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Take your manifestation routine to the extreme!

How does a typical day in your life unfold? Does it start off a bit chaotic, like forgetting to set your alarm, having breakfast on the go, and realizing your shirt is inside out when you arrive at work?
Or perhaps you’re more organized and have a regular, structured routine. Whatever your approach to time management, when you discover the Law of Attraction and decide to incorporate it into your manifestation routine, you’ll want to make some slight adjustments. No matter your daily routine, when you start bringing the Law of Attraction into your life, you’ll want to make some changes.

So, how do you take your manifestation to the next level to accelerate the speed at which you attract exactly what you desire?

Manifestation affirmations and positive statements are a powerful tool to manifest your dream life. By shifting to an abundance mindset and letting go of limiting beliefs, you can invite positive changes into your reality. It’s about creating an abundance mindset and feeling worthy of all the good that life has to offer.

When writing your manifestation affirmations, use the present tense to make them more powerful. For example, instead of saying “I will have enough money,” say “I have more than enough money in my bank account.” This helps shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.

In addition to financial success, you can also manifest love. Use love manifestation affirmations to attract unconditional love and a specific person into your life. Visualize and feel the love you desire as if it’s already present.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is a great tool for manifesting positive changes in your life. By aligning your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your desires, you become a powerful manifestor. Believe that you deserve love, wealth, and all the things you desire.

So start manifesting today and watch as your dreams become your reality. Embrace an abundance mindset, write powerful affirmations, and create a life filled with all the good things you deserve.

Well, the key is to be flexible. 

Rather than aiming for something complicated, keep it easy and find ways that you can fit additional manifestation methods into your current life and daily routine. 

At the end of the day, it’s your life! No one else’s! 

It’s your choice what you want to do and at what point of the day you want to do it! 

To put some structure to this article, I have separated this supercharged manifestation routine into three sections: Morning, midday, and evening methods. This is just for you to consider as an example, but if you want to do one of the tasks that I have mentioned in the evening first thing in the morning, then go for it! 

You can move any of the techniques to wherever you feel they would fit best in your lifestyle. 

As I said, flexibility is the key here. 

Ok, so before I take you through all the different types of methods you can begin to implement, let’s start at the beginning.

Why do people need a manifestation routine?

When you look at people who are successful at what they do, what do they usually have in common with each other? 

Successful people usually have a focused system or daily program that they follow in order to achieve their goals. They are determined and dedicated. 

When you establish a manifestation routine, it makes you more responsible for your intentions and objectives. It demonstrates a commitment to what you want to achieve if you dedicate time working towards your goals each day. 

In relation to a manifestation routine, this shows that your desires are one of your priorities as you consistently devote precious time and energy to attracting them into your life.
However, it can be all too easy to be unclear about what we want to manifest. 

As humans, we are naturally quite indecisive and can change our minds very quickly. 

We can be impulsive and act spontaneously, looking to find quick solutions for problems that crop up. 

But let’s take a moment to consider what this means when it happens. 

Perhaps you have experienced this yourself. One day you are bored and wishing that your life was more exciting, whereas the next day, you relish the tranquility. 

Or maybe you really want to move house and yet feel like you can’t face the upheaval and stress that comes with it. 

We emit these very contradictory messages to the Universe, so there is little surprise when nothing happens. 

However, when you set a specific intention and use a structured manifestation routine to make it happen, you are giving a much clearer message to the Universe:

“I am dedicated to attracting my desires and will do whatever it takes!”

In addition to showing that your wishes are a priority for you and keeping you accountable, engaging in a regular manifestation routine enables you to maintain positivity every day. 

The majority of the methods we are going to look at will help you lift your vibrational frequency. This means that you will feel positive every day, which will help you avoid restrictive beliefs, and you will be able to ignore and eradicate negative self-talk. 

Having a structure to a process means less stress involved, particularly if you now include many more things that make you feel more positive. A manifestation routine also means that you are not rushing to fit things in, forgetting, or running out of time, as you will have planned everything, so it slots together perfectly. 

