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Common restrictive beliefs that block your ability to manifest

Do you feel that you are being blocked from manifesting what you want because you have some beliefs holding you back?

Perhaps you’ve done loads of reading around the subject and tried all the manifestation methods you have discovered but feel nothing is working. 

Do you find yourself looking at other people who seem to be attracting what they want, questioning when your time will come? 

Well, before we get into the types of restrictive beliefs that indeed might be holding you back, I want you to know that you didn’t create them! Don’t blame yourself! 

Most people are blocked by their own restrictive beliefs at some stage and are a common obstacle when it comes to the manifestation process. 

Today’s article is going to take a closer look at 17 of the most prevalent beliefs that may be acting as a block to what you want to attract. 

But let’s start at the beginning.

What is a restrictive belief?

Restrictive beliefs are embedded deep in your subconscious mind, and some have been there for most of your life. As they are buried so deep, you might not even be aware of them, but they are strong enough that they can stop you from achieving your goals and doing the amazing things you are capable of. 

Restrictive beliefs are untruths that pop into your mind, preventing you from stepping outside your comfort zone where everything feels nice and safe. They limit you from taking chances or making big decisions because they want to keep everything the same. 

Sometimes your core beliefs serve a valuable purpose when they protect you from danger, but you have to recognize when they are holding you back rather than acting in your best interest. 

You can be the person you were born to be, achieve anything, and manifest anything you want into your life when you can liberate yourself from the restrictive beliefs that tie you down.

Why do we have restrictive beliefs?

As a matter of fact, restrictive beliefs aren’t as bad as people are led to believe. They demonstrate intelligence and a survival mechanism that the ego has put in place.   

Our egos are very primitive and try to keep us safe from other people’s criticism. The ego relates to our self-image in modern society and wants to be accepted, approved of, and always in control. 

Therefore, when we consciously want to make some changes and take risks, the ego jumps in with our deeply buried restrictive thoughts to persuade us that it’s not a good idea. 

In prehistoric times, there were much more threats of death, disease, physical attack, starvation, etc., so the ego played a vital role in keeping us safe. However, nowadays, it’s stuck in its old ways, and we want to strive and thrive in modern society, so there is a mismatch. 

Consider that your restrictive beliefs come with the intention of protection, and you will feel able to accept them and free yourself from their grasp. 

It’s normal to feel a bit frustrated when you notice that restrictive thoughts pop up as you try to attract something new, but to avoid resistance, just let them happen. 

Appreciate their intention, and then you can free yourself from believing that they are true. As we get older, our beliefs have to change, so something that may have been true as a child, e.g., “Don’t talk to strangers – they are dangerous,” is impossible to live with as an adult. We often have to talk to strangers when we go shopping, to a restaurant, change jobs, etc. 

Recognizing and being grateful for your body’s way of trying to protect you will raise your vibrational frequency. But then it is time to say ‘out with the old and in with the new.’

How do restrictive beliefs develop?

As I briefly mentioned earlier, we develop many of our restrictive beliefs when we are children. They come from our parents, the environment we grow up in, and the type of society we live in. 

Let’s look at a specific example:

Imagine that you grew up in a family that didn’t have much money. 

Perhaps your parents argued about finances, or you experienced not having the same toys or as many clothes as other children. Or maybe you lived in a poor neighborhood where everyone had limited things, but at one point, you noticed that other people seemed to have more money and better things than your family. 

Some of the restrictive beliefs you might have, based on this type of childhood include:

  • “I don’t have much money.”
  • “My family was poor, so I will always be poor.”
  • “Rich people are selfish and arrogant – I am not one of those people.”

If you have these restrictive thoughts running around your subconscious mind your whole life, inevitably, you won’t attract money or financial success because you are talking yourself out of it. 

What you think drives your behavior and becomes who you are. You might not even be aware that you have these types of restrictive thoughts until you start looking closer at why you are not manifesting what you want to attract. 

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” 

Zig Ziglar

Consider your childhood environment. As you were growing up, what did you hear people say about money, love, relationships, race, religion, etc.?

Now take a reflective look at your belief system – how did your childhood experience form your current beliefs and values? 

How are some people less troubled by restrictive beliefs?

The truth is that we all experience restrictive beliefs at some point, but lots of people discover how to deal with them and stop them from affecting their lives.

