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Why are psychic readings so appealing?

It’s more common for people to turn to a psychic for emotional support in today’s society than it is for them to speak to a priest or a psychotherapist. Maybe there’s a sense that religious counsel is too prescribing and perhaps a little bit dated and out of touch when it comes to some of the things that concern us in today’s world. In contrast, our perceptions of psychoanalysis and other scientific, medical interventions can seem pompous or extreme – not to mention costly. This has created our current situation where the concept of having a psychic reading seems much more appealing to a vast number of people. 

There are a number of ways you can easily access psychic readings because of the technology that we have at our fingertips, including websites and phone apps. Another option is a phone number you can call, known as a psychic helpline, and there are lots of advantages to this method of seeking help. Primarily – and this is similar to many other counseling approaches – if you call a psychic helpline, there is an instant diversion of responsibility. Just like if someone sees a psychotherapist, after their first appointment, they may feel like they can say, “It’s the therapist’s fault I’m not better” because they’ve handed themselves over to a trained expert. This also happens if someone calls a helpline – they may no longer feel as though they have to make decisions or consider any consequences because the psychic is the one in a position of power as they can see what is going to happen. 

There is an element of confidentiality that is way beyond any other therapeutic intervention. When accessing support via a telephone number, you don’t even have to give your name. With the exception of knowing your gender via your voice, if you don’t want to divulge any more information, you don’t have to. You definitely don’t have to go through the discomfort of looking at someone when talking to them about private things. 

Another significant advantage that further boost the appeal of psychic readings is that these type of phone lines are staffed 24/7.  You would have to pay a considerably large sum of money to have access to a psychoanalyst 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are also many to choose from, so if you find a psychic you don’t like, it’s very easy to find another one. Again, this is nowhere near as straightforward to do when dealing with healthcare professionals and appointment timeslots. Going back to the price again, while these psychic phone lines are often not the cheapest rate per minute, they may still be significantly cheaper than paying for face-to-face therapeutic counseling sessions. 

Let’s take a look at what happens when you call a psychic helpline. The first thing that happens is that you will get straight through to speak to a professional psychic. They are ready and waiting for your call, so you can go straight into talking to them about what’s on your mind. You can explain what you’re thinking about and what kind of questions you would like answering. Initially, they will just listen to you, but then they will ask a few more specific questions to be able to prepare your psychic reading. A psychic reading is a forecast into your future and is why most people call these helplines. A bonus is that you have the undivided attention of someone who will patiently listen to you talking and offer some sympathy, but the bottom line is that you want to know what’s going to happen in your future. 

Your psychic reading is based on the specific question you want to know the answer to and some personal information about you. This is usually data such as your date and place of birth and sometimes other significant dates in your life. When working with astrology and spiritualism, as the majority of these psychics will, information like this will give them the most useful foundation from which to build your reading. They may ask your name and initials, but generally, they do not need any more specific information than this. 

Your psychic reading can be done in several ways, and this will depend on what you’re interested in. For example, they may do a Tarot card reading, prepare your horoscope, interpret your dreams, explore numerology, the i-Ching, or clairvoyance with you. 

Personal horoscopes are one of the most common methods of psychic readings. All the psychic needs is your date and place of birth, and they can look at your sun sign to know what kind of things will happen to you in the future. This is similar to a numerological chart reading that will predict the predominant elements of your destiny based on very little initial information. Some psychic helplines will email a written record of the reading they have done for you if you ask for it. Tarot card readings can be done over the phone, but for some methods such as clairvoyance, the psychic may need to be in your presence to do an accurate reading. In these cases, the helpline number is the route through which to connect with the right person. 

It’s true that psychic phone lines are really popular, and the simplest way to obtain a psychic reading, it’s important to check that it’s a reputable and legitimate one. There have been instances in the past where false helplines had been established as a fraudulent way to con people out of their money. None of the people employed by the helpline were psychic, and any readings given to people were totally fabricated. 

As with anything, you always have to be careful when paying money for something as there are many ingenuine people out there, but if you do your research and check the authenticity of helplines, you may find that they can provide you with everything you need. 

However, before you call to ask for a psychic reading, try looking inwards and see if you actually have your own answers. Rather than avoid the responsibility, in the long-term, it’s much better for you if you can learn to understand yourself better and make the decisions that feel right for you. You might find that you notice that guidance comes to you from other people, from the world around you, and, more importantly, from within. No matter how much help you get from other people however, you are the one who has to make the decisions and live with them at the end of the day. A psychic can offer additional support in the same way that a psychotherapist might, but you still need to be patient with yourself, and you will find your own way.

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