How do I Make Sure I Persevere With My Manifestation Routine? 

When you start any new behavior, it can be a challenge in the beginning to maintain motivation.

The key to overcoming this is to keep on with your new manifestation routine until it becomes a habit. On average, research shows that it takes 66 days to create automatic behavior. 

At the start, you could have a list of the methods you are going to do each day and perhaps allocate specific timeslots, so you feel organized and tick them off as you complete them. 

Another alternative is to buy a Law of Attraction planner/journal or download worksheets from the internet. This, again, will make you feel super prepared, and it will help with ensuring your intentions are well-set and that you stick to your manifestation routine. 

Or, you could use a whiteboard to plan your time and keep a visual log of your task list each day.  

Ok, so we’re nearly ready to get into the specifics of the methods you can use in your new manifestation routine. However, first, let me remind you that this article is purely to guide you on how to get started and ideas. You don’t have to follow it to the letter. 

Your manifestation routine will be as unique to you as your fingerprint. If one of the methods doesn’t feel right to you, for whatever reason, or you can’t seem to fit it in, then move on to the next one. 

If you fly through everything in this article, then get ready, Universe! This person is going to manifest to the extreme! 

If you’re going slower, don’t worry. It’s all about flexibility and incorporating methods into your existing routine to turn it into a manifestation routine.

Do what feels right for you. 

Are you ready to take your manifestation to the extreme? Let’s go!!

Morning Routine

1.) Become an Early Bird

If you’ve ever been running late in the morning, you will know just how stressful it is to barely have time to do everything you need to do before leaving the house. 

When you wake up earlier, you will have much more time to actually start your day in an enjoyable way. 

You can truly appreciate the hot, strong coffee, take a moment to go outside and feel the sun on your face, eat a leisurely, healthy breakfast, etc.

If you have more time, you can also do a number of manifestation methods first thing in the morning, which will raise your vibrations and set you up to have a fantastic day! 

You know what they say about the early bird – it catches the worm!

“Wake up early every day so that while others are still dreaming, you are making your dreams come true.” Hal Elrod.

2.) Start With a Positive Affirmation

When you wake up each morning, have a big stretch and spend a few minutes thinking about a positive affirmation that will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. 

Here are some examples that you could use or develop to resonate more with you. Explore these powerful manifestation affirmations:

• Today is going to be fantastic! 

• I deserve a day full of great things.

• Everything good is going to happen for me today. 

The effectiveness of this particular method comes from the power of our subconscious minds. 

Our first thoughts in the morning will set the tone for the rest of the day. If you’ve overslept and wake up in a panic thinking, “Oh, what a disaster! I’m so late!” That’s exactly what you will focus on (and therefore create) all day long. You will get to work late, then be late for your appointments, arrive home late, go to bed late, etc.

Another great idea is to create a vision board (images and words that represent what you want to attract into your life) and hang it where you see it as you wake up. During waking, your subconscious mind is more receptive as your conscious mind is just starting to take over. You can use this to your advantage to look at your vision board and fill your subconscious with reminders of what you want to manifest. 

“Start each day with a positive thought and a grateful heart.”Roy T. Bennett

3.) Drink Water

Our thoughts are so powerful; they can actually modify water’s molecular composition! 

It sounds like something from a sci-fi film, but it’s true! 

In the 1990s, Dr. Masaru Emoto froze water and did some experiments where he examined the structure of water molecules using a microscope. 

His discovery was incredible! 

He noted that the molecular composition of the water changed depending on what types of emotions it was influenced by. 

For example, if someone directed negative, destructive thoughts at the water, the structure of the water deformed and distorted in an ugly way. However, when exposed to joyful, positive thoughts, the patterns created were stunning, symmetrical markings – similar to snowflakes.  

If you consider that, on average, our bodies contain 60% water, this revelation was revolutionary! 

Dr. Emoto also studied the effect of positive and negative thoughts on plants. In comparison to humans, some plants can contain up to 95% water. 

