knowing your answers to this question at each stage is the key to manifesting your desires by harnessing lunar energy.

Which moon ritual do you find the most successful for you?

I would love to learn about your experiences of manifesting with the moon, so leave a comment if you want to share your story of the best things you have ever attracted!