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Meditate to manifest

When you begin to study the Law of Attraction, you will notice that a significant focus is put onto what energy you put out into the Universe. The emphasis is on the importance of raising your vibrational frequency to attract more positivity to you. This is done through visualizing your life as it will be when you have what you want, using positive affirmations, and acting as if you already have your wishes, to name just a few manifestation methods.

The majority of techniques you will use to attract what you desire are messages you send to the Universe through your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and words. 

Your message to the Universe needs to be a powerful one, but how regularly do you pause and listen to see if there is a reply?

Communication and signals may come to you from your higher self or the Universe, or maybe even some other spirit guides who want to communicate with you. But you will not notice or hear their message if you are not paying attention or too busy trying to put your own message across. 

It’s a bit like continuously knocking on a door. If you don’t stop for a moment, you may never hear someone say, “Come in.”

This is why meditation is an excellent practice to include in your manifestation routine. Meditation has multiple benefits and can improve your health in all areas – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When you feel great, you will manifest more fantastic things into your life and have additional reasons to feel even better! 

As you probably know, ‘like attracts like,’ so it’s easy to see why meditation is considered fundamental to manifestation. 

My Meditation Experience

When I first started meditating, I have to admit that I didn’t find it that easy. It wasn’t something that I took to naturally. 

I initially gave it a try because I was suffering from anxiety and depression, so I found it really difficult to stop my mind from working overtime. 

As I became more confident with meditating and could quieten my internal thoughts, I felt much more positive about things. This had a knock-on effect of manifesting things into my life much quicker than I did before because the positivity lasted longer than my meditation sessions. 

Since I began meditating, I feel much more connected to the Universe and my higher self. I notice the signs and synchronicity that are sent to show me I’m on the right path. These signs might include always seeing when it’s 11:11, seeing things related to my goal, or identifying opportunities where I previously might have seen obstacles.  

It was challenging to learn how to ignore and then subdue the constant thoughts that used to run through my mind, but it is possible with dedication and practice. 

I would also highly recommend Zen12 if you find it difficult to get started with meditation. I will explain more about it later in this article, so keep reading! 

I am also going to talk more about what amazing benefits adding meditation to your manifestation practices will bring you, plus I’ll share other tips that I hope you will find useful. 

Ok, so let’s get started with the basics. 

What exactly is meditation?

Meditating is training your attention to focus on one thing and block out things around you that distract you, plus subdue or silence any internal self-talk that can be constant.

There are many things that you might focus on during meditation. The most common is concentrating on breathing, but some people listen to relaxing sounds, like waves or rain, or others might stare at a particular picture to enter a trance. Another way to meditate is to repeated say positive affirmations or mantras.

When you are new to meditation, it can be a challenge to empty the mind of thoughts. We will look closer at how to do this during this article, but essentially, meditation is about relaxation. If thoughts suddenly appear (which is highly likely), just recognize that they are there and let them drift off again to where they came from. 

You don’t need to analyze them or feel like it’s not working because you think of things when you should be meditating – relax and imagine they are like clouds that float away.

How can i manifest using meditation? 

So the next thing we’re going to look at is why meditation is such a powerful booster when it comes to manifesting what you want into your life. These are the top five reasons:

1.) Meditation enhances visualization

People can sometimes find it difficult to visualize something in their mind’s eye, but this is much easier to do when you are in a trance. When you can imagine exactly how your life will look when you have everything you want, your vibrational frequency will lift, and your subconscious mind will accept these images as the truth. You will put out a clearer message to the Universe and your higher self about what you want to achieve, making it easier for you to get what you desire. 

You can construct the visualization yourself by picturing as many details as possible, or you can use guided meditation or hypnosis to direct your imagination. Visualizing during meditation allows you the time and space to feel how your future will be without becoming distracted. 

2.) Your affirmations can be your meditation mantra

By repeating your personal affirmations as a chant, they become more embedded in your subconscious mind and can even replace previous negative self-talk. 

Even when you are in a meditative trance, your conscious and subconscious attention is centered on your affirmation as you repeat it.

If you don’t want to speak during meditation and would rather listen, there are many audio tracks available containing subliminal affirmations underneath relaxing music. This means that you can relax and think about your breathing, letting the subliminal messages go straight to your subconscious mind. 

I recommend that you choose ones with good reviews and read exactly what type of affirmations are contained in the tracks that you are going to listen to. As your conscious mind cannot hear them, it’s important to ensure you do not choose a track that contains a message you don’t want your subconscious to adopt. 

