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5 methods to strengthen the bond with your spiritual self

The ability to connect with your spiritual self can propel you along an incredible journey of self-development. On linking with your authentic essence, you are opening your soul to accepting leadership and inspiration that will lead you to your life’s purpose. Your knowledge and comprehension of the world around you intensifies, and you will now understand things that before made no sense. 

Developing a stronger link with your spiritual self will:

  • Show you what your mission in life is.
  • Reveal to you who you are once the ego is surpassed.
  • Explain why your life has occurred as it has, and show you how you can use those events and the experience gained from them productively. 
  • Help you feel that you have some comfort and reassuring support as you follow your instincts, allowing yourself to be led through life’s challenges. 

I’m going to take you through five spiritual methods or techniques you can implement to increase your bond with your spiritual self. But before we get into the practical stuff, let’s take a closer look at what the spiritual self is. Bear in mind that people can call the spiritual self many different things; it may be your higher self, authentic self, essence, inner wisdom, eternal self, the Divine within, and many more.

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What is my “Spiritual Self”?

The best analogy for this is to imagine yourself playing a video game. You have to choose a character – an avatar or a sim. In this situation, your spiritual self is the character inside the game, but simultaneously, it’s also you. 

Your spiritual self is you on all levels. It is you within the game and also outside of the game. It sees time without limits. It knows what future awaits you and can see every past experience you have ever had. Your spiritual self knows the path to your destiny, and if you become lost or veer off-track, it will guide you back to the right route. 

Having said that, your spiritual self does not observe or perceive you in the same narrow, simplistic manner that you perceive yourself. It views you through a multidimensional perspective and recognizes the limitless opportunities that are always open to you.  

Your spiritual self is an all-seeing, omnipotent form of you, but it also always longs for deeper comprehension. 

Let’s take an even closer look at this. 

Visualize yourself embodying your spiritual self. Imagine being in the form of a multidimensional infinite spirit with a conscious awareness that exceeds the universe’s edges.

You have endured and encountered countless lifetimes and, because you are limitless, the thing you love most in the world is expansion. 

You are always expanding, learning, improving yourself, creating new things, and developing what you are.

You represent love and happiness at your core, which you have accumulated through endless experiences across the lifetimes that you have lived. Your mission and intention are to increase love and happiness by transferring a piece of yourself into the world. 

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to step into your spiritual self and get an understanding of how they view you and the world, I want you to visualize yourself coming out of your spiritual self and entering your physical body again. 

Your spiritual self-made a ruling before your birth. It ruled that you would go out into the human world as an element of it, to live within a collection of predetermined terms. 

If we return to the video game parallel, these terms are the rules we have to follow when playing the game. They include many things such as your birthplace, who you were going to be born to (your parents), what important things would happen to you during your life, who would accompany you, and what different attitudes you would encounter and take on. 

With all of this in place, the spiritual self took a part of itself and sent you to be born into the world. It was determined that you would have no memory of anything that happened before birth – you would be a blank canvas. 

Your experience had to be natural and genuine. If you had any consciousness of having existed prior to birth, it could have affected the path of your journey. All events needed to occur intuitively, without influence from residual memories. 

Another predetermined rule for your time on earth as a three-dimensional being was that you would, for the majority of the time, experience and perceive your existence from an individual center of consciousness, i.e., your human body. 

And this brings us to who you are now. A part of your spiritual self, living on earth and encountering your reality without influence. Your spiritual self will have some concepts that it is aspiring you will develop. Perhaps these are values and qualities that it holds in high esteem and wants you to increase, but you can do this your way. There isn’t only one road to reach your destination, and your future is not set in stone. You can choose your path. 

At every step of the way, you can choose, enabling you to have an authentic, individual experience on earth. Freedom of choice is forever open to you, and there is no such thing as failure. Each time something doesn’t go quite as planned, there is an opportunity to learn for the next time. 

Whichever way you choose to live your life, you continue to expand and grow as a being.

Your spiritual self is in a constant state of excitement because it is eager to see what will happen in your future; how the game will play out. Think of it like a loving parent or guardian who only wants good things for you, encouraging you every step of the way towards your ambitions. 

It only has unconditional love for you because you are a part of the spiritual self. You will always be linked, and you will always be held in the highest esteem. It is impossible for you to become totally separated from your spiritual self. However, you may experience periods in your life where you feel disconnected, or at least as though your bond has weakened.

In these periods, you may suffer from some of the following:

  • You may feel like you have lost your purpose and ambition. 
  • You experience confusion about what your next step should be. 
  • You may suffer from depression about your life and how you feel about yourself. 

This is the reason why sustaining a solid link with your spiritual self is essential. Your spiritual self has all the answers to your confusion and depression in tough times. It knows your mission and destination in life. It understands you better than you understand yourself because you are a part of it. 

It knows what you want, what your objectives are, and what you hope to achieve. Your spiritual self wants to help you find more happiness and affection while you are living your life. It doesn’t want your experience on earth to be a negative one. 

It will help you elevate and then sustain a high-energy vibration that will draw the right kind of circumstances, people, and possibilities that will lead you to achieve your destiny. 