The findings from these studies were that if plants were exposed to negativity, they wilted and sometimes died, but in contrast, those that experienced positivity flourished. They became fuller, greener, taller, and had longer roots. 

As a result of Dr. Emoto’s discovery, a multitude of people have discovered the benefits of focusing and positively affecting their water using positive affirmation. 

So How do You Add this Into Your Routine

It’s really simple. All you need to do is habitually drink a large glass of water every morning. Have your chosen positive affirmations in your mind as you are drinking. Direct the affirmations into the water using your mind and keep your vibrational energy high. 

This easy method has two benefits. You are rehydrating after you have been sleeping, which is good for your body in itself, plus you will be consuming water and changing your own molecular composition to attract exactly what you want into your life. 

“We are like magnets – like attracts like. You become AND attract what you think.”Rhonda Byrne

4.) Meditate in the Shower

This is a fantastic time-saving tip – combining two actions into one. You can very easily meditate as you are having your morning shower. 

It means that you get the benefits of a morning meditation session that will set you up for a great day ahead without having to find extra time for it. This is excellent for everyone, but particularly for people who have a really busy schedule. 

When you shower, take a few minutes to empty your mind of noisy thoughts and turn your attention to your breathing. 

Relax, and notice the feeling of water cascading over your body.  

Visualize that the water is washing away any negative thoughts, feelings, or energy, cleansing you of anything that will not serve you well during your day. 

After your shower, you will feel fresh, positive, and purged. 

“Water is powerful. It can wash away earth, put out fire and even destroy iron.”Arthur Golden

5.) An Alternative Morning Meditation

If you have a bit more time and prefer, rather than meditate in the shower, you can set aside a minimum of 15 minutes and practice meditation.

You may be wondering why meditation is featured twice on this list. What makes it so important when it comes to manifesting what you want?

If you think about it, whenever we are awake, we are – almost constantly – emitting information. I’m not referring to only when we are speaking. We are giving out messages to the Universe through everything we do, how we feel and what we think. 

When it comes to meditation, we stop emitting and put ourselves into listening/receiving mode. 

Basically, meditation is a way to calm the conscious mind. This opens the door to the subconscious mind through which we can connect to the Universe and our higher self or higher powers. 

If you have just 15 minutes each morning to simply turn your attention to your breathing, you will notice that you quieten your mind and tap into a different type of energy from outside of this realm. 

A morning meditation session will put you into a great mood, and you will notice that you maintain this tranquility and concentration throughout the day. 

Also, the more you meditate, you will notice that you are more aware of messages that come to you from the Universe or your higher self. These are known as inspired thoughts, and they generally seem to pop into your mind from out of the blue – perhaps when you are doing something that is boring or that doesn’t require much concentration. 

These flashes of inspiration are signals of the path you are being encouraged to take. As you follow them, you are proving to the Universe that you are listening and willing to do what you are guided to do. You will receive more messages and guidance to lead you to your destiny on the back of this. 

“All you have to do is pay attention. Lessons always arrive when you are ready, and if you can read the signs, you can learn everything you need to know in order to take the next step.” Paulo Coelho

Midday Routine

As most of us are generally quite busy during the day, this section can be written as a list that you can tick off when you have done them in any order, rather than feeling you have to do one before the other. 

This will hopefully reduce any stress or feeling of obligation. Additionally, if you find that you don’t have enough time to do all (or any) of these in the middle of your day, you could do them in either the morning or afternoon – whichever suits you best. 

1.) Manifestation Tool: Develop a Positive-Vibe Setting

When it comes to manifesting, it’s important to create the right ambiance and setting. You need to feel comfortable and positive wherever you are going to do your manifestation methods, whether that’s in your bedroom, office, or in a hotel room if you are traveling. 

You can do many things initially to lift the vibration of a place, including cleansing the environment of negative vibrations or energy. Ways to do this are by playing calming music, burning sage, or getting rid of any unwanted things that may be blocking your energy. 