3.) Meditation prepares you to receive a reply

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction and have been using various techniques to put your intention out to the Universe as clearly and positively as you can, this is called ‘output.’ You also emit energy through your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. 

The direction of energy is flowing out of you and into the world around you. However, what about being open to receiving ‘input’? Input occurs when you attract energy towards you, but you can’t do it when you’re too focused on your output. 

This is where meditation comes in. When you can empty your mind of thoughts, and you are still and silent, the output has stopped. This means that there is an open channel for you to receive input. 

The type of input you might experience during a meditation session could include guidance on which steps to take next, inspirational ideas for overcoming obstacles, etc.

Once you have opened yourself to receive messages from the Universe and your higher self, you might also find that you receive input outside of meditation, but when you have a clear mind, e.g., when you are driving or doing the dishes. 

You may also see more evidence of what you want starting to manifest in your life – you will notice small changes that get bigger and bigger as you pay attention to them. 

Meditation is like a switch that can raise your vibrational frequency, changing the channel from ‘output’ to ‘input.’ Each time you do it, the switch becomes easier to press. The more time the channel is open, the faster you will manifest your desires.  

The amazing thing about meditation is that you don’t have to dedicate hours to it to be effective. 

I have a challenge for you! 

I challenge you to meditate for a week for 15 minutes per day. In just seven days, I want you to see the difference it will make in your life. I guarantee that your stress levels and tension will reduce as you raise your vibrational frequency and positive energy. 

As you know, ‘like attracts like,’ so the more things you do that make you happy, you will manifest even more reasons to feel great.

4.) Meditation makes you more intuitive

One of the most astonishing things you will see a change in when you meditate regularly is that your intuition and ability to read your instincts become much stronger. Your bond with the Universe and your higher self will intensify, meaning that you receive more guidance and messages from higher powers. 

Perhaps you have always had good hunches but have ignored them in the past because you didn’t trust their validity. 

When you know that your instinctual feelings are coming to you from a reliable source, you will have more faith in following the path along which they want to guide you. 

You will know that they are coming from your higher self or the Universe and can show gratitude for receiving them. The more appreciative you are of these messages, the more spiritual guidance you will receive. 

When you have developed your spiritual connections, you will know that your intuition is recognizing signs confirming you are taking the right steps to manifest the life you desire. These signals could be linked to your goals, they may be things that seem to appear suddenly but have significance to you, such as a feather or butterfly, or you may notice many meaningful coincidences – synchronicity. 

As I mentioned earlier, once you tune your intuition in and the channel opens to communication with the higher powers, you may receive inspired messages at any time. It could be while you are meditating, but you may also be going for a walk, stuck in a traffic jam, or asleep.  

Whenever and wherever this divine guidance comes to you, trust the message and have faith that you have received it correctly. Your journey will be much faster when you navigate it with the help of the Universe, and the destination is going to be incredible! 

5.) Meditation gets you in ‘The Zone’

Have you ever been so absorbed in doing something that you totally lost track of time, and hours flew by without you realizing it? This could have been a work project, a hobby, reading a great book, or exercising. When this happens, it is when you are in ‘the zone,’ and is also called being in a state of ‘flow.’ 

In today’s society, with all the access to technology that we have, we are surrounded by distractions. Therefore, it is more difficult to maintain a state of flow for long. So, be honest and put your hands up if you have ever become distracted by Facebook or YouTube when you should have been focusing on a work task! I’m definitely guilty! 

But why is getting in the zone so hard? Why do we often seek to distract ourselves from what we should be doing but then feel guilty about it?  

When you can get into a flow state faster, everything you do will seem easier because you will be more productive and focused on whatever it is you are doing. Plus, you will get a much higher enjoyment from it because being in ‘the zone’ feels great, too!

When you follow your path and do activities that take you towards your goals, you will feel like you are in a flow state. It feels like you were born to do what you are doing, and you are in the process of manifesting your dreams. Being in flow lifts your vibrational frequency, which opens the connection between you, the Universe, and your higher self.

When you practice meditation regularly, you will notice that you can enter into a state of flow much faster and easier. This means that you will enjoy the things you do much more and have less need for distractions because you are bored or unfocused. 

To help you choose what types of activity to do, take a close look at what you want to manifest. 

What can you do that will get you closer to your desired outcome? 

Before you start a meditation session, you could ask this question and see what intuitive messages you receive during the session or afterward. 

What to Do if You Find Meditation Difficult

If you find it difficult to silence your mind, or at least quieten it down a lot, let me assure you that you’re not the only one! 

I found it a big challenge in the beginning, as I had spent my life thinking that constant self-talk was just a part of me that I had to live with. 

But just relax, don’t beat yourself up about it (because that will make your mind race even faster), and take your time. 

Concentrate your attention on your breathing. Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. Simply focus on the breaths. 

When things enter your mind, observe that they are there, but allow them to drift off again. 

You don’t need to be able to meditate without a single thought for hours on end. However, if you are able to stop your thoughts for a few seconds, that can feel like a massive release.

As with any skill or new thing that you want to learn, it will take a bit of practice to get used to doing it well. 

Here are a few pointers that will help you get started:

– Start with short meditation sessions of 5-10 minutes. You don’t have to rush into doing long sessions until you feel more confident about the process. 

– Take time to try out different positions to see which works for you. Perhaps you will find it easier to sit in a chair, on a cushion on the floor, or lie on a bed. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be to release your mind of thoughts. If you are uncomfortable, you are likely to be distracted by that sensation. 

– Assist your subconscious mind to enter a state of meditation by listening to a binaural beat track when meditating. 

However, if you have had a go at meditation several times and feel like you have tried everything, but your mind won’t be quiet, I have a possible solution for you! 

As I said earlier, I really struggled with meditating when I first tried it. I turned to meditation because I was suffering from anxiety and depression, and I wanted it to stop my negative self-talk and make me feel more positive and energetic. However, in the beginning, it made me feel even worse! 

I started my first session thinking that I would feel relaxed, positive, and calm by the end of it, but I ended up having even more negative thoughts than when I started!  

The chatter was constant, with thoughts such as:

“What am I doing?” 

“Is this right?”

“How do I stop my thoughts?” 

“What a waste of time – I don’t know why I bother!”

“This is ridiculous – my brain will never stop!”

I had a few more attempts, but I just couldn’t master it. Finally, I felt so frustrated that I turned to the internet and did a bit of investigating. I found some audio tracks specifically designed for meditation and use something called ‘brainwave entrainment.’ This means that they contain sound waves that induce a meditative state in you without you having to put yourself into one! 

This sounded perfect, so I downloaded one of the audios, and I was amazed at how good it was! It was like an awakening for me! I could appreciate why millions of people meditate regularly – I felt like someone had unlocked a door for me, so I could finally access a magical, peaceful world. 

Honest, when you experience this for the first time, it’s mind-blowing! 

So if meditation isn’t coming as naturally to you as you would like, I would totally recommend trying a soundwaves audio track. The one that I am talking about is called Zen12, and you can access it by going to https://zen12.com/gift.

You won’t regret giving it a try! 

How to manifest with meditation

Having looked at the benefits of using meditation to quieten your thoughts, put you into a flow state, raise your vibrational energy and open the channel to higher powers, let’s look at a simple meditation practice you can start immediately. 

To start with, the most important thing to do is to ensure you create your meditation space. Making sure you have the right setting will make it much easier to get into a meditative state.

It’s an individual choice – some people like to burn incense or essential oils, light candles, and have music playing in the background. Others, however, just need a quiet place where they can sit or lie comfortably with no interruptions. 

If you live with other people, make sure that they know not to disturb you during your meditation practice, and turn your mobile phone off. 

– Find a comfortable position – you may want to sit or lie down.

– Relax. 

– Shut your eyes and take deep breaths in and out. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth (circular breathing). 

– Scan down your body to relax your muscles – from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. If you feel any areas of tension, you can tighten those muscles for a few seconds, then release them. 

– After your body scan, choose something to focus on. This could be a positively-worded affirmation of what you want to manifest or visualize how your life will be when you have manifested what you desire.

– If you have opted to use a meditation audio track, concentrate on circular breathing and allow the track to induce a meditative state. 

Reap the benefits

Now all that’s left to do is prepare yourself for the wondrous and magical things that will come into your life. Through regular meditation, you will raise your vibrational frequency and become much more aware of any divine guidance that comes to you. 

Frequent meditation practice will give you more focus, positivity, and inner peace. 

I wish you the best on this new and exciting journey that you are about to embark on. I hope you enjoy every step of the way as much as I did. Meditation has completely changed my life, and I am sure it will do the same for you. 

You are in charge of your future, and you can manifest whatever you want in this life. Meditation will boost your manifestation skills immensely, and you will have a direct communication channel with the Universe and your higher self. 

Pay attention to the message, accept them with gratitude, take guided action, and more signs will come to you in abundance.

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