Relax and let your spiritual self lead you towards your genuine purpose. You will notice that your energy levels change. You will feel that things become much clearer, and you will understand which direction you need to take your life in. This will feel so exciting and positive, not to mention a relief after feeling lost for a while. You will no longer feel alone and worried because you know your spiritual self is guiding you. You are being looked after and loved, which makes you feel self-assured and confident of the future. 

Your spiritual self will communicate with you via your intuition, so pay attention to symbols and synchronicity. These timely signs and messages will steer you on the right track through positive events and defend you against danger or diversions. 

There are many reasons why strengthening the bond you have with your spiritual self can enhance your experience of life on earth in a significantly positive manner. 

We’re now going to take a look at five methods you can use to boost your bond. 

“When you contact the higher self, the source of power within, you tap into a reservoir of infinite power.”

Deepak Chopra.

1.) Detach the Spiritual Self from the Ego

Living life on earth as a three-dimensional being, you are made up of two main elements.

The Spiritual Self:

The spiritual self is the element of you connected to the omnipotent oversoul and is the part that was sent into the world to live your life. Your spiritual self is all-seeing and divine. It is peaceful and non-judgmental. It trusts you and other people and holds everyone in high regard. 

It is everything positive about your character. It can only manifest unconditional love and happiness because it has the higher-level consciousness that everything in your life is as it should be. It will never experience anger, depression, or fear because it sees the whole picture and knows your destination. Even when things seem difficult and challenging, your spiritual self is always working with the Universe to turn things to your advantage, and it will guide you via your intuition. 

Your spiritual self is always your authentic self that is inside the physical body and sometimes hidden or constrained by restrictive beliefs that have developed over time. 

The Ego:

The ego is something that has been created during our time on earth. It’s a self-identity constructed by the mind and based on our beliefs and perception of ourselves. 

For example, how we feel about our physical appearance, our convictions behind the religious beliefs or political ideologies we hold, what we’re interested in, our wishes and worries: all of these things make up our ego. 

We construct these characteristics in a certain way to influence the perception that other people have of us. We want them to think particular things about us, so we dress and act in a manner that supports that character. However, the reality is that none of it is genuine or authentic; it’s all linked to the game we have to play during our time on earth.

Often people equate the ego to being selfish and the part that tells you you’re better than other people. This can be a part of its function, but it’s not quite that straightforward. Sometimes the ego can tell you that you’re not as good as the people in your life. We all have a different ego – that fake self-identity that can make us arrogant or unsure. 

Therefore, the ego cannot be classified as intrinsically narcissistic or evil (as it is often considered). It is actually a fundamental construct that we need during our human lives as it is linked to the growth we need to experience. 

Having said that, the ego should never have more power than the spiritual self, but in modern-day society, this is what has transpired. Most people are much more tuned into their ego than their spiritual self, so pay more attention to the ego when making important decisions. 

How to differentiate between the ego and spiritual self

We all have to deal with many things on a daily basis. We have to make decisions, deal with difficulties, overcome barriers, generate ideas, and have flashes of inspiration. 

In this section, we’re going to look at how you can tell if you’re reacting because you’re being led by your ego or by your spiritual self:

Reactions that are led by the Ego:

  • You constantly want instant gratification.
  • You are concerned about other people’s perceptions of you.
  • You make decisions that support and boost the self-identity that you have created, aligning with those opinions, views, etc. 
  • You have doubts about what impact there might be on your future.
  • You feel apprehensive and worried about the end result or subsequence consequences of your decision. 

Reactions that are led by the Spiritual Self:

  • Your actions are aligned with following your heart.
  • You understand that everything is as it should be, even if things occasionally feel out of control.
  • You trust your own ideas, choices, and behavior. 
  • You have empathy for other people, even if you don’t share their viewpoint. 
  • You experience a feeling of peace and tranquility. 

It will serve you well if you can develop your ability to recognize which are ego reactions and which are spiritual self reactions. But it is important to remember that, as humans, it’s totally natural sometimes to make ego-driven decisions, and that’s fine.

Just by acknowledging and identifying when the ego is leading you shows that you are linked to your spiritual self. It’s as if you’re stepping outside of the game and watching play for a moment as an observer. This process will boost this link, and you will subsequently experience more chances of spiritual guidance in the future. 

2.) Use automatic writing

Automatic writing is a constructive and pragmatic method of communicating with the spiritual self. 

It’s a very hands-on, applied technique for people who want something they can physically do to reinforce their connection with the spiritual self. 

The concept behind automatic writing is that you release yourself from the ego’s control and write whatever comes to you when you’re in a genuine state of flow. Spiritualists and psychoanalysts have successfully implemented this method to bypass the false self-identity that has been created by the ego and is on display to the world and to reveal deeper authentic truths. 

It’s a straightforward process, and the only material things you need are a pen and paper. 

You need to liberate yourself from the ego to connect with the spiritual self. The way to do this is to enter a light trance state. If you are familiar with the process of meditation, you will already know how to do this, but if not, sit somewhere quiet, where you won’t be disturbed, and focus on your breathing. Breath in and out slowly. If you want to, you can listen to calming music, but the idea is to free yourself of any conscious thoughts that are running through your mind. The process can be more effective if you have a specific goal or worry that you wish to receive guidance on. 