Create an inspirational space by adding art or mottos that motivate you. Fill your manifestation space with things that fill you with joy. 

You can also burn your favorite essential oil, which will help to remove any negative vibrations from the atmosphere and lift your own vibrational frequency. If you don’t have a favorite oil or don’t know which to choose, you can do some quick research and choose the oil that will align most with your desires. 

“Take control of your environment and ensure sure that it is predominantly positive.”Bryan Tracy.

2.) Do Some Positive Mindset Work Every Day and Repeat Positive Affirmations

Dedicating 30 minutes on a daily basis to focus on self-development and working on your mindset is essential to the manifestation process! 

It can be a challenge to maintain a high vibrational frequency, particularly at the start of this process, which is why you need to commit time to train your subconscious mind.

When you have mastered it, you will be able to keep a positive mindset and have faith in yourself and the process, even on the most difficult days!! 

There are many ways that you can improve your mindset, including:

• Spend time learning more about the Law of Attraction. 

• Watch motivational videos of people who inspire you. 

• Choose to follow people and pages on social media that post inspiring messages and tips that will help you with your path to self-development.

• Read personal-development books or listen to audiobooks or podcasts. 

Listening to audiobooks or podcasts is a great idea if you are very busy because it means that you can multi-task and do two things at once. 

With just 30 minutes a day – perhaps in your lunch break – you can really impact your motivation as well as your vibrational frequency. This will give you a big boost, making it easier to stick to your manifestation routine and strongly increasing your ability to attract what you desire.

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”Steve Maraboli

3.) Do What You Love

This relates to the things that you are naturally good at and really enjoy doing. It can be anything that makes you feel alive and where time seems to stop existing because you become so absorbed in it. 

For example, reading a good book, dancing, playing a musical instrument, cooking, exercising, writing poetry, singing, playing baseball, etc. 

It can be any activity that fills you full of positivity. 

Why is it important to do these kinds of things?

Anything that you adore doing will significantly and naturally raise your vibrational frequency.

You will become more aligned with the Universe and what you want to attract to you, as it already exists in the non-physical world. Doing more of what you love means that you become like a magnet to your desires. The Universe will respond to your energy and give you more experiences to enjoy, feel happy, and grateful for. 

So, whatever you do, never let yourself get too busy that you don’t make time for the things that you love. You have no idea how powerful the impact of how they make you feel will be on the rest of your life. To prioritize other activities means that you are showing the Universe that you don’t feel you are as important.  

“Passion is your joy. It is the essence of who you are. You have to unwrap it and find it.”Jackie St. Orange


4.) Exercise

In the same way that we looked at the importance of getting rid of negative energy in the place where you will do your manifestations, we need to do that with ourselves!

The best way to do this is to do some form of daily physical exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes. 

There are so many different things that you can do to get moving – it doesn’t have to be a grueling gym session. You could go for a walk in the woods, a swim in the sea or perhaps take a dance class. 

Biologically, when we move and exercise, our brain releases endorphins – a hormone that influences feelings of pleasure and happiness. 

While exercising, if you want to tap into the power of this hormone and boost your manifestation capability, you could listen to an audio track that contains subliminal affirmations that are linked to what you want to attract.
Or you could spend time imagining living the life that you desire. 

Make the most of the high vibrational energy and use it to boost your manifesting by emitting to the Universe what you want to attain. Be as precise as possible and focus all of your energy on feeling positive about your future life. 

“When it comes to health and well-being, regular exercise is about as close to a magic potion as you can get.”Nhat Hanh

5.) Be grateful

Spend a few moments each day to think about everything you have to be thankful for that day and in life generally. 

We can get so involved in looking to the future and having expectations about what is yet to come that we stop seeing all the blessings we have on a daily basis. If you are reading this on a smartphone or laptop with a roof over your head, food in your cupboards, and money in the bank, then you have so many things to be thankful for. There are billions of people who would give anything to have that. 

Maybe the best is yet to come, but the more gratitude you show for what you have now, the more additional, positive things will enter your life. 