Some people innately skirt the beliefs that hold them back. They may notice these beliefs exist, but they choose to ignore them and go ahead with what they were planning. They have faith in their ability to achieve what they want and feel happy and excited. They will not let themselves be restricted by their own thoughts. 

Other people may take a more active approach and use methods to break down their restrictive thoughts, replacing them with more positive, empowering ones. 

Examples of some of these methods include: 

  • Repeating positive affirmations.
  • Listening to tracks that contain subliminal affirmations.
  • Practicing gratitude.
  • Practicing Destiny tuning.
  • Listening to Guided Hypnosis.

If you are not quite sure if restrictive beliefs are blocking you, keep reading! 

We’ve come to the list of the 17 most common restrictive beliefs that obstruct your attempts to successfully manifest. 

1. I don’t deserve to have what I want.

This belief may come from childhood experiences if you were often told off or had things taken away from you as a punishment. Perhaps you wanted certain things, but your parents told you weren’t being good enough to have them, or at school, your teacher said that you were always wrong, so you didn’t get the grades you wanted. 

However, this restrictive belief doesn’t have to link back to when you were a child. It may have grown through an adult relationship (friendship or romantic) with a toxic person who affected your self-esteem and made you feel like you didn’t deserve to have what you longed for. 

If you do have this restrictive thought and often feel that you don’t deserve the good things in life, take some time to try and identify how it came about. If you can pinpoint the origin, it will be easier for you to break it down and move on from it. 

Rather than thinking you don’t deserve things, say this affirmation on a daily basis:

“I deserve to have everything I wish for!”

This is your truth, not the restrictive belief that has never been true. Just because people say something to you does not make it true, so it’s time to break down the lie barriers as everyone deserves to be healthy, wealthy, and happy.

2. If I want to be successful, I have to work a lot.

This belief is very common with people trying to manifest things into their lives, and they feel like they can never do enough. Perhaps you are one of these people, and you spend hours looking for other methods that might boost your possibility of successful manifestation. This may lead to you not doing things right or just overdoing it when sometimes, less is more.  

Or perhaps you spend as many hours as you possibly can working because you feel like this will show your dedication and bring you the success you crave. This behavior implies that you feel the only way you can receive abundance is through a promotion or a bonus at work. But this is being a bit short-sighted, and the Universe can reward you in many more ways. 

Of course, many people earn their money through their jobs, but that is not the only way. Plus, you don’t always have to burn the candle at both ends and work all waking hours to receive wealth. 

To overcome this restrictive belief, replace it with:

“Good health, joy, and prosperity come to me effortlessly.” 

3. If I’m not successful, I will never be happy.

This thought creates a vicious cycle that can trap you, meaning that you will not manifest what you want until you break free. 

This is what the loop looks like:

  • You don’t consider yourself to be successful, so you feel unhappy. 
  • Because you are unhappy, you are unable to become successful. 
  • And so on, and so on.

The Law of Attraction works on the principle that you get back what you put out into the Universe. Like attracts like. 

So if you constantly feel like you’re unsuccessful and unhappy, that is exactly what you will manifest more of.

I imagine that you might be thinking, “How annoying!” Is it really that simple? All it takes is to smile and think, “I am happy.”

Well, let me clear this up. 

When you are trying to attract things into your life, whatever that might be, you don’t have to be super happy constantly. It’s human nature to have some days where we feel a little less motivated or optimistic. 

And because duality exists in the world, going through bad days helps us feel more grateful for the good ones that we have, in the same way, a rainy day helps us appreciate the sun. 

However, if your restrictive belief tells you it’s impossible to be happy unless you are successful, you can start by taking a closer look at the emotions you are experiencing. 

Some feelings are better for us than others, and we can often choose how we feel, although it can be challenging. 

For example, although they are both quite negative emotions, feeling angry motivates us to do something more than being sad, which can make us withdraw or feel apathetic. Similarly, frustration is less negative than anger, so if you can convert anger into frustration, this is better for your mind and body.   

Take your time and work your way through the different emotions, trying to always opt for the most positive and productive one you can. 

If you can change how you feel and perceive a situation, perhaps you can find opportunities where once you would have only seen brick walls. 

Practice mindfulness to tune in at various points during the day and appreciate what you do have, rather than constantly looking forward and feeling frustrated at what you lack. 

When you can lift your vibrational frequency and feel a bit more positive, you will draw more positive things toward you. 

This starts to loosen the vicious cycle, and finally, it will break so that you can move ahead, rather than being stuck in the same place. 