When you are in a light trance state, start to write. Don’t analyze or even think too much about what you write. Just let it flow, and don’t concern yourself with if it makes sense or not during writing. 

In the beginning, it might seem a little bit strange, but after a couple of sentences, you will feel that it comes more naturally. Your spiritual self will start to transmit their message through your body. If you start to notice conscious thoughts intruding your mind, focus on your breathing and continue to write. 

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3.) Learn to Love Yourself As Your Spiritual Self Does

Your spiritual self has nothing but unconditional love for you. It thinks about you and views you as if you were her first child. The bond you have is deeper than you will ever be able to appreciate or even comprehend. 

An excellent way to enhance the bond you have with your spiritual self is by showing yourself some unconditional love to align with how it perceives you.

Be your own cheerleader! Believe in yourself! Rejoice in who you are and feel proud of the steps you are taking on your journey. 

When you can love yourself, you raise your frequency and lift yourself to the same vibration as your spiritual self. This will significantly strengthen your connection because you unite together. 

Here is a list of practical things you can do to demonstrate self-love:

  • Always talk to yourself using kind words. 
  • Have full acceptance of yourself and your journey.
  • Recognize and acknowledge that, even when things seem chaotic, things are as they should be. 
  • Absolve yourself from any blame you are experiencing and forgive yourself. 
  • Do things that you enjoy doing and relish the time you are doing them – you deserve to be happy. 
  • Respect your body; feed it with healthy food and treat it to regular exercise and plenty of water.
  • Maintain healthy limits with people and be assertive when necessary. Don’t let people take advantage of you. 
  • Be authentic and genuine. Don’t try to hide or repress your point of view. They are still important to your human life, even if the ego drives them. 
  • Demonstrate this deep level of love and acceptance to others, as well as yourself. By doing this, you will learn more about compassion.

4.) Establish a Meditation Routine

If you want to increase the link you have with your spiritual self, meditation is one of the most effective methods. During meditation, you detach from the ego’s constant messages, which creates space and silence in which the spiritual self can come forward and be heard. 

The best way to meditate is by encompassing it into a daily routine. You don’t have to find hours each day; it can be as short a session as 10 minutes, but consistency is the key as suppressing the ego is a skill that needs to be developed.

Within a few months, if you meditate daily, you will notice that you receive guidance and messages from your spiritual self not only during your meditation sessions but at any time. 

Here is a simple guide to meditation:

  • Choose a comfortable and peaceful place where you can sit or lie down and not be interrupted. 
  • Set the alarm or timer for the length of your meditation session. 
  • Make yourself comfortable and lightly close your eyes.
  • Focus on your breathing, saying to yourself in your mind, “breathe in… breathe out.”
  • If at any time you find that you are being distracted by your thoughts, don’t worry – just refocus on your breathing. 

There are many reasons why some people find it difficult to meditate. These can be things like constant, intrusive thoughts, worries, or even itches! If you are one of these people, then I would suggest you try the Zen12 meditation program. It utilizes specially developed soundwave technology that can put the brain into a meditative state swiftly and effortlessly. It means that you can experience the equivalent of 1 hour of deep meditation in 12 minutes, making it an ideal solution for people who don’t have much time or find it difficult to relax. 

5.) Look for the Positives in the Difficulties

Unfortunately, it’s normal that things are not always perfect in life. Life is not always a bed of roses, and sometimes things get tough. Even the most optimistic people will admit that this is the case. 

It’s true – from time-to-time life gives us lemons, and we have to learn how to make lemonade. 

It can be difficult to see anything positive when it feels like everything’s going wrong, but as Henry Kissinger said, “a diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.”

We learn some of our most significant life lessons when we go through difficult times. 

When things seem almost impossible, just keep going. Don’t give up. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you will come out the other side. When you feel able to, look back at what you’ve been through and ask, “What have I learned?” and “How can I positively use this experience in the future?”

As I mentioned earlier in this article, your spiritual self seeks expansion, so it will not prevent you from experiencing difficult situations if the end result leads to personal growth for you – no matter how much it loves you. 

Always remember that this is all part of the plan. Even when it seems as though the chaos will never end, there is a purpose for what is happening, and things are as they should be. 

Your spiritual self sees everything and understands that the Universe is working in support of you, even when it seems the opposite. 

When you can recognize the benefits that come from the challenges, you will raise your vibrational level and see things along the same lines as your spiritual self. Never forget that your spiritual self is an extension of you – your connection is always there, but when you strengthen it via the ways we have looked at, you will experience life very differently. 

Your spiritual self is a multidimensional entity. It is omnipresent and knows everything about your past, future, and purpose during your time on earth. 

Trust that your spiritual self is 100% behind you. It is your most dedicated, unwavering supporter and will always be there to encourage you. It will consistently offer its guidance and messages to help you with your journey, and it only ever wants the best for you. 

There isn’t a single second that goes by where you are not loved, guided, supported, and connected to your spiritual self. You are on this incredible journey together – enjoy every moment of it! 

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