Being thankful and appreciating what you have raises your vibrational frequency to one of its highest levels. This is when you align to your desires as they are in the non-physical realm, which starts to draw them towards you. 

Bearing all of this in mind, it’s essential that you include some form of gratitude within your daily manifestation program. 

The easiest way to do it is to begin with the simple things and then work towards what you want to attract into your life.

As you look out of the window, pay attention to what you can see and hear. Listen to the birds singing in the trees, feel the warmth of the sunlight on your face through the glass, see how vibrant and beautiful nature is. 

When you start to mindfully turn your attention to the incredible world that we live in, you will find no end of things to marvel at, appreciate and be grateful for.

As you feel the positive emotions fill you up, then turn your thoughts to your desires. Spend some time visualizing them or saying positive affirmations whilst feeling full of gratitude, love, and joy. 

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Melody Beattie

6.) Be nice

As with anything related to the Law of Attraction, you get back what you put out into the world. So this means, the nicer and kinder you are to other people, making them feel happy and good about themselves, the more happiness and joy you will receive. 

As part of your manifestation routine, ensure that you do one act of kindness each day. As they say, “it’s nice to be nice.”

There are many things you can do to be nice and show kindness to others. And your actions don’t even have to be directed towards people. You can also be kind to animals or nature.

When you do just one thing each day to boost someone else’s mood or make their life easier, that little thing can have a ripple effect on their day – even on their entire life. 

Being nice means that you are giving something to other people as well as the Universe. It can be anything from complimenting someone, doing a favor for a friend, calling someone to tell them you’re thinking about them, etc. Not only will you make their day, but you will also feel on top of the world. 

You can simultaneously raise your own vibration whilst you boost theirs. We need more positive energy in the world, and it is reassuring to know that we can make a difference to other people in such a simple but significant way. 

“Not only do I think being nice and kind is easy, but being kind, in my opinion, is important.”Dwayne Johnson

7.) Pretend you already have it

This method can be implemented at whatever point of the day – you can do it all the time or whenever you want to play the game!

It is all about using your imagination and, whilst you are doing something, pretend that you are already living the life that you desire. Act ‘as-if’ you have everything that you want to attract. 

So, for example, if you are heading to the mall, pretend that you have an unlimited bank balance and look at everything you see with the thought that you could buy it if you wanted to. You could even try some clothes on, so you can see the type of clothes you will buy when you have that life. Really feel that it is true. 

Or, the next time you are in a taxi, you can pretend that you are in a chauffeur-driven limousine that is taking you to a wonderful restaurant. 

Or, imagine that your next paycheck is ten times what it usually is as you have your ideal job and they pay you what you are worth. 

Go back to having the imagination of a child and let yourself go with the flow. You can visualize anything you desire and pretend that you already have it. Doing a little bit of this every day can really boost your manifestation powers. 

So why is it so effective? 

Well, when you do these types of visualizations, you turn your focus to the present moment. 

When you pretend that you have what you want to manifest, your thoughts and feelings will change to be how they would be if you did actually have those things. This lifts your vibration and aligns you to what you want, which, in turn, converts you into a magnet for them. 

“Act as if it were impossible to fail.”Dorothea Brande


Evening Routine

1.) Get ready in advance

This step may sound bland and perhaps boring, but it’s amazing how much stress you can avoid if you prepare yourself in advance. For example, rather than rushing around in the morning, do whatever you can the night before to ensure that your start to the day flows smoothly. 

Common characteristics of people who are successful are that they plan ahead and are organized. 

The types of things you can do the night before include:

• Prepare your clothes. E.g., choose what you are going to wear and iron it. 

• Make any food you are going to take with you.

• Tidy things up so you are not greeted with chaos in the morning.

• Write a list of things that you need to do the following day to avoid forgetting anything important.

“Make preparations in advance… You never have trouble if you are prepared for it.”Theodore Roosevelt

2.) Relax and look after yourself

After a busy day, the evening is the perfect time to unwind and destress. Take some time each night to relax and give yourself some self-care. 