If this restrictive thought is familiar to you, as an alternative, say this affirmation every day:

“I am grateful for the good things in my life, and I draw more of them to me.”

4. I will never be successful – I don’t have enough qualifications.

This restrictive belief usually develops through societal pressure because there is a general (false) idea that people can only be successful if they have lots of qualifications and are educated to a really high level.

The main problem with this restrictive belief is that it is a common barrier that people face because businesses advertise jobs where people have to have a certain level of education. There is also a shared societal attitude that you lack intelligence if you don’t have multiple degrees or titles to your name.

Fortunately, this idea is becoming old-fashioned and, in modern society, particularly through social media platforms, a shift is happening where success is no longer dependent on education level. 

After all, the biggest education we all have is by being alive. Diversity of backgrounds and experience is what produces new, inspired ideas. If everyone was educated in the same way at the same institutions, where would fresh concepts come from? 

Different perspectives trigger creativity. We are each like a part of a giant jigsaw, and the image only becomes clear when we link together and share our knowledge. 

For example, if someone has lived in the countryside their whole life, they will not have the same ideas, experience, or insight as a city-dweller, but they bring a wealth of knowledge to the table when they work together. 

Our lives shape our perception and understanding of the world. But that is one of the most beautiful things about being human. We are all unique, and that is a blessing, not something to shy away from. 

The other thing about being highly qualified is that it no longer guarantees success – or even a job. In the past, if you studied to a high level, you could have been confident that you would finish your qualification and have a pick of jobs to choose from. However, today, so many qualified people are unable even to find an entry-level job. 

And on the other hand, more and more people who are not educated to a high level are thinking outside the box and creating success in their own way. 

If you have the restrictive belief that you are not qualified enough to be successful, repeat this affirmation daily:

“I have all the knowledge I need to take my next steps towards success.” 

5. I should constantly be trying to achieve my goals. 

When you want to manifest something using the Law of Attraction, it’s essential to keep your vibrational frequency lifted. 

Being focused on your goals is great, but there may come a time when you need to let yourself relax a little and rest. Constant dedication and drive can lead to burnout if you do not look after yourself. The focus becomes more about the end result and what we are trying to attract, rather than feeling good and keeping your vibrational energy levels high. 

If you feel any kind of guilt when you take a break, this will send your vibration plummeting and can significantly damage your ability to manifest. It’s not the pause in your actions; it’s your feelings of guilt that have a negative impact. 

If this restrictive belief seems familiar to you, here is your alternative affirmation: 

“I deserve a break, and I feel great!”

“Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.”

Ralph Marston

6. It’s taking too much time to attract what I want.

Time is relative and is something that concerns us, but not the Universe. 

When you feel impatient and frustrated because you haven’t yet manifested what you want, the message that you give out is connected to time going too slowly. And the response? Yes, you’ve got it; you will find that it seems even slower, making you feel more frustrated and impatient. 

Feeling annoyed and impatient are not high vibration emotions, so they will lower your frequency and put a wall between you and what you wish to attract. 

If you find yourself with this type of thought, there are two points to bear in mind:

  1. The timing of the Universe is perfect. Things will come to you when you are ready for them.
  2. When manifesting within a human dimension, some physical laws have to be followed.

For example, if you are trying to manifest financial abundance, it’s not like using a magic wand, casting a spell, and money suddenly grows trees. But, if you start paying attention, you will notice signals that show you the path you need to follow towards your wealth. 

Even if you can’t see the end result yet, that doesn’t mean that the wheels are not in motion and everything is not happening as it should. You just need to have a little more patience and trust in the process. 

If you find yourself thinking this restrictive belief often, repeat this alternative affirmation:

“I trust the process and that I will receive everything, timed to perfection.”

7. Other people will criticize me if I take a risk.

The biggest thing that stops people from fulfilling their dreams is worrying about what other people will think or say! 

It’s sad but true. Millions of people have dreams that will never become a reality for fear of the judgment of others. 

The ugly reality is that people are incredibly jealous of other’s success and will criticize at the earliest opportunity. But take a look at the world’s most successful people. Yes, they often receive negative press and are judged on everything they do, but do they let it stop them? 

Of course not! They are far more concerned with making their next million and running their successful companies from their villa or private yacht. 

They focus on their own happiness, which keeps their vibrational frequency flying high, attracting more success. In the meantime, the negative, jealous people become consumed by their hatred and create their own obstacles to getting anywhere close to the people they envy. 

While it’s not possible to control what other people think or say, you can choose how you respond.

Fast forward and to near the end of your life. Imagine that you are reflecting on the things you did and didn’t do. Will you regret having not done things because you were worried about what people might say? The likelihood is that you won’t regret the things you tried because, even if they don’t work out perfectly, you took a chance and learned something from the experience. 

But putting other people’s opinions over your worth and progress could lead to a sad, reflective moment. Save yourself from a lifetime of regret, and go for it! 

Here is an alternative affirmation you can use:

“I take chances and achieve amazing things because my life is more important than other people’s opinions.”

8. No one in my family is successful, so I won’t be either. 

Naturally, we turn to our family for direction and as a guide throughout our lives – particularly when we are young. 

However, the past experience of your family doesn’t have to set the boundaries for your life, which is often what happens. 

For example, why can’t you be the first person to go to University? The first lawyer? The first business owner? The first person to adopt children?

Just because it pushes the boundaries of what has come before doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do something different and break the mold. 

It’s your life, and you should aim as high as you want to. You might be seen as a positive role model for other family members, which could change everyone’s expectations. The sky is the limit, regardless of what the past has dictated. 

If this belief has held you back, try saying instead:

“I can achieve anything I set my mind to, and I inspire my family to do the same.”

9. Someone might break my heart if I try to attract love.

Worrying about someone breaking your heart is a restrictive belief that usually comes from already having experienced it or seeing it happen to other people.

Living with this belief may not prevent you from attracting love, but it will be an obstacle to a long-term serious and committed relationship. 

The reason for this is because you are in a constant state of worry and apprehension that the relationship will end, and you will be heartbroken, which means that you will attract more worry. This will turn into you feeling insecure with your partner, and this can be the beginning of the end for a relationship. 

The first thing you need to do to free yourself from this restrictive belief is to learn how to love yourself. When you do this, you can feel self-assured that you will be able to deal with anything that happens within your relationship. This means that you won’t have a constant worry about it going wrong because you love yourself enough to know that it will carry you through any difficult times, should they occur. 

If this type of restrictive thought holds you back, try this one instead:

“The love I have for myself means my heart is always full of love and joy.” 

10. Money is the route of all evil.

This restrictive belief seems to have become a more widespread one throughout society over the last few years. 

An increasing number of people seem to think that having money is a bad thing. They are pushing for a commune-like society where people live together and share all the resources without having a monetary hierarchy. 

In theory, this may sound like a lovely, harmonious, balanced society, but it fails to see that money is simply a way to trade. What is the difference between exchanging fruit for vegetables than paying for them with a paper note in this utopian society?  

Money is not evil, and it is nothing to be ashamed of to have a lot of it! 

The truth is that some people use their money to change the world, and without it, many people would be much worse off. There are some incredibly selfish, rich people who do not make the world a better place, but fortunately, there are lots of people who put their wealth to work, helping those who need it. 

A great example of this is Tony Robbins. He is at a financially abundant place in this life now where he can give away every cent of his book sale profits to help feed homeless people and those in need. 

So far, he has donated profits from the sales of two of his books to an organization called Feeding America, and with it, they have given away over 200 million meals. 

In addition to this, Tony has also worked with Operation Underground Railroad to fundraise in the fight to stop child slavery and trafficking. Plus, he collaborates to supply Indian villages with clean drinking water alongside Spring Health. 

Take a few moments to think about the charities you can support and all the good things you will give to the world when you have attracted much wealth into your life.

It is up to you to make sure that money is not evil. If you intend to enhance the world and share your money with less fortunate people, making their world a better place, it can only ever be a blessing. 

If you have this restrictive belief about money, say this affirmation regularly instead:

“I have a positive impact on the world with my vast wealth.”

11. It is too difficult to manifest things.

This is another one of those restrictive beliefs that traps you in a vicious cycle. 

It can happen when you are making the whole process too complicated.

If you believe that manifesting is too difficult, you have probably done one of two things:

  1. You have put too much time and energy into repeatedly trying every method you could find and are now exhausted.
  2. You have done too much research and read things that have made the whole manifestation process seem really complicated. 

The issue with either of these and the general problem with this restrictive belief is, when we apply the ‘like attracts like’ rule, it becomes true. This belief does make it too difficult to manifest what you want. 