There are a number of different ways you can look after yourself, including:

• Relax in a warm bath with some essential oils.

• Take some time to meditate.

• Read a book.

• Watch your favorite tv series or movie.

• Meet up with family or friends.

• Cook a tasty, healthy meal.

By showing yourself self-love and self-care, you give out the message that you appreciate yourself and feel worthy of good things. 

This is essential to your ability to manifest because it doesn’t matter how much you think about what you want and how many other techniques you use to try and attract those things; if you feel you don’t deserve them, this will always be an obstacle. 

“By taking care of myself, I have so much more to offer the world than I do when I am running on empty.”Ali Washington


3.) Write a scripting journal

Another powerful method of visualization, scripting, is similar to the technique we discussed earlier, where you imagine and act ‘as if’ you already have everything you desire.

Write a diary, but write it as if you lived that day in your dream life. Try to include as much detail and positive emotion as possible to create a sense of truth. Feel excited, grateful, emotional, hopeful, satisfied, and more.

This method will significantly elevate your vibrational frequency before you sleep, allowing you to continue vibrating at that level during your sleep. You may notice receiving messages from the Universe or your higher self through your dreams, so pay attention to anything you remember upon waking up.

By incorporating manifestation affirmations, cultivating an abundance mindset, and embracing positive energy in your daily life, you can attract more abundance in both expected and unexpected ways. Examine your thought patterns, release what no longer serves you, and open yourself to receive love and money.

Remember that affirmations are a powerful tool for creating your desired reality. Focus on all the good, embrace abundance, and know that you are worthy of a future filled with peace and wealth. Keep manifesting, stay positive, and realize that you have the power to create the life you truly desire.

“A personal journal is an ideal environment in which to “become.” It’s a perfect place to think, feel, discover, expand, remember and dream.” Brad Wilcox

4.) Get more sleep

We all probably know that there are lots of benefits to going to bed early and getting sufficient sleep, but it’s even more important when it comes to manifesting. 

This is why getting more sleep is essential:

• You will lower your stress levels.

• You will be able to concentrate more during the day and be more aware of things around you.

• Your quality of sleep will be better.

• You will feel more positive in the morning and excited about the day ahead.

• When you sleep longer, the brain has more chance to process what you have done that day and make changes to neuro pathways.

• The more you sleep, the more you dream, which will give you a closer connection with the Universe and your higher power, so you may notice messages coming to you via sleep. 

If you have an active mind and find it hard to get to sleep, you could try using meditation as a way to calm your thoughts. 

The simplest way to do this is to get into bed, shut your eyes and turn your attention to your breathing. 

When any thoughts do enter your consciousness, say a quick thank you to them, then let them drift away as you turn your focus back to your breathing. 

Even if you normally go to bed later, when you have an early night and use meditation to quieten your mind, it will ensure you have an excellent night’s sleep. 

“Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be effective tomorrow.”Tom Roth

5.) Try subliminal affirmation audio tracks

There are thousands of subliminal affirmation audio tracks available on the market. Some of them can be listened to at any time – even whilst working or studying, but some are perfect for listening to just as you go to sleep. 

The difference between subliminal affirmations and regular affirmations is that your conscious mind cannot perceive the messages. They bypass the conscious mind and directly target the subconscious, where they have the greatest impact since that’s where your beliefs and habits reside.

Select the appropriate track based on what you wish to manifest, and be assured that your mind will be attuned to the vibrational frequency necessary to manifest your desires faster than ever before! Incorporate these affirmations into your manifestation routine for optimal results.

It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? 

If you want to know more about manifesting as you sleep, check out https://15minutemanifestation.com.

So there you are – 17 things you can incorporate into your manifestation routine to take it to the extremes! 

Remember what I said way back at the beginning of this article – it’s all about flexibility, so take your time to figure out a maninfestation routine that works for you. Once you have established it, stick with it, and you will be reaping the benefits in no time!

Good luck!

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