Thinking it’s too difficult makes you frustrated and impatient. This then makes you attract more difficulties, frustrations, and feelings of impatience. And so it continues. 

But I can assure you that manifesting what you want doesn’t have to be difficult at all, and it definitely doesn’t have to be a 24/7 time commitment. 

Decide what you want to attract, do some simple visualization techniques, use positive affirmations and then let the Universe do the rest of the work! 

Shift your attention to something else and get on with your life.

Do things that bring you joy to keep your vibrational frequency lifted as high as you can, and be thankful that you can relax and trust in the manifestation process.
You don’t need to do anything else. 

If you suffer from this restrictive belief, repeat this affirmation: 

“I attract everything I want easily.”

12. You can’t manifest money without having any to start with.

This restrictive belief is generated by the ego when it is scared and doesn’t want to own up to it. 

Rather than the fear relating to needing to have money before you can make more of it, it is about the concern that the challenge of starting from nothing and becoming successful is too much. 

The reality is that all of us have different obstacles and hurdles that we need to overcome, no matter how much money we have. It’s not always possible to buy an easy path, even if you are a millionaire. 

And the journey is all part of the process and gives you the feeling of satisfaction at the end. Your mentality towards money will be so different when you have worked to achieve it rather than if it was a lucky lottery win. 

The struggles and challenges that we face lead to learning, development, and a sense of personal achievement. This is much less boring than if we could just wave a magic wand and whatever we want appears before our eyes! If something comes to us easily, we don’t appreciate it.

Starting from a place of lack is actually an excellent thing, although, at the time, it may feel like a curse rather than a blessing.

I briefly mentioned duality earlier on, and it relates to this. When you start with nothing, your journey will be more incredible, more exciting, and lead to a better destination than if you start from a place where you already have lots of what you need. It will also feel amazing as you begin to notice your dreams come true – just wait and see! 

If you have the restrictive thought that you need money to attract more of it, try this instead:

“I appreciate everything in my life, and I know my journey will be worth the destination.”

13. It will be harder to deal with if it goes wrong if I have total faith in myself. 

This restrictive belief, like the previous one, revolves around fear.  

As we explored at the beginning of this article, our egos try to keep us safe and protect us from pain or threats of any kind. This is why it generates these kinds of restrictive beliefs that will keep us confined to our comfort zones.

As a result of this, lots of people are reluctant to believe they can achieve their goals because they are so scared that they will fail. 

The problem with this restrictive belief is that the vibrational frequency you give off lacks confidence and says, “I might not achieve my goals.” Having this belief running through your mind will increase the chance of failure because you are focusing on it. 

However, you don’t need to worry about the outcomes of your manifestations because you have the full support of the Universe, so you can sit back and relax. 

Believe that you can manifest what you want, have confidence in yourself feel good about it. The Universe will do the rest.

Here is an alternative affirmation for you to repeat.
“I know I will achieve my dreams because I believe in myself and the Universe.”

14. I find it hard to be positive because I feel low. 

Many people who follow the Law of Attraction have the false belief that you have to be positive at all times to manifest things into your life. 

But this is impossible!

Naturally, we won’t always feel positive and optimistic because things happen in life where it’s appropriate to feel sad, concerned, angry, low, etc. Our spectrum of emotions is what makes us human. Plus, happiness feels even sweeter when you have experienced times of sadness.

When you experience low moods, rather than feeling guilty about them, use them as signals that tell you something is not right. There must be something that isn’t working how you want it to, or you would feel happy and positive. Use your emotions to help you figure out what is wrong and, therefore, what you want instead. 

When you know what you want, turn your attention to that and focus on it and how you will feel when you have it. 

The problem comes when you dwell on the negatives of your situation. If you suffer from depression, your mood will be consistently low, making it more difficult to manifest what you want.  

Rather than forcing yourself to be happy, if you find yourself stuck thinking about something negative, do something to distract yourself and break that spell. 

It can be anything you want that will move your focus away from your low mood or depression – go for a walk, put some uplifting music on, read a book, etc. 

Even if you can only distract yourself for a short time, your vibration will lift a little, and you will be showing your subconscious mind that you are in control.

“Depression is useful. It signals that you need to make changes in your life, it challenges your tendency to withdraw, it reminds you to take action.” 

Gloria E. Anzaldúa

As an alternative affirmation, use this one:

“Each day, I take a step towards more joy, better health, and increased prosperity.”  

15.  Change scares me.

Fear of the unknown and stepping outside of our usual routines can cripple some people, forcing them to stay within familiar territory. This is really sad because, more often than not, our best future lies beyond the limits of our comfort zone.

This is another restrictive belief that we can blame the ego for. The fear response can be very useful if we are faced with something that we should be afraid of, as it will ensure that we behave cautiously or run in the opposite direction.

However, the issue is that when any change is terrifying, it means we might run away from something that could be tremendously positive for us, for example, an amazing job in a new town, traveling the world, meeting new people, etc. 

If you became rich overnight, what would change in your life? Or perhaps you’re dreaming of love, and you meet your perfect partner – things would definitely be different from how they are now, wouldn’t they?

But if you fear any change, that will put a barrier between you and the good things that could come your way. The message that you are giving out to the Universe is that anything new is terrifying, which essentially means that you want things to stay the same. 

At the same time, feeling afraid will give you more things to be scared of, so this belief may also give you more evidence that change is scary, as that is what you believe.

To break free from this restriction, repeat this affirmation:

“Change is positive and will lead me to the amazing life that I deserve.”

16. Life should be difficult at times.

We all know that life isn’t always plain sailing, but the restrictive belief that it should be difficult is totally wrong! 

When you have this belief, you are definitely going to attract more challenging times unnecessarily.

 It is relatively simple to live a happy life when you know how. 

To start with, decide how you want your life to be. Try and be as specific as possible, imagining yourself and your perfect life in the future. While you are visualizing, lift your vibration to feel successful, positive, happy, hopeful, etc. This puts a positive intention out into the Universe. Now you can relax and let the magic happen. Take a few moments each day to imagine your future, feel great about it, and look for the small things that start to come into your life that make you feel happy. 

Be grateful for everything that you have and keep your vibration high wherever you can. As you align with your desires, they will come faster and faster to you. It will get easier to feel positive and confident in the process because you see it taking place before your eyes. 

You will notice opportunities popping up and signs that point you to the path you need to take to your destiny. 

Relax, don’t put pressure on yourself, and just enjoy the process. 

To avoid creating difficult challenges in your life, try this affirmation: 

“It’s easy for me to attract everything I want into my life.”

17. I’m too old to have the life I want.

Society encourages us all to slow down as we get older. We should just retire and spend our lives gardening or playing golf! 

But, when it comes to the Law of Attraction, your age doesn’t matter one bit! Regardless of how old you are, it’s possible to manifest any type of success. 

Here are some examples of ‘late bloomers’:

  • Mother Theresa didn’t start working with poor and sick people until she was 38. 
  • Ray Kroc built the McDonalds brand when he was 52 years old.
  • Nelson Mandela didn’t become president of South Africa until he was 76.

If your restrictive belief is stopping you due to your age, repeat this affirmation instead:

“I am in my prime, and now is the perfect time for me to achieve my dreams.”

To summarize

When you have any of these restrictive beliefs or others, all they will do is get in your way. 

In a best-case scenario, they will slow down your ability to manifest the life of your dreams, and in the worst-case, they will completely block any attempts you make, meaning you are wasting your time and energy. 

Restrictive beliefs also bring your mood down, reduce your general motivation levels and diminish your vibrational frequency. These three effects will prevent you from manifesting your goals. 

But don’t worry! If you recognize that you have any restrictive beliefs, it’s not the end of the world! As we’ve looked at, they have probably come from your childhood experiences or your ego trying to protect you. 

They have perhaps served a purpose up to now, but it’s time to say goodbye to them and reverse their results!

I can say this with confidence because I have been there and done it. I suffered from restrictive beliefs for many, many years, meaning that it frustratingly took me ages to attract anything positive into my life. 

As I turned more attention to my thought patterns, that was when I recognized that I had a multitude of negative, restrictive beliefs. Once I knew they were there, I started investigating ways that I could overcome and remove them. 

I found a number of options and the one that appealed to me the most contained brainwave entrainment. 

Brainwave entrainment uses a specific type of soundwave to go directly to ‘the Editor’ part of your subconscious mind, which is where all of these restrictive beliefs are stored and generated. 

When this zone has been accessed, the program can exchange the restrictive beliefs for positive, motivational thoughts to make you a master manifestor.  

Best of luck! You can overcome any restrictive thoughts you have and will manifest the future you want and deserve! I believe in you, and you should have faith in yourself